Dzire Vs Sunny Vs Fiesta Classic


Diesel cars are current favourite of Indian Car buyers. Its also heartening to note that Indian car buyers are considering cars from recent entrants to Indian car market like Nissan. This only goes to prove the rapidly growing maturity of Indian cars buyers.


I am planning to buy diesel sedan. I narrowed my decision to Dzire ZDI, Ford Classic Titanium, Nissaon Sunny XL. Could you please suggest me the best one in terms good mileage, less maintenance & spare parts at competitive price (ability to maintain at long runs),better overall performance and Value for the money City and Highway Run.

Dzire Vs Sunny Vs Fiesta Classic

Lets take each question separately. Car being compared are Dzire ZDi, Ford Classic Titanium (Diesel - I believe), Nissan Sunny XL (Diesel again).

At the onset, inclusion of Nissan Sunny will skew the decision for it, if one was to look at comfort of space. Nissan Sunny offers maximum space when compared to cars under your consideration set. Dzire being a sub 4000 mm car will be most cramped in terms of space.

In terms of maintenance, Nissan sunny is too early to rate as most buyers would still be in their free service period. Between Dzire ZDi and Fiesta Classic - Ford will be more costly to maintain.

For mileage comparison we need to look at the ARAI figures for all these cars. The ARAI mileage figure for Dzire ZDi is 23.4 KMPL, 21.6 KMPL for Sunny XL Diesel and 20 KMPL for Ford Fiesta Classic. Whilst Dzire wins the mileage battle hands down and its also a correct deduction, however, real life mileage tend to different a lot from ARAI mileage figures. Normal thumb rule is to discount ARAI MIleage by 30-35% to come to some kind of real life mileage figures.

Spare parts is a part of maintenance cost, however, here too Maruti Dzire ZDi would outscore the Ford Fiesta Classic and Nissan Sunny XL diesel.

Basis your question Dzire ZDI should be your first choice, followed by Nissan Sunny XL diesel.