Between Swift, i20, Figo or Micra which is a better car?

Premium hatchbacks are the flavour that every hatchback Indian car buyers wants to taste and experience. Swift, i20, Figo or Micra are feature loaded cars from trustworthy car manufacturer like; Maruti, Hyundai, Ford and Nissan. We at www.ecardlr.com would like our customers to take their own decisions and use our input as indicative only. Basis our experience every car buyer has different requirements and he/she must decide on cars basis their defined needs.


Which is the best car to buy in Swift, i20 , Figo or Micra petrol as well as in diesel regarding mileage


Between Swift, i20, Figo or Micra which is a better car?

Let’s take the mileage part of your question first, as it’s easy to handle. Car manufacturers have to provide mileage figures for their car as per government mandate. These mileage figures are under test conditions and done by regulatory authority prescribed by the government.  Mileage figures are termed as ARAI mileage and are measured in KMPL. Whilst real life mileage figures differ a lot from ARAI figures, but they can be used for comparison as they are all measured under almost similar test conditions.

ARAI Mileage (KMPL)            Swift                     i20                          Figo                       Micra

18.6                        18.5                        15.6                        18.06

Diesel                                    22.9                        21.93                     20.00                     23.08

Your decision for a petrol or diesel car should be dependent or your monthly running. To come to a correct decision, calculate your cars expense over 3 years in terms of fuel cost for both petrol and diesel engines cars of same model add entry cost + additional EMI cost for diesel cars, If this figures exceeds total savings from diesel , then go for petrol engine car or else go for diesel.

Swift – Contemporary looks, great space, great resale value and Maruti Suzuki backed service reach and cost. However, there are just too many of them and over time if style becomes important buying factor, then it might lose out to i20.

i20 – Most stylish car on Indian road, offers more features for the same price vs a comparable car, high on safety. Hyundai enjoys almost as much love from Indian car buyers as Maruti. Initial lag in a diesel car could be its negative.

Figo – Great car to drive particularly the petrol version, however, not so contemporary looking. Perceived high maintenance cost could be a negative

Micra – Cute, very cute car, in style it could be ranked very close to the i20, those who own it are happy with its hassle free drive and good space. Low service reach and cost of  spares could be an issue.




Comparison: New Figo vs Swift, December 25, 2015


VISITOR                                      which is the best car Figo or Swift?


AGENT                                        depends on your requirement...please share your top 3-4 expectation or criteria for this purchase


AGENT                                        lets start with your running monthly average


VISITOR                                     30 kms daily


AGENT                                        so we can do with petrol car


VISITOR                                     Why not diesel


AGENT                                        what else is your requirement so that we can help with comparison


AGENT                                        for 30 average daily which translates to 900-1000 km monthly average it does not merit additional diesel model investment over petrol given that recovery of extra money we pay now will take much longer to recover


VISITOR                                     Ok


VISITOR                                     Tell me more


AGENT                                        Suzuki will have value for money advantage that Maruti brand has however you have so many Swifts already on the road


AGENT                                        Ford is fun to drive and scores better on wheelbase which means more legroom for passengers however resale and overall cost of ownership would be higher


VISITOR                                     What about used Swift


AGENT                                        taking from certified seller or known user...should be good


AGENT                                        you will get warranty and hence peace of mind. True value first choices are some you look at


AGENT                                        Swift has been the most successful brand for Maruti with great ownership experience


AGENT                                        today’s cars have fairly decent engine life for longer running


AGENT                                        just follow steps we shared earlier


VISITOR                                     Thanks.




Comparison: New Figo vs Bolt vs Punto Evo, December 16, 2015


VISITOR                     I am planning to buy a new car but confused which one to buy             


AGENT                       Okay! What are those cars?


VISITOR                    I have shortlisted few but when I see the reviews again got confused              


VISITOR                    Tata Bolt        


VISITOR                    Fiat Punto     


VISITOR                    Or if you can suggest something better in this range  


AGENT                      What are your parameters of comparison?    


VISITOR                    Looking for petrol car               


VISITOR                    I am looking for personal use


VISITOR                    And the running is not very high         


VISITOR                    Monthly is I think 200               


VISITOR                     Or may be less            


AGENT                      Buying petrol version is a good decision then


VISITOR                     Can u please guide me which one to buy        


AGENT                      Lets talk about the space of the car first you’ve mentioned above, the Bolt is the widest and tallest, but short in length compared to the Punto Evo.        


VISITOR                    Ok so if I ask which one is the best with a good resell value, average and overall good               


AGENT                       Engine: Punti Evo goes on the top, smooth ride quality, durable and powerful engine


AGENT                      Build Quality  Again Punto Evo, sturdy body structure


VISITOR                    Ok, any other cars?


AGENT                       what is your budget?               


VISITOR                    Close to 5 lakhs


VISITOR                    And now in December there are good scheme so I can save money as well    


AGENT                       Ford Figo, Grand i10  


VISITOR                    Ok


VISITOR                    So out of these 4 can u please let me know which one on top               


VISITOR                    And which one should I buy  


VISITOR                    And which is all over good      


AGENT                      We cannot say which car is best. No car is going to be perfect in all sense. The Ford Figo is the newest car here, and though it looks attractive. Furthermore, Figo is the best-built car here. It has a toughness none of the other cars in its class can match. We’ve seen so many Hyundai car designs. So, look wise, i would go with Ford Figo. Space: the Ford also has plenty of space on the inside compared to others. While the Bolt feels wider at the front and the Hyundai has a fraction more legroom,


VISITOR                    Ok and what about the performance


AGENT                       Performance                Grand i10, Smooth on roads, even while cornering and good mileage


VISITOR                    Ok Cool          


VISITOR                    Thanks