Which One ie Better Between Sunny and SX4?

Maruti Suzuki's SX4 is a big car and with diesel power now under its hood, it's proposition for a car buyer seeking a diesel mid level sedan becomes that much more attractive. Nissan Sunny is the new kid in the block and trying to slot itself on the proposition of great price great space.

What is ur opinion between sx4 zdi diesel vs sunny xl diesel- which one is best to buy?


Which One ie Better Between Sunny and SX4?


At a macro level Maruti scores on trust, service reach and low maintenance cost (only because one dose not know about Sunny's maintenance cost). Sunny scores on Space. However, Nissan being a new entrant in the Indian car Market, service reach is definitely an issue.

But if car sales are anything to go by then Nissan Sunny is fast gaining ground and as a matter of fact Sunny's March sales of 4000 + cars all India Vs SX4 of under 3000 cars is a proof that its being well accepted by new car buyers in India.

SX4 runs on a 1.3 Ltr diesel power plant vs a 1.5 Ltrs power plant for Sunny. Sunny offers a ARAI Mileage of 21.64 Kmpl Vs 21.5 kmpl by SX4. Power and Torque figures are quite comparable too. Automatic air-conditioning in the Sunny Vs Manual in SX4 is another reason to look at the Sunny more closely. Add to this a ex-showroom Delhi price advantage of almost Rs. 80000 plus in favour of Sunny makes it s strong contender of your purse.

Our recommendation - Go for Sunny if you do not travel out from the main city frequently. If you do take many outstations trips from your city to smaller cities - stick to SX4 even though it's costly.