Comparing Two SUVs Scorpio and Safari

Safari and Scorpio has been Indian SUV buyers most favoured Sports Utility Vehicle for some time now. No wonder they do get compared often as they often end up on most economy SUV buyers list in India.

I want to buy suv confused between Tata Safari and Mahindra Scorpio, i like the looks of Safari suggest which would be the best from your point of veiw

Comparing Two SUVs Scorpio and Safari


Both are capable SUV's and have their own fan following. I wish you could share with us some more information for us to make the right suggestion.

However basis personal drive experience of the SUV's mentioned, I would put my money on the Safari - It rides well and the thrid row seat also does not feel as cramped as of the Scorpio.

The link below gives you the comparison between the two SUV's

http://www.ecardlr.com/NewCar/ComparefeaturesandSpecifications/Tata-Motors/Safari/Safari-EX-4x2-vs-Mahindra-and-Mahindra/Scorpio/Scorpio-LX-2WD.aspx  - Features and spec comparison of starting model

Feature comparison spec also seems to be in favour of teh safari - but its costlier by almost 50000 in Delhi NCR (Exshowroom Price)
Would be able to comment more once I have some more details from you'll

Safari Storme, June 14 2016.

VISITOR                                                                    hello     


VISITOR                                                                    please send me name of colours panel 


VISITOR                                                                    white colours Storme    


AGENT                                                                      Good Morning   


AGENT                                                                      what would you like to know about it    


VISITOR                                                                    colours name    


AGENT                                                                      why do you want to know the colour name         


AGENT                                                                      The dealer will be able to tell you           


VISITOR                                                                    no they can't tell me      


AGENT                                                                      Ok, You have a car manual or car book which has your registration details           


AGENT                                                                      that Page has your car colour name         


VISITOR                                                                    can i send you image of my vehicle?      


AGENT                                                                      do you have your registration book with you     


VISITOR                                                                    yes         


AGENT                                                                      ok, let me get my cars book also               


AGENT                                                                      maybe I will be able to guide you            


VISITOR                                                                    ok           


VISITOR                                                                    my Storme is white colour          


VISITOR                                                                    i need to name of panel colour 


AGENT                                                                      are you talking about the cladding below the door          


VISITOR                                                                    yes         


AGENT                                                                      isn't that black  


VISITOR                                                                    no           


AGENT                                                                      its Matt finished not glossy         


AGENT                                                                      but the cladding is normally black           


VISITOR                                                                    mat6170********** this is chassis n umber of my Storme            


VISITOR                                                                    painter and colours shop ask me name of colour              


AGENT                                                                      why don't you mail me your car pic on ceo@ecardlr.com              


AGENT                                                                      mark the area    


VISITOR                                                                    ok           


VISITOR                                                                    thank you            


AGENT                                                                      which city is he from      


VISITOR                                                                    please wait 10 minutes 


VISITOR                                                                    Nepal    


VISITOR                                                                    country city jhapa            


AGENT                                                                      I will be taking a day on this I will forward the same to Tata Motors someone I know and should expect an aswer back from him in a day or so           


VISITOR                                                                    Thanks

Mahindra Scorpio, March 17 2016.

VISITOR                                                      I want to buy new Mahindra Scorpio


AGENT                                                        ok


AGENT                                                        any reason you are looking for the same


VISITOR                                                      i want exchange my i20 with new Scorpio


AGENT                                                        from an i20 to Scorpio, its surprising


AGENT                                                        as whatever, I know, Scorpio is not a very comfortable car


AGENT                                                        3rd row is a complete written-off


VISITOR                                                      Thanks

Tata Safari Storme, March 9 2016.

VISITOR                                                      Hello Sir, Tata safari storme lx 4x2 ka on road price kya hai gwalior me?


VISITOR                                                      Isme airbag facility hai ya nahi


VISITOR                                                      Isme music system kya kya hai


AGENT                                                        friend you can on our site enter model and variant and city and you will be get on road price of the same.


AGENT                                                        detailed comparison amongst models is also available


Manufacture                                      Tata Motors


Model                                                   Safari Storme


Variant                                                 LX 4x2


Colortype                                            metallic


City                                                        GWALIOR


Ex-showroom(?)                              1036004


Insurance(?)                                      34725


Registration&roadtax(?)              77190


Onroadnewcarprice(?)                 1147919