Battle of SUV's and Customer Confusion

SUV's are being preferred for most top-end premium buyers an observation based on many queries for advice on SUV's . With growing comfort with 4 wheelers and frequent outstation short trips, size of car assuring safety seems to be coming at the forefront. However, SUV's being completely new breed for most car buyers in India therefore more confusion and  apprehensions.  

I am looking for an automatic preferably SUV. Fortuner is a good SUV but it is too bulky, looks big. In other automatic vehicles I have seen Koleos of Renault, liked it but I am not sure of service and cost of parts, not many cars on the road. Hv to take a call soon, from the above or any other suggestion please.

Battle of SUV's and Customer Confusion

SUV's are big, bulky and imposing, they are designed like that thanks to expected off-roading capabilities from them. Size = Presence and Presence = I have arrived statement, most SUV's are bought for precisely this reason. They help make and obvious statement of one's societal strata. Most women driver love these bulky cars thanks to them being seen as more safe to drive, driven by their size and high above the ground seating position. All in all Big Size is a territory must. You just can't avoid it.

In addition to the two SUV's mentioned by you, other options available are: Endeavour from Ford , CRV from Honda and Captiva from Chevrolet.

The easiest one to eliminate first is CRV - a petrol SUV and to top it a gas guzzler, Endeavour could go out next thanks to low power which makes getting up even on small footpaths a task for the vehicle.
Fortunner is current favourite and is bought precisely for it size, but then it's really bulky. With almost negligible to zero off roading done by many,  maybe one deserves a more dainty looking SUV which has size (for safety) and  car like driveability, design and features.

Koleos honestly fit s the bill bang on but yes if you drive beyond class 1 towns more often, service reach is a big hindrance.  You can seriously look at the Captiva. Used to be the flavour of the month not so long back, GMI has decent service reach, car is great to drive, automatic transmission if not the best, is quite decent and service cost could be manageable thanks to car manufacturer's desire to be seen as low on pocket post sales company.

Having said the above - look out for a SUV, which definitely has and Electronic Power Steering (EPS) and not Hydraulic Power Steering (HPS) as HPS tend be more heavier to drive therefore could be more tiring due to the vehicle bulk and weight.

Rear AC or second row cooling needs to be evaluated closely thanks to hot Indian summers and big cooling volume of these SUV's.

City driving and parking ease should be other factors for consideration. Parking ease can be evaluated basis Car's Turning Radius.

To sum-up, if Out fo city drive is limited - Koleos seems to be a good Option, Else Captiva, followed by Fortunner.

In all likely hood, with the price band of the vehicles under consideration - One can even evaluate the New X1, which has been given the right features inside and Specs under the hood to qualify for your pocket. Only downside, it's more a cross-over than a Real SUV. If you love SUV's and are ready to stretch, then nothing beats the Audi SUV range. Look at them, yes, but they will definitely stretch the budget. One would even recommend a decent less drive 2nd hand (if used cars are not a taboo) Q5m which could fit yoru pocket with a small stretch.