Which is Better between Ford Figo Diesel and Brio VMT?


Comparing Ford Figo Diesel and Brio petrol car is quite unique, as most car buyers tend to compare new cars from different car manufacturers but with similar power plant, i.e petrol vs petrol aor diesel Vs diesel. The new car set created is also quite interesting as both Ford Figo Diesel and Honda Brio cars have their own strength and weakness.


I am confused between Ford Figo 1.4 Diesel Titanium(top version) and Honda Brio VMT (Top version). My monthly running is near about 300 KM per month.


Which is Better between Ford Figo Diesel  and Brio VMT?

With a running of just 300 Kms per month, you should only go for a petrol car. The extra money you will pay for a diesel car will not be recouped even after 5 years or maybe more.
Therefore the question of Brio Vs Figo does not arise.

We would recommend Brio for its looks. Looks and safety in next 5 years will become key driver for car purchase.  Brio to that extent will score over the Figo, which just not come close to Brio in looks. This in turn will help you get a decent resale price.

Our second assumption is that both diesel car prices and diesel fuel price will definitely go up. Higher diesel cost means reduced difference between petrol and diesel price, this will then reduce this great love affair with diesel cars. The tilt towards petrol will also get a boost with increasing entry cost for car with diesel power plant.

Irrespective of the great improvement in diesel technology, diesel car are still not as great to drive as a petrol car.

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  • Thank you very much for your advice, and if we go for Ford Figo titanium (Petrol) and Honda brio VMT then which one in terms of mileage in city and maintenance cost per year and other essential features. Please do reply
    Ankur Gupta (1) reply