Which is better between XUV 500 Vs Innova

Indians are upgrading to bigger cars and instead of sedans are considering SUVs or MPVs. The trend is on expected lines with growing comfort and desire to travel in the comfort of spacious big car. Innova and XUV 500 comparison is a confirmation of this growing trend.

I am planning to buy a new car, can you help which one is better in overall cost of ownership Innova or XUV 500? How are reviews of XUV500? can you help me with on road pricing for both.

Which is better between XUV 500 Vs Innova


At a very macro level, I expect both cars to cost you equally over its lifetime including the entry cost. Both are big cars and being diesel their maintenance cost sure is going to be on slightly higher side. With front and rear fenders and bumpers being made of plastic accidental repairs of XUV 500 is going to be more expensive than the Innova.

The 2 litre XUV 500 engine is far more powerful and torque than the 2.5 litres Innova engine. At an ARAI mileage of 15.1 KMPL is also less thirsty than the Innova which delivers only 12.9 KMPL ARAI mileage.

XUV 500 rides on a  R 17 (17" Wheel radius)  285/65 Vs R15, 205/65 tyres of Innova. Innova therefore runs on far smaller tyres than the car of its bulk. We have heard stories of high tyre wear in case of the Innova.

XUV 500 comes with automatic ac vs manual in case of Innova. It also offers reverse parking system, LED parking lights, twin exhaust, 8-way adjustable driver seat, cruise control, auto headlamp and  wiper on. Innova offers captain seats in row 2. Third row of Innova is more comfortable than the XUV 500. Top-of-the line stereo system, with 4 speaker and 2 tweeters and steering mounted audio, cruise and voice controls makes  XUV 500 a feature loaded car.

With so many things going for XUV 500, the choice seems obvious, but it seems, XUV 500 is like a builder flat, beautifully decorated, but inside are always in doubt. Market rumours are that XUV 500 has a problem of a high brake wear, suspension is an issue and there's just lots of noise inside the car. We are sure Mahindra has been working on them and might have improved them also, but then perceptions still stick.

Basis our information, we would go with the tried and tested Innova, even though less loaded, but has Toyota's build quality and long lasting engine.

You can use the link pasted here to check on-road price for these cars





Comparison: XUV500 vs Innova, December 17, 2015


VISITOR                                           i m looking for new car


VISITOR                                           8 seater


AGENT                                            Okay! Any options in your mind?


VISITOR                                           innova and xuv500


AGENT                                            What are the things you're looking in your new car?


VISITOR                                           good mileage and safety


AGENT                                            Okay! If we talk about safety, no doubt Toyota Innova has Indestructible build and durability. The Innova is known for its bullet proof reliability. Innova has spacious flexible interiors and an extremely comfortable long drive handling.


AGENT                                             However, The Mahindra XUV500 is more powerful, more feature rich than the Toyota Innova,  more street presence and space.

Sirnivas                                           Which one is good in mileage?


AGENT                                            XUV5OO has good mileage too.


AGENT                                            i feel that under 11-14 lakh range the Mahindra XUV500 turns out to be a slightly more powerful, stylish, spacious and feature rich.


VISITOR                                           what about innova top end model


AGENT                                            More features like Leather seats, Premium floor mats, Rear spoiler and Muffler cutter. In addition, Innova has Usable 3rd Row, lesser Maintenance Cost, better Customer Care and Service, Reliability and Quality.


VISITOR                                           thank you sir