Which between i20, Polo and Punto should I buy?

Polo, i20, Punto, three great cars, each with its own good and bad points, Difficult to decide, but at least on paper basis one's requirement, one can further narrow one's choice between Polo, Punto and i20. And finally decide.

I am planning to take a car....my choices are hyundai i20 or VW Polo or Fiat Punto..Can you please suggest me which one to go with and the reason as well....I am ready to take the top end of any of these...

Which between i20, Polo and Punto should I buy?

Whilst for a detailed comparison you can visit the link below


however on a qualitative basis, pros and cons for each car as below:

Fiat Punto Diesel

Pros - Drivers cars or amongst the comparison set, most suited for an enthusiast. Solid built and contemporary looks

Cons - Fiat turbulence in India still to settle down, post split from Tata Motors in 1st Qtr 2013, reach and therefore service related issues could bothersome. Resale of Fiat cars are not so good

Volkswagen Polo - Diesel

Pros- Good car to drive as it does not have too much of diesel lag. Volkswagen marquee. contemporary looks and a spacious car

Cons - Low slung car therefore difficult to get in and out particularly for taller people. Not so great tactile feel, feels too basic inside. One has not heard good stories on service front

Hyundai i20

Pros - Stunning looks. Most feature loaded for its price. Great tactile feel. Safest among the comparison set.

Cons - Suffers from diesel lag. Most expensive among the cars compared. Inside space as compared to other cars in our set would be at a premium.

Do note that one should decide on one's car basis its need to oneself. Treat our suggestion as indicative only and not a final decision. Do test drive all cars before deciding on either one of them


Comparison: Punto Abarth vs Polo, August 30 2016.

AGENT                                                                hello how can we help        


VISITOR                                                              I am in the midst of deciding which car to go on      


VISITOR                                                              Polo GT TSI or Abarth Punto              


AGENT                                                                Interesting choice 


AGENT                                                                what are your top 3 criteria for this purchase           


AGENT                                                                besides fun to drive ?       


VISITOR                                                              1. Power (I own a RC200)    


VISITOR                                                              2.Comfort and Safety           


VISITOR                                                              3. Handling and Performance           


AGENT                                                                Polo gt has an edge especially in safety aspect        


VISITOR                                                              Yes               


AGENT                                                                we would recommend Polo gt        


AGENT                                                                besides overall ownership experience for Volkswagen is much better...servicing parts support etc.                                                    


AGENT                                                                Fiat while working hard is still a risky buy  


VISITOR                                                              But i heard that VW service and spares are quite costlier   


AGENT                                                                costlier than mass cars but also better quality as most parts are imported from Germany...they are better quality than Japanese or Indian counterpart     


VISITOR                                                              Abarth has wonderful suspension and handling with hydraulic steering and 145BHP Manual transmission engine                                   


AGENT                                                                yes however it is not just the drive it is also other aspects 


VISITOR                                                              Not that I know of... That’s why had these choices


VISITOR                                                              I feel both are more safe and comfortable. GT has bit more additional features like Hill hold, cruise control AMT, DSG shift                  


VISITOR                                                              Punto is superior with only Manual shift and lags many things. Touch screen with 1.70L more than Polo, no rain sensing wipers, no cruise control (not needed), and no hill hold. But way more powerful and corners are perfect                                                                             


VISITOR                                                              Still I might sound awful but I am pure auto freak  


VISITOR                                                              So I need to know how the power is churns out of VW GT compared to Abarth        


AGENT                                                                yes we can make out friend              


AGENT                                                                Love the way you know your cars and it’s rare that one comes across someone like you     


VISITOR                                                              Thanks        


AGENT                                                                absolutely ?          


VISITOR                                                              I don't know maybe coz of this it makes me too hard to choose       


AGENT                                                                going back to your discussion, I think your first priority seems to be performance 


VISITOR                                                              Indeed       


AGENT                                                                Personally speaking both are hot rods         


VISITOR                                                              Yep              


VISITOR                                                              I will tell my needs               


AGENT                                                                and both have capabilities to thrill


VISITOR                                                              I am going to drive only in weekends about 250Kms mostly in highways     


VISITOR                                                              3 people will go often (me,my sisY and Dad)            


AGENT                                                                Unfortunately both has equally bad reputation when it comes to service  


VISITOR                                                              Driving to my hometown..


