Which is a Better Buy Between Eon Era Petrol or Eon Era LPG?


LPG cars launched by most manufacturer as an one of the power train option is a growing trend. However, what goes against LPG is the number of outlet available for refilling. This along with a higher price when compared to CNG has not made it as popular as a CNG option.


Plz tell the best car from eon era+ or eon era+ lpg for home use .

Which is a Better Buy Between Eon Era Petrol or Eon Era LPG?

Being the same model, feature-wise there would be no difference.

LPG at 50/Kg has a Rs.20 advantage over petrol in Delhi, but LPG gives a lower fuel mileage than petrol cars. In case of EON we expect the difference to be at least 2 to 3 KMPL in favour of petrol cars.

Availability of LPG is even more rare than CNG, this definitely makes it a real bother.

In terms of driving experience, we expect EON Era LPG to be less pleasurable than EON Era Petrol, with AC on, one would definitely feel a certain dip in pulling power.

With no advantage in terms of fuel cost and a costlier entry cost for LPG variant over petrol EON, we would recommend the EON Petrol.

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  • If EON is with LPG from Hyundai, it does not have any difference. I've been driving a Hyundai EON D Lite plus since 2.5 years. I've no issues on pickup even with AC on. If it's a city use, LPG is certainly available in cities. For long rides you always have the petrol tank to fill up.

    Sri reply