Suggest best car between Vento, Verna and City for my dad

More exhaustive the query, more easier to answer the same. The new car buyer seems to have done his homework and has clearly defined his need from a car for his dad. The car buyer has also identified Verna, Vento and City, 3 of teh best car in their segment. No wonder confusion or should we say, decision making is so difficult as all of them are quite competent vehicles

We're getting a car for my dad and so far we've been stuck at the Volkswagen Vento Petrol Highline. We've had a Santro and a Mitsubishi  Cedia so far. We love the overall finish and build quality of both the interiors and exteriors of the Vento in comparison to the City and Verna. Off late though I've come across some very negative reviews of the Vento about the car catching fire (Pune incident) and frequently requiring  the replacements of parts. This has put me on the back foot as my dad is retired and I may or may not be around as I need to travel frequently, Although, maintenance cost is not at all a deterrent but frequent visits to the workshop because parts stop working will be a worry. Also, the fire incident did shake me a little bit. Please let me know if the petrol Vento is a good choice or not - he'd drive only a thousand km, at most, in a month, so, didn't consider the diesel.


Suggest best car between Vento, Verna and City for my dad

At 1000kms/month mostly city drive (we presume) buying a petrol is a sensible decision.

Frequent visit to service stations for parts is not heard off, well at least not from Vento owners we have interacted with.  As a matter of fact I have a City for which a keep getting service calls every 3 months. Pune issue is more an exception than a rule.

Vento with a scheduled service cycle of 15000kms (highest gap between two scheduled periodic service in the category) therefore would need less frequent visits to the service centre. Recent Autocar Survey gives a 'Percentage Parts to Ex-showroom Price' as : 9.4 % Vento, 13.7% City and 7.5 % for Verna. This is for your consideration even though maintenance cost as indicated is a non-issue.

A car for your dad needs to offer: Safety, Build Strength and Comfort and Value buy for you. Vento and City are rated at an 8/10 for Safety Vs Verna which gets a rating of 9/10. All cars under consideration are rated 8/10 on Build Strength and Comfort. Verna gets  9/10 on Value whereas City and Vento get an 8/10.

Getting an Automatic  Transmission in your consideration set may not be a bad idea too. If you choose to do so, then your priority should be: City/Vento, followed by Verna.

Make your father test drive all cars, check out his comfort and liking, Then buy the car best suited for him, as all cars in your consideration set are equally strong contenders for your wallet.

Treat our inputs as indicative only and not a final decision.