Which is a Better Buy Between i10, Spark and Alto?


Indian car buyers are becoming more and more sensible with time. Growing category maturity every passing day has made most of them confident of taking practical sensible decisions. It's heartening to see such a measured approach to buying new cars in India.



I want to know which is best car to buy Spark, Alto or i 10

Which is a Better Buy Between i10, Spark and Alto?

Our recommendation in order of priority is:




As a matter of fact we would like to take Alto out of this equation as its already being stopped by Maruti because they are launching a new 800 CC car code named F8 or F800, before Diwali. This car will be priced between M800 and Alto. So one can expect a good car and at a great price.

This also throws open another question and that is whether, you should wait before deciding, we would say Yes

We are recommending i10 because of its looks, decent mileage, great resale value and low maintenance cost

Spark is thanks to GM’s Maintenance package, which takes care of the cars service for next 3 years/45000 Kms whichever is earlier. This covers both labour and parts cost as per recommended Service Schedule. Car also comes with 3 yrs/100000 Kms std warranty, another plus point. However, resale value could be a question mark.