Battle of two giants - Innova and XUV 500

Toyota is known for quality cars and Innova has over the years, proved them right, hwoever, with the launch of XUV 500 from Mahindar and Mahindra at an exciting price point, has made not only toyota but all other car manufacturers sit-up and take notice.

Which is the best option to purchase Innova or XUV 500?

Battle of two giants - Innova and XUV 500

At an obvious level one is a full blown proper SUV (XUV 500) whilst other is India's favourite MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle). But since you are comparing the two you are obviously ignoring this fact and possibly what might be driving you is the space and price similarity between the two vehicles. So let's compare the two in terms of space

XUV 500 Innova

Max Length (mm) 4585 4585

Max Width (mm) 1890 1760

Wheelbase (mm) 2700 2750

Height (mm) 1785 1760

Max Front Row Legroom (mm) 790 760

Max 2nd Row Legroom (mm) 880 920
Max 3rd Row Legroom (mm) 590 670

Max Front Row Headroom (mm) 1020 1000

Max 2nd Row Headroom (mm) 960 950

Max 3rd Row Headroom (mm) 900 870

Basis above figures expect great head and shoulder room in the XUV 500, whereas the additional 50mm wheel base of the Innova has managed to deliver great in cabin space. We believe that whilst the third row in both cars is completely compromised, Innova still deliver more 3rd row legroom and is therefore far more comfortable than the XUV 500. Space goes to XUV 500.

XUV 500 Innova

ARAI Mileage (KMPL) 15.1 12.99

City Mileage (KMPL) 10.2 10.3

Highway Mileage (KMPL) 14.3 13.8

Overall Mileage (KMPL) 12.25 12.1

In terms of visit to the fuel station both thecar seems to be quite well matched. However, we believe that both f them are going to be equally costly to maintain as far as maintenance is cost (However, there is no data to support it, it's more a gut feel).

However, in terms of body repair we expect the damage to be more for XUV 500 and that too because of close to 50% depreciation of plastic parts which are in abundance in the XUV 500. Even front right and left fenders are made up of plastic as against metal in Innova. 

Basis our information, XUV 500 does have brake shoe and suspension issues, whereas, Innova drinks oil and is bad for wheels.

XUV 500 Innova

0-60 KMPH 5.56 Secs 6.6 Secs

0-100 KMPH 12.34 Secs 17.5 Secs

No wonder on performance XUV 500 gets a rating of 8/10 for performance vs 7/10 for Innova

With a rating of 5/10 for ride quality and handling for XUV 500 vs 8/10 on both parameters for Innova makes it a more drivers car, however, one should be cautious with both of them in terms of roll and sway, which is all thanks to their tall boy design.

XUV 500 scores hugely over the Innova in terms of the great value it offers, it is really a feature loaded price unloaded car. Innova does have look at its pricing strategy now in light of newly launched contenders.

Our choice, will be the Innova, as it a tried and tested model, whereas the XUV 500 is still being fine-tuned, whatever people have to say.

We at ecardlr do recommend an exhaustive test drive before you finally make your choice. However, do treat our input as indicative only and not a final decision.