Compare and suggest best car between Spark, Alto and i10

Entry level hatchbacks in India have really come of age and more importantly any first time new car buyer has very capable and competent choices available in the Indian car market; Spark, Alto K10 and i10 are a reflection of this reality.

I want to know which is best car to buy Spark, Alto or i10 ?

Compare and suggest best car between Spark, Alto and i10

Three very competent hatchbacks from three equally competent car manufacturers; Chevrolet, Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai. Since you haven't mentioned whether you are looking for Alto K10 Or Alto 800. We are assuming that it has to be Alto K10 basis the comparative set that you have created of Alto with Spark and i10. For detailed mid-variant comparison of these vehicles please visit the link pasted below:

At level1, whilst Spark and Alto are 1000 cc engine cars i10 is a 1100 cc engine. All these are petrol cars. Another fact is that amongst the three cars in your buying set, Alto K10 is the oldest design, with i10 and Spark being more recent.

With an ARAI mileage of 20.20 KMPL Alto K10 is most fuel efficient car, followed by i10 (19.81 Kmpl) and Spark (17 KMPL). However, in terms of maintenance, Spark, thanks to the Chevrolet Promise  3 yrs/45000 (KMS) package, which you ca buy at the time fo delivery of your new Spark ensures that your car gets serviced free of cost for either 3 years or 45000 Kms (whichever is earlier) according to Spark's prescribed service schedule. The advantage of this package is that  the exclusions are less and it covers even labour cost. This package along with Spark 3 yrs/100000 Kms standard warranty makes it a great car in terms of its service cost. Alto K10 and I10 do not have any such service package.







Overall Length (mm)




Overall Width (mm)




Overall Height (mm)




Wheelbase (mm)





Basis above dimension figures, whilst Alto K10 with 3520 mm is the longest car, however, we believe that i10 with a wheel base of 2380 mm will give you more cabin space, plus with its 1595 mm height and width of 1550 mm will make it more spacious as compared to Alto K10 and Spark. We believe that i10 will offer more legroom, headroom and shoulder room when compared to other two cars.

Whilst all cars offer airconditioning and power steering, Spark comes with front 2 power windows and i10 offers all doors power windows. None of these cars come with stereo system as a standard fitment. Qulitatively, with i10 2 tone beinge interiors, tactile feel inside the car is far richer and superior than Spark and Alto K10.

In terms of driveability, Alto K series engine is far more responsive and driveable when  compared to i10 and Spark.

In our opinion, we ill recommend i10 followed by Spark. I10 is being recommended from an overall perspective however, if you want to have a low maintenance cost then Spark should be your choice.

Caveat- please take our inputs as suggestions only and not aas  final decision. Test drive all cars exhaustively. define your need from your new car as clearly as possible and then decide.

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