Is Swift VDi Diesel Better than Micra XV Diesel

For most car manufacturer planning to establish themselves in the Indian premium hatch segment, they all have to pass the Swift test, whether they like it or not. Nissan Micra too has to stand-up and be counted against the Swift. 

Need to buy a car, which one is better compared to Swift VDi and Micra XV diesel.

Is Swift VDi Diesel Better than Micra XV Diesel

Both cars are priced quite evenly. With Micra being cheaper by just Rs.3000. Does Micra have in it to beat India's most favoured premium hatchback Swift. Let's evaluate.

Engine and Performance

Swift's 16V 1.3 Ltr Mulitjet engine would be far more refined as against 8V dci 1.5 Litre engine of the Micra VX diesel.

Even though the Swift Mulitjet is just 1.3 litre engine, it delivers more peak rated power of 75 Ps Vs 64 Ps of Micra, even the rated torque of 190 Nm of Swift is 30 Nm more than the Micra.

It seems Micra's engine has been re-tuned to compromise performance in favour of fuel efficiency, which at 23.08 KMPL ARAI figures is just marginally ahead of Swift's 22.8 KMPL of Swift ARAI mileage.

As stated above Swift's is a far better than Micra when it comes to performance. Swift clocks 0-60 KMPH is just 5.3 secs Vs Micra's 6.03 secs and with a 0-100 KMPH dash figure of 13.65 secs Swift is more than 2 secs faster than the MIcra Diesel.


Both Swift VDI and Micra XV diesel offers all door power windows, electrically assisted power steering, manual AC, central locking, Mchpherson strut in the front with torsion bean in the rear suspension, Electrically adjustable ORVM's with Swift offering turn indicators in them. Micra however offers a category first Push Button Start in the XV diesel variant.

In terms of safety features Micra offers front Dual SRS airbags which are absent in the Swift VDi, rest of safety features are evenly matched like: security alarm, rear wiper, brake assist and EBD

Basis features and specifically due to the Push Button Start and dual airbags features, Micra might just have a slight edge over the Swift.

Comfort of Space

Whilst Swift is longer and wider by 70 mm and 30 mm respectively over the Micra, however the Micra matches Swift's height and offers 20 mm more cabin space thanks to a wheelbase of 2450 Vs Swift's wheel base of 2430 Mm.

Basis these figures one would again have to do a toss-up between the Swift and Micra.

Our Recommendation

Swift for those seeking a great driver's diesel car, trust of a long existing car manufacturer with nationwide service  reach, expected lower cast of spares and current premium hatchback buyers favourite in India.

Micra for those seeking safety, wanting to experiment and does not travel far beyond the radius of a metro city or at least a Class 1 Urban city.

Do note that one should decide on one's car basis its need to oneself. Treat our suggestion as indicative only and not a final decision. Do test drive both cars before deciding on either one of them


Comparison: Micra vs Swift, August 30 2016.

VISITOR                                                              which car would be the best under 7 lakh?


AGENT                                                                Afternoon


AGENT                                                                It will be a big list, let’s narrow it down to a manageable number please


VISITOR                                                              With maximum features??


AGENT                                                                I am sorry but will have to help me with some model names pls


VISITOR                                                              Renault Pulse / Tata Tiago / Swift / Nissan Micra??


AGENT                                                                From the list whilst you will get max features in your budget in Tiago, I will not consider it because it comes with Tata related issues on service and resale


AGENT                                                                Pulse and Micra can be looked at being new design and basis looks between the two I will be in favour if the Micra


AGENT                                                                Swift the old horse, still popular, but if you are looking at new contemporary design then avoid


AGENT                                                                I have heard good views on Micra by current owners plus its Automatic is available at great price which has some real decent features


VISITOR                                                              ok.


VISITOR                                                              Which car would you prefer under that budget?


AGENT                                                                My choice seems quite obvious, basis looks and CVT automatic of Micra


VISITOR                                                              I mean apart from the list I have given.


AGENT                                                                However, Micra and pulse is not very popular car therefore resale could be an issue


AGENT                                                                No I think i could settle for Micra


AGENT                                                                however, if one still has to look at options then current market favourites like Baleno and i20 would definitely be there in my list


VISITOR                                                              Baleno is a bit expensive..


VISITOR                                                              i20 as well..


AGENT                                                                Then look at Micra and Swift, test drive both cars and go for the one you likemost during test drive


VISITOR                                                              Which would be the best in terms of performance and least maintenance cost??


AGENT                                                                On maintenance - Swift


AGENT                                                                Performance wise I think both could be comparable


VISITOR                                                              Ok, thank you so much for your feedback and valuable time..


AGENT                                                                On performance Swift is at 9 Vs Micra CVT at 8


AGENT                                                                these are autocar figures


VISITOR                                                               Thanks