Swift Dzire Vs Ford Fiesta Classic, Which one?


Maruti Suzuki Vs Ford or Swift Dzire Vs Fiesta Classic, two competent cars from reliable manufacturers, difficult choice, but then this is always the case, whilst www.ecardlr.com do not proclaim to be the last word, but basis our experience of the Industry, we do try to give our opinion, we would still like all our car buyers to take their own decision basis their requirement from a car and use our inputs only as suggestions.


I had finalized on Swift dzire VXI , then someone recommended me Ford Fiesta Classic Lxi ....Now i am confused , but for me value for money and running cost is important ..need yr advise urgently

Swift Dzire Vs Ford Fiesta Classic, Which one?

Since your question pertains to petrol cars, we will assume you have done your homework regarding petrol vs diesel advantages and disadvantages. Having said that settling for a petrol car in an environment where every other car buyer is going for diesel is a sensible decision and speaks of your practical approach to car buying.

Without doubt both are competent cars and the choice then moves away from the tangible cars to more qualitative factors and as per us these are:

Heritage – Maruti Suzuki cars are perceived to be far more reliable and trustworthy that any car other manufacturer in India. Therefore if you are looking for long term mental peace of mind you will not go wrong with Maruti Suzuzki cars and in your case it’s the Swift Dzire

Service – In terms of Service reach, convenience and cost, Dzire will definitely outscore Ford Fiesta Classic

Resale Value – Here too Dzire will have an upper hand, however the only point to ponder is the fact that petrol cars per say do not have any resale value today, thanks to fuel prices. Having said that, whatever may be the situationin future,  dzire will still fetch a better price than Fiesta Classic

Car Age – Dzire with its recent upgrades will age less then Ford Fiesta classic which is already close to a decade old design. This impacts resale value

Car Design – Not many like dzire’s shape, but it’s a great value buy, Fiesta Classic too falls in the same value bracket. In your case you are comparing a higher variant of Dzire with lower variant of Fiesta, this means you will more creature comfort in the Dzire. You can visit the link for more details - http://www.ecardlr.com/NewCar/ComparefeaturesandSpecifications/Maruti-Suzuki/New-Swift-Dzire/New-Swift-Dzire-VXi-vs-Ford/Fiesta/Fiesta-1.6-EXI.aspx

Driving Pleasure – Ford cars always are known for their drive quality and Fiesta is no less in this department. The 1.6 engine under Fiesta’s hood is a dream drive. Dzire however, does show some roll on turns thanks to its tall body structure, may not be obvious to common man, but those who love driving and love to get into corners a little hard, will definitely feel it

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  • Hi, I want to add few points on this, the above points are good but now generation is changing points like good resale value, mileage, less service charges are all old points which i have seen when my dad used to talk during 80's and 90's, but now a days we look for comfort, pride, good interior space & boot space, classy looks, engine performance, speed, etc. we can add on.

    For the new points i would suggest Ford Classic is the best with 1.6 lt engine, grand looks, 430 lt boot space, excellent music system punching bass & Treble were you wont go any other powerful music system and with blue tooth connectivity, awesome leg room, bottle holder's at rear and two in front doors. I own this vehicle for past 1 year wonderful performance safe, stability comfort and good Air conditioning and good mileage. And service is getting better. For Rs 6.20 lakh it is best and value for money.

    karthik s reply