S Cross Vs Ecosport Vs Brezza Vs Polo TSi Which is the best buy?

Buying your new car just becasue it's available at a great discount should not be the only reason for purchase. We at www.ecardlr.com believe that as one retains his/her cars for at least an average of 4 to 5 years, one needs to be really convinced of their purchase. Who Hindi mein khawat jo kuch is tareh hai 'Sasta Roye Bar Bar. Meghna Roye Ek Bar', that should not happen with your new car purchase.

Wanted to know the expert opinion on buying a 2015 model S-Cross 1.6 Delta with an offer around 1.5 lac in comparison with ford Eco sport or Brezza and even Polo GT TSI (I like its power, even though it is a smaller car). How would you compare these cars in terms of Performance, ride & handling and cost of ownership. I would really appropriate a quick reply, as the SCross offer is only for limited cars.

S Cross Vs Ecosport Vs Brezza Vs Polo TSi Which is the best buy?

The question you are seeking an answer to is whether the 1.5 lac discount justifies 2015 S Cross purchase. If that is so, then you need to base your decision after doing a complete and thorough maths. 

First and foremost there are rumours floating in the market that Maruti has refunded upto 80000 to all those who has bought the
S Cross recently. If true (check it in your city), then whatever price you are getting should be discounted by the amount refunded to previous buyers of S Cross.

Normally a 2015 model would get discounted by nearly 15-20% of it's price in Jan 2016 itself. Price prevailing in the manufacturing month should be taken as the base for discounting. Therefore the math you need to do is Rumoured discount + 15% Discount on price should be less than Rs.1.5 lacs being offered to you by the dealer today. If so, you can go ahead and buy it as S Cross as a car was pretty decent, it was basically a case of wrong pricing.

Within your basket for those who love to drive and enjoying the thrill of speed, then Polo fits the bill perfectly for its great power on tap and handling capabilities. But then this fun can also be experienced to a great extent from Ecosport too.
Polo TSi therefore is a complete indulgence.

The table gives comparative rating basis our test drive experience on cars in your consideration set. Do take it with a pinch of salt and use your discretion too as its based on one persons drive experience. But it could be a good basis for decision, in absence of anything else.




S Cross


Polo TSi

Style & Substance





Interiors & Ergonomics





Power Plant & Transmission





Ride & Handling










Fuel Efficiency





Value for Money





Hope you have got some directional inputs.




Comparison: S-Cross vs Baleno vs Ecosport vs Creta vs Brezza, March 11 2017.

VISITOR                              hi            


AGENT                                Evening


VISITOR                              we r from Chennai          


AGENT                                ok           


VISITOR                              need suggestion which car to buy            


VISITOR                              we liked s cross 


VISITOR                              but our usage is minimal only weekends we will take our car. is it good to go for diesel option or best to go for petrol variant Baleno   


VISITOR                              please advice     


VISITOR                              we went test drive for S Cross   


VISITOR                              since 9 years we are using WagonR          


VISITOR                              petrol    


VISITOR