VISITOR                                                              Damn true brother.. Poor after sales service            


AGENT                                                                Abarth seems to be more features loaded, but for a driver what matter is power on tap plus transmission                                                   


VISITOR                                                              May be GT thrills me with Tiptronic manual gearing              


AGENT                                                                yes that's precisely why GT will be my choice rather than Abarth with DSG


VISITOR                                                              And GT will be apt for my family too to drive it when am not around            


AGENT                                                                It gives me 100 plus power, and a gear that's so much one to work with, precise and smooth to slot                                                                     


VISITOR                                                              Only thing bothering me is GT doesn't have sporty tyres likes Abarth and can it makes me thrilled? As a fun loving guy                    


VISITOR                                                              I agree        


AGENT                                                                I think you know your reasons for purchase, power can be compromised for family's sake and maybe being a car lover you are you can get a retail fitment on tyres          


AGENT                                                                having said that GT is no pushover


VISITOR                                                              Superb       


VISITOR                                                              So the final suggestion is GT. Right?             


AGENT                                                                between the two if i was to put my money on something, yes, however, personally speaking my family will kill me for such a decision  


AGENT                                                                by the way I hope you are not very tall as ingress and egress is an issue with Polo 


VISITOR                                                              Am nearly say 5-6cms less 


AGENT                                                                that means 5.9 to 5.10         


VISITOR                                                              YES               


AGENT                                                                have you test driven the Polo          


VISITOR                                                              today am going to 


AGENT                                                                check the ingress and egress, a problem area for tall people            


VISITOR                                                              Sure. 

Comparison: Polo vs Jazz, August 30 2016.

VISITOR                                                                hi


VISITOR                                                                good afternoon    


AGENT                                                                  hello how can we help      


VISITOR                                                                i need to know about which car will be suitable for me. based on my requirements            travel less then 1000km per month, good performance, long lasting.amoung(Polo gt tsi, Polo highline and Jazz cvt)


VISITOR                                                                can you help me?


AGENT                                                                  long lasting Honda Jazz however performance is much better in Polo gt   


AGENT                                                                  overall parameters Honda will have an edge          


AGENT                                                                  cvt will be convenient to drive however automatic is lazy tech...Smooth drive but fun quotient goes down                                      


VISITOR                                                                ok               


VISITOR                                                                why Polo gt will not a long lasting car.       


VISITOR                                                                why Polo gt tsi will not long last compare to Jazz  


AGENT                                                                  long lasting however costly on maintenance          


AGENT                                                                  and while they are good cars and good ride quality they are soft on Indian roads which means maintenance will be higher        


VISITOR                                                                ok               


VISITOR                                                                ok               


VISITOR                                                                so it is better to go for Jazz manual then Polo gt tsi             


AGENT                                                                  and resale also is disadvantage on VW      


AGENT                                                                  yes if other parameters that we shared are relevant besides performance              


AGENT                                                                  Polo gt is gem of a drive however comes as a baggage       


AGENT                                                                  with its own weakness     


VISITOR                                                                ok               


AGENT                                                                  hope you have found this chat useful        


VISITOR                                                                yes. thanks              

Comparison: Polo vs Baleno, May 2, 2016.

VISITOR                                                      Baleno or Polo


VISITOR                                                      which one         


AGENT                                                        why this comparison     ?


VISITOR                                                      confused           


AGENT                                                        you must be having a really good reason to compare such odd balls     


AGENT                                                        whilst from price and size point of view they are comparable, but on sheer popularity they are like apple and oranges                       


AGENT                                                        Are you tall      


AGENT                                                        as beyond 5'10"              


VISITOR                                                      what to do        


AGENT                                                        means what     


VISITOR                                                      which one is the best  


AGENT                                                        you did not share your height, coz if you are tall avoid Polo as getting in and out and head space real pain                                                   


AGENT                                                        for tall people 


AGENT                                                        If you are worried about recurring damage to your pocket due service cost avoid Polo


AGENT                                                        If you are bothered about car resale avoid Polo              


VISITOR                                                      i dont want to resale a car         


AGENT                                                        what I meant was that Polo does not have a good resale value, when and if you plan to sell it after using it for some years                       


VISITOR                                                      ohh okay           


VISITOR                                                      and service cost of Polo              


AGENT                                                        Quite damaging to one’s pocket'            


VISITOR                                                      as compare  to Baleno 


VISITOR                                                      how much         


AGENT                                                        I have heard figures upward of 15-20 K per year even for petrol, but what is even more worrisome is parts availability                               


VISITOR                                                      and Baleno       


VISITOR                                                      so what do you suggest for me you think which one is b             


AGENT                                                        It's too early to talk about paid service as the car has been recently launched  


VISITOR                                                      so what do you think which one is best for me


AGENT                                                        My answers above were quite obviously skewed in favour of the Baleno          


VISITOR                                                      okay    


VISITOR                                                      thanks


AGENT                                                        have you test driven these cars              


AGENT                                                        what has been your experience             


VISITOR                                                      yes       


VISITOR                                                      Polo quite good             


AGENT                                                        in terms of drive yes I agree which version did you try the 1,2 or TSi     


VISITOR                                                      1.2 tdi 


AGENT                                                        so you are looking for a diesel 


VISITOR                                                      petrol 


AGENT                                                        Isn't Tdi the diesel variant         


VISITOR                                                      No        


VISITOR                                                      its available in  tredline              


AGENT                                                        Let me check because the suffix d to T is for diesel, but I could be wrong, hold               


AGENT                                                        Yes TDis is diesel - but what you seem to have meant is trendline variant, which is the starting version                                                      


VISITOR                                                      Thanks

Comparison: Elite i20 vs Dzire, March 17 2016.

VISITOR                                                      hi, want to know which car is best Swift Dzire 2015 zxi or Asta petrol i20 elite


AGENT                                                        As cars one is a sub 4 meter sedan (Dzire0 other is a premium hatch


AGENT                                                        If I was buying them I will compare space for passengers and boot


AGENT                                                        First figure is for Dzire and second for i20


VISITOR                                                      ok,that I know but want to know which is best


AGENT                                                        Yes building to that


AGENT                                                        so in terms of front legroom - i20 therefore favours driver more


AGENT                                                        However, rear legroom belongs to Dzire


AGENT                                                        boot space Dzire at 316 vs 285 i20 diff but not major


AGENT                                                        so if you are going to be driven then Dzire else i20


AGENT                                                        is this helping


VISITOR                                                      means i i have driver then Dzire


AGENT                                                        yes when space is most important consideration for purchase


AGENT                                                        as rear space in Dzire seems to be more


VISITOR                                                      which one looks better according to you


AGENT                                                        There is no question on looks - elite i20 beats Dzire by a mile, plus Dzire in sheer design terms is an old car


AGENT                                                        So personally, if looks is what I want then i20


AGENT                                                        Personally, if I had these cars under consideration set, I will settle for i20 any day, because of its looks and features


VISITOR                                                      what about maintenance?


VISITOR                                                      safety


AGENT                                                        Maintenance - won't expect major diff, even though Dzire could have an edge, but minimal


VISITOR                                                      and safety


VISITOR                                                      mileage


AGENT                                                        On safety could be evenly matched


AGENT                                                        instead of individual element, let’s check out overall value which subsumes literally all parameters of comparison


AGENT                                                        on Value front, its i20 which beats Dzire


VISITOR                                                      ok


VISITOR                                                      which one to buy?


AGENT                                                        have you test driven both cars


VISITOR                                                      no


VISITOR                                                      but ride on both cars


VISITOR                                                      but can’t make out


AGENT                                                        on paper in terms of comfort, build strength and value i20 is ahead


AGENT                                                        in terms of Performance, refinement, handling Dzire


AGENT                                                        Dzire good on performance, ride quality and handling


AGENT                                                        so as you notice both have their good and bad points


AGENT                                                        Normally we advise test drive, followed by what you are looking from your new car and then decide


AGENT                                                        reviews and test drives can at best be facilitators


VISITOR                                                      which one you suggest to buy


AGENT                                                        Personally, I will buy the i20 asI believe that Dzire is jaded and over time its only going to grow older, therefore less acceptable


VISITOR                                                      ok


AGENT                                                        anything else


AGENT                                                        or would that be all


VISITOR                                                      thanx  but if i buy Dzire will it be a loss


AGENT                                                        For me yes it’s going to be a loss from day one as I just don't like its looks


VISITOR                                                      ok

Comparison: Elite i20 vs i20 Active, Jan 23.

VISITOR                                      i am interested in buy a car


AGENT                                        Okay! Any choices?


VISITOR                                      my choice is i20 Elite or i20 Active


VISITOR                                      which one is good


AGENT                                        nice, i20 Active is a cross over, bigger in size, more space, but engines are same in both the cars.


AGENT                                        what are your requirements from the car?


VISITOR                                      i know that, mileage of the both car, maintenance cost


VISITOR                                      which one is the best


AGENT                                        We can't say which one is the best, you have to be specific as per your requirements from the car.


VISITOR                                      my requirement is sporty look, mileage and cost efficient.


AGENT                                        maintenance cost of both cars would be almost same,


VISITOR                                      my budget is within 8 lac


AGENT                                        in terms of their look, i20 Active seems to be sportier as being a wider car than i20 because of all that extra cladding.


AGENT                                        costs, i believe Elite i20 is more cost efficient, within the price you'll be getting all the features and gizmos like GPS, Touch screen etc.


AGENT                                        what is your budget?


AGENT                                        Mileage again Elite i20.


VISITOR                                      you say that i20Elite is the best choice


AGENT                                        again I’m saying no car is going to be perfect in all aspects. Elite i20 is loaded with features plus has good mileage, whereas, i20 Active looks more sportive and has ample space.


VISITOR                                      ok thanks.