Skoda Superb Petrol or Diesel, Which One Should I Buy

Those who want to buy a Superb, as against cars from Audi, BMW or Mercedes as they are all very closely priced to the Superb. This simply means that the Superb buyers knows his cars well and does not follow marquee value blindly.

Superb Diesel Ambition or Petrol Elegance?

Skoda Superb Petrol or Diesel, Which One Should I Buy

Good car choice. Basis price details available with us the difference between the two is around Rs.1.05 lacs (Ex-showroom Dekhi) with diesel Superb obviously being more expensive. So we need to justify this increased price.

However, I believe on sheer driving pleasure. I would go for the 1.8 TFSi rocker which delivers a whopping 160 Ps power and 250 NM of torque. It's 26 kgs lighter than its diesel siblings, means power to weight ratio will be completely in favour of the petrol version, further adding to the initial kick if you are one of those who love to burn rubber. 0-100 in just 9.1 secs, makes it a clear 2.2 secs winner over the diesel version. Clearly my excitement is getting better of me. If you are one of us who love to drive rather than being driven and have a complete disregard to your pocket, then you need to go for the petrol version, added advantage would be the extra features you get with it.

Let's get down to brass tacks, the 1.8 is a gas guzzler at 13.02 of ARAI Vs 17 + Kmpl of diesel. This means more trip to the petrol pump. However, it comes with one additional gear i.e 7 DSG vs 6 in diesel car. Both gearbox comes with tiptronic manual gear shift options. Paddle shifts will also be common to both cars. However, diesel option comes with AWD option. Both cars are loaded, to say the least and there is no difference in terms of features between the two cars. They are ditto . Visit link below to study the features in detail


Essentially, it simply boils down to the fact, whether you are a petrol head or diesel lover. I will put my money on petrol Elegance, get my kicks and save also. Savings will help me feel better every time I visit the petrol pump. But, if petrol vs diesel skew continues the way it is, the only way one will be able to get rid of petrol Superb would be, either give it in charity or find another lover with equally deep pockets. Having said all this I believe you are one of those who might end up giving this car in charity in future, after having had your fun with it. Have Fun.