Which is a better car between Indigo CS and Vista?


Two cars from the same car manufacturer (Tata Motors), interestingly, one happens to be a hatchback and other a sedan, quite a contrasting comparison, probably they are being compared, as they both fall in similar price range.


Which is a better car between Indigo CS and Vista Diesel?
I also heard that Vista's body deteriorates after some years True Or Fasle?

Which is a better car between Indigo CS and Vista?

Between the two obviously, the Vista with Fiat's 1.3 Ltr engine under its hood, its quite a peppy car with great efficiency figures. Vista is literally a generation ahead of the Indigo CS.

However, if boot space is an important criteria of selection, then obviously only the Indigo CS will make sense. However, we urge you to go for the Dicor engine variant instead of the TDi engine as it offers great performance and mileage figures over the TDi.

We don't think, that there are any deterioration issue with Vista, we believe its not true for any of the Tata cars, at least we haven't heard of any such problem



Tata Indigo, April 29 2017.

VISITOR                                    Hi      


AGENT                                      Morning         


VISITOR                                    I actually have indigo cs petrol              


AGENT                                      ok     


VISITOR                                    Its 10 years old            


AGENT                                      ok     


VISITOR                                    Now i actually wanted to buy new battery for it           


VISITOR                                    So can you suggest me some batteries            


AGENT                                      Batteries are not dependent on fuel type      


VISITOR                                    Ok    


AGENT                                      one therefore can buy ant reputed brand, 3 that comes to mind are Exide, Amararaja and Tata Green                            


VISITOR                                    Ok    


AGENT                                      So effectively speaking buy the one that gets you best price, recently I bought the Exide for my 8 year old city petrol        


AGENT                                      check warranty and guarantee T & C 


VISITOR                                    Exide Mileage Car Battery Din65-65ah              


VISITOR                                    Will this battery work for my car?       


AGENT                                      A) I am not an expert on battery, for me a branded battery with good past experience has been my choice                   


VISITOR                                    Ok    


AGENT                                      b) from the looks of it it seems you have done some research, why so specific             


AGENT                                      can you help


VISITOR                                    I am confused             


AGENT                                      why, this decision is as important as all batteries have limited life, limited role               


VISITOR                                    Ok    


AGENT                                      in overall scheme of things in a car     


VISITOR                                    Hmm thanks


AGENT                                      avoid buying local batteries   


AGENT                                      local batteries have issues on maintenance   


VISITOR                                    Thanks