Skoda Rapid vs Etios - Which is better car?

Car comparison is tricky as on most occasion it transcends rational thought process. Subjectivity and peer approval play a major role. So could be the case between Skoda Rapid vs Etios - Which is better car? comparison. We at ecardlr.com basis our experience and basis cars details on paper do suggest our choice but would request you to make your own decision.

Between the Skoda Rapid and Toyota Etios which would be a good choice

Skoda Rapid vs Etios - Which is better car?

Our choice will be in favour of the Etios Diesel reasons for the same are:

1) A price advantage of almost 50 K to 80 K depending upon variants
2) Less Thirsty car - ARAI of close to 22 as compared to 15+ for Rapid
3) More spacious
4) Toyota Branding
5) Toyota Service reach
6) Toyota servicing cost are lower than Skoda cars service cost
7) Variant level feature comparison for the price paid goes in favour of the Etios

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Etios, September 26 2016.

VISITOR                                                            Hi    


AGENT                                                              Afternoon   


VISITOR                                                            Hi, good afternoon 


VISITOR                                                            I need a few suggestions for buying a new car           


AGENT                                                              what would these be             


VISITOR                                                            Actually I am looking for a Car with space, safety feature, and good engine with a decent mileage. Looking for petrol only. New Platinum Etios is in my mind and i kind of like Toyota. Getting confused with some negative reviews like shock handling, noise, vibration, and bad paint quality.           


AGENT                                                              I am honestly surprised, the car has just been launched, how one understands pain quality in 15 days. Plus have you test driven the car?               


VISITOR                                                            No the reviews were for the old models      


VISITOR                                                            and I guess only minimal changes are there in new one        


AGENT                                                              I think Toyota cars are good, they are known for long lasting engines and reliability               


AGENT                                                              Please test drive the car, ask for a longish drive and tick every item yourself, and to do that, follow these steps                                     


VISITOR                                                            k      


AGENT                                                              For shock-ups - you sit in the rear seat and ask the salesman to drive it over bumps and rough road at diff speeds, with windows rolled up and stereo switched off - hear the noise and also feel harshness on road bumps        


AGENT                                                              Space - its easy - get 5 people to sit along with you in the car at the showroom, you sit in the middle in the rear seat and experience how you feel. Check the headroom by just feeling the distance from top of your head to the roof                                                                  


AGENT                                                              Safety - you need at least front two airbags and ABS, then it should be alright for city drive


AGENT                                                              Features - dependent on the model you buy             


AGENT                                                              Mileage - subtract ARAI by 30% to get a good estimate of real life mileage  


AGENT                                                              Hope this helps        


VISITOR                                                            Thanks a lot,