Swift, Grande Punto, I20 or Swift Dzire Vdi Which is Best for me?

Hatchback being compared to a sedan, probably because all of them lie almost too close to each other in terms of price. For a customer the pocket depth decides the car to be bought in India mostly

Best Diesel Hatchback/Sedan in india for 7 lakhs?

I am planning to change my car, and my budget is 7 lakhs, and i will have this car for next 4-5 years, and i am looking for a diesel version. i have shortlisted swift,fiat grande punto,i20 or swift dzire vdi. do help me.

Swift, Grande Punto, I20 or Swift Dzire Vdi Which is Best for me?

Let me try to answer for each car – This is going to be more qualitative, simply because out of the 3 cars in your consideration 2 fo them share their engine design and tech to a great extent they being Swift VDi and Grande Punto. However, they are mated to very different gears boxes, which does play a huge role in the car’s performance. Even the ECU mapping is different for both of them, but since both of them are from the same qudrajet family (named differently by them), the engine is super smooth and quite peppy, with absolutely delicious mileage figures. On teh Other hand Hyundai uses CRDI – slightly noisier than qudrajet, but has been its duty for Hyundai Diesel cars for many years.


Style – I20, followed by Swift and then Grande Punto – A distant third

Space – Swift (particularly the height gives a feeling of openness), i20 and Punto matched

Maintenance – i20 (Easy to get parts , slightly lower cost), Swift, Punto – Going to kill and parts could be an issue mainly because volume is not there

Resale – Swift and i20 will go head to head, Punto actually could be a problem

I would go for swift, but then waiting could kill me. And because of that, one does not get good discounts on this car, and one has to buy almost at MRP price, other 2 have some offers which makes their entry cost slightly more bearable


Comparison: Grand i10 vs Figo, July 8 2016.

AGENT                                                                  hello how can we help      


VISITOR                                                                good afternoon


AGENT                                                                  Hello         


VISITOR                                                                i want to buy a new car in a budget of 6L  


VISITOR                                                                I have shortlisted i10, Grand i10,  


AGENT                                                                  Sure any shortlists              


VISITOR                                                                and also Ford Figo               


AGENT                                                                  and what is your concern 


VISITOR                                                                my main concern i s low maintenance economic car           


AGENT                                                                  are you looking at diesel or petrol               


VISITOR                                                                petrol       


AGENT                                                                  ok ..is your main concern maintenance and economy only              


VISITOR                                                                ya its main concern             


AGENT                                                                  which city friend  


VISITOR                                                                Nagpur     


AGENT                                                                  Ford has been working aggressively in bringing down servicing cost           


AGENT                                                                  however amongst option and on lines of your concern we would give slight advantage to Hyundai                                                              


VISITOR                                                                okk             


AGENT                                                                  Grand i10....i10 is old tech and we would recommend Grand in case budget not a concern...should enjoy better resale too  


VISITOR                                                                okk             


AGENT                                                                  hope we have been able to answer your concern


VISITOR                                                                yes             


AGENT                                                                  all the best for your new wheels  


VISITOR                                                                thank you


Comparison: Tiago vs Grand i10 vs Baleno, May 4, 2016.

VISITOR                                                      Can i buy Tiago               


VISITOR                                                      which car i should buy between Tiago, Grand I10 and Baleno   


VISITOR                                                      Really confused             


VISITOR                                                      But i liked Tiago..but only thing is Brand Tata   


AGENT                                                        Actually speaking Baleno is the odd car out from your set          


AGENT                                                        to some extent even Grand i10 is not comparable         


AGENT                                                        Tiago looks good, but it does come with Tata Badge plus there are still some fit and finish issue inside the car                                         


VISITOR                                                      My budget is 6.5 lacs which one should i buy? 


AGENT                                                        And which City are you from    


VISITOR                                                      Pune   


AGENT                                                        Have you test driven all the cars             


VISITOR                                                      my yes


AGENT                                                        what has been your experience during test drive, maybe we can discuss that and come to some conclusion                                               


VISITOR                                                      i like all 3cars cars..i liked the most is Tiago because i get 5.54 top model           


VISITOR                                                      but all my family members and Relatives says no any Tata car...what do you suggest   


AGENT                                                        I am just looking at Grand i10 Vs Tiago for your budget, which I presume is on road       


VISITOR                                                      yes will i get good resale value for that..and usually all Tata cars after 2 yesar or so become really                                                                     


AGENT                                                        For your budget you get XT of Tiago and Magna of Grand i10     


AGENT                                                        INter Dimensionally they are nearly equal        


AGENT                                                        I am working towards that         


VISITOR                                                      ya i know...can you pls tell me Tiago or Grand i10           


AGENT                                                        Tata Cars are costly to maintain and yes there is a perception of poor resale    


VISITOR                                                      ok..thanks          


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  • Can you specifically suggest between i20 diesel or swift dzire diesel. my monthly drive is approx 700km. which vehicle is better.
    Parimi (1) reply