Help me Buy the Best Between Polo, i20 and Micra Diesel

Defining one's need as closely as possible is teh best way to start one's car buying process. Rohan's car set are also evenly matched, it is obvious that he has done his homework quite well and is now looking for some expert advice.

i 20 diesel or Polo diesel or Micra diesel? All basic models comparision. Please suggest. monthly running 1500 kms. Looking for mileage.

Help me Buy the Best Between Polo, i20 and Micra Diesel

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Your decision to go for a diesel needs to be relooked at in light of falling petrol and rising diesel prices. Please do some mathematics before deciding on the same. Chances are that even today, diesel will win over petrol, however, in the long-run, if Indian government does bite the no subsidy bullet for diesel, then one can see very dramatic rise if diesel prices, making, resale of diesel powered cars a difficult task.

ARAI mileage figures for the cars under considerations are:

I20 - 21.93 KMPL

Polo - 22.07 KMPL

Micra - 23.08 KMPL

Micra should be your choice. Do note that real life mileage would be lower by at least 30-35% of ARAI mileage. But then that formula will work on all cars under consideration.

We at www.ecardlr.com always recommend an exhaustive test drive of all cars in your consideration set. Always define your need as closely as possible and then decide. Take our inputs as suggestion only and not a final decision.


Comparison: Elite i20 vs Polo, July 19 2016.

VISITOR                                          i want to buy a hatchback n i m confused  


AGENT                                            hi how can we help?           


AGENT                                            which cars are you evaluating         


VISITOR                                          i m confused between Polo tdi and i20 elite             


AGENT                                            what's your concern or confusion friend   


VISITOR                                          which one should i buy      


AGENT                                            give me 5 top needs from your new car     


VISITOR                                          mileage safety and fun to drive car              


AGENT                                            I20 Vs Polo Petrol Arai Mileage 18.60 Vs 16.5           


AGENT                                            Real life mileage = 65 to 70% of ARAI           


AGENT                                            On safety both cars ranked at 7 out of 10 by autocar            


VISITOR                                          so mileage on Polo is not good       


AGENT                                            basis ARAI figures yes        


VISITOR                                          ok               


VISITOR                                          but i personally like Polo   


VISITOR                                          so i was going to buy that 


AGENT                                            Fun to drive lets evaluate Performance again both at 7/10


VISITOR                                          okay          


AGENT                                            ride quality elite i20 6 Polo 9            


VISITOR                                          i m talking about both diesel model             


VISITOR                                          i think u told me mileage of petrol


AGENT                                            Handling i20 8 Polo 9           


AGENT                                            sorry handling its 7 vs 8, i will give you mileage for diesel also holds               


VISITOR                                          okay          


AGENT                                            So if Fund to drive is due to performance, ride quality and Handling then Polo any day        


AGENT                                            I will add another factor now that its diesel you are looking at         


VISITOR                                          yes             


AGENT                                            Polo has more linear power delivery Vs i20 due to comparatively higher diesel lag in i20     


VISITOR                                          okayy        


AGENT                                            not that it would matter to many but for someone looking at Fun to Drive - It will matter   


VISITOR                                          yaa             


VISITOR                                          mileage of Polo diesel and i20        


VISITOR                                          ?  


AGENT                                            21.93 vs 20.14 KMPL            


AGENT                                            so to summarize - If driving pleasure is your key requirement any day Polo              


AGENT                                            else on many other factors i20 will score like looks, features (Value) , resale etc     


VISITOR                                          but personally i love Polo 


VISITOR                                          so is it worth buying            


AGENT                                            As you like Polo and its fits your key need from your new car then yes and why not             


AGENT                                            I assume you have test driven both cars    


VISITOR                                          yes i have


AGENT                                            what was your exp              


VISITOR                                          and what about maintenance cost               


VISITOR                                          i like Polo on driving            


AGENT                                            maintenance cost basis market feedback going to be painful for Polo          


AGENT                                            I also hope you are not tall               


VISITOR                                          6 feet        


VISITOR                                          ?? 


AGENT                                            go test drive Polo again and this time try getting in and getting out               


AGENT                                            I have had taller people having problem of getting in and out of the Polo  


VISITOR                                          okay          


VISITOR                                          can you tell me the service cost difference between both


AGENT                                            Unfortunately I won't be able to give you diff in figures; my inputs are more qualitative in nature based on chats with people like you'll on our site              


AGENT                                            Cost would favor i20, but not by much, however, I have heard some real pain points on parts availability                                    


VISITOR                                          ok               


VISITOR                                          okay thanks            


AGENT                                            may i ask you a question and also to rate this chat it will help me   


VISITOR                                          ok u can   


AGENT                                            what did you search on google basically looking at your search query          


VISITOR                                          car experts India  


AGENT                                            thanks