Suggest the Best Between Verna, Vento and Etios

3 great car makers; Toyota, Hyundai and Volkswagen, 3 great diesel cars Verna, Vento and Etios, the choice obviously will be difficult to make. Each car have their own strength and weakness and it ultimately boils down to which I like the most to be seen in. 

I have test driven VW Vento, Hyundai Verna and Toyota Etios. I am looking at preferable diesel cars. I am based in Delhi. Priority no 1 is comfort and luxury. priority no 2 is economy in driving and Maintenaince costs. Please suggest.

Suggest the Best Between Verna, Vento and Etios

Since you already have shortlist of cars let's take each of your requirement individually and analyse

Vento and Verna gets 8/10 and Etios a 9/10. Comfort can also be defined in terms of :

Max/Min Front Legroom (mm)
Vento - 830/620, Verna - 860/620, Etios - 830/590

Max/Min Rear Legroom (mm)
Vento - 850/660,  Verna - 880/650, Etios - 910/680

Front Headroom (mm)
Vento - 940, Verna - 970, Etios - 980

Rear Headroom (mm)
Vento - 920,  Verna - 870, Etios - 900

Ride Quality also impacts comfort - Vento - 8/10, Verna - 7/10, Etios - 6/10

Driving Economy
When defined basis ARAI mileage - Etios, Verna and Vento deliver a figure of 24 Kmpl, 23.5 kmpl and 20.5 Kmpl respectively. A toss-up between Verna and Etios.

Maintenance Cost

Subjective as one does not have actual figures of items that are normally used whenever your car goes for servicing or accidental repairs. Market rumours place VW cars to a a burden on ones pocket when it comes to servicing cost even though they have longer service intervals. We have heard that they charge even during free servicing period. We expect Verna to be least bothersome in this area, however it's subjective and in comparison to the set of cars under consideration.

Subjective, but when defined in terms of features being offered for the same price, maybe we have a solution. 

Vento and Verna comes with automatic climate control, bluetooth, rear parking sensors. Verna offers USB port with steering mounted audio and bluetooth controls, which other two cars do not offer. Vento offers height adjustable driver seat which are not a standard feature in Verna and Etios.
In terms of Refinement scores of these cars are: Verna - 9/10, Etios - 6/10 and Vento - 8/10. 

We will buy the 

Verna for its great looks, Hyundai marquee, more features and quite comparable on other features. We will not buy it because the car does have some diesel lag. 

Vento because it's from Volkswagen, less of diesel lag and decent features. We will not buy the Vento because its a low slung car making getting in and out a problem.

Etios - Toyota marquee, great engine and great price. Not buy because its barren in terms of features when compared to other cars in the set.

Basis your mail, you have already taken a test drive and hopefully our inputs might help in taking you closer to your decision. Do note that you must treat our inputs as indicative only and not a final decision.

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  • 1.Suspension of which car is good? Etios or Vento? 2. Maintenance cost of which car is low? Etios or Vento? 3. Brandwise which car is preferable ? Etios or Vento? Kindly advice.