What car do you think is the best for the money ? - Swift - i20 - Polo


Basis queries sent to us premium hatchbacks seems to Indian car buyers current favourites. Maruti, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Nissan, Ford, Chevrolet / GM and Honda are being compared a lot. Indian car buyers sure are taking thought through buying decisions.


What car do you think is the best for the money ? Swift - i20 - Polo

What car do you think is the best for the money ? - Swift - i20 - Polo

Before answering the question, lets define best value for money, because, its definition/expectation can change with one's need from his/her car.

For example, a family of four moving out at least once a month for weekend holidays, for them a car which seats 4 comfortably, consumes less fuel,  easy on maintenance and most importantly is safe on the highway would be great value for money, for a city run about car, easy to maneuver and park, miserly on fuel and with low maintenance cost would be a great value for money car and for a car enthusiast, a car that revs freely, gets into corners hard and with stability, notches the quarter mile in shortest time is great value for money.

Value for money therefore is used loosely, however, lets define value for money for your cars

Swift - It would be great value for money for someone seeking comfort in numbers, reliability, convenience of service, easy on maintenance cost, great resale value, and with swift contemporary styling.

i20 - It would be great value for money for someone who is style conscious, loves feature loaded car, and is great to drive and the bonus would be reliability, trust, reach of service, resale value and low service cost.

Polo - It would be great value for money for someone seeking cars beyond Maruti and Hyundai, looking for sedate styling, space and does not get thrilled by features and tactile feel. Not to forget the German Heritage.

In generic terms great value for money when defined in terms of damage to one's pocket over its ownership cycle then one needs to consider following cost -

Entry cost = Buying price or price on road  = A

Running Cost = Fuel Cost + Maintenance Cost = B

Exit Cost = Resale price = C

A+B-C - which ever car gives you lowest value is the best value for money.

Our belief and basis that, order of value would be Swift, i20 and then Polo. However, you must do actual number crunching before concluding your buying option.


Comparison: Polo vs Swift, December 24, 2015


VISITOR                                     I want petrol hatchback


AGENT                                       Okay. What is your budget?


VISITOR                                    Up to 7 lakhs


VISITOR                                    Which car is better now?


VISITOR                                    I need information about Volkswagen Polo is it better or Swift?


AGENT                                      Engine:  Of course VW Polo. VW DOHC MPi Petrol Engines are more durable and powerful than Maruti's K-Series engines. Space: VW Polo is spacious having Front legroom (mm) 620/820 and Rear legroom (mm) 560/780"


VISITOR                                    What about average and efficiency.... Of those cars


VISITOR                                    Can you suggest nowadays........which car is best.....


AGENT                                       Swift has more mileage, but Polo goes on top in terms of drivability. Polo is a well built solid hatchback has sturdy body.


AGENT                                       on the contrary, VW has thin dealership network compared to Maruti and lacks in features.


VISITOR                                    I'm asking that from expert side which would be we should buy........from all brands....Hyundai....Suzuki...VW....


AGENT                                       We cant’t say which one is the best. Every brands have their own taste, VW known for its performance (Engine) and toughness of body, whereas Hyundai and Maruti known for their aftersales, features and mileage.


VISITOR                                    Yes. How about design and features?


AGENT                                          Design: Polo looks a tad bit more appealing than the Swift.
Features:  Swift has the potential to pull buyers away from Polo as it is loaded with fmore features compared to Polo.


VISITOR                                    Thanks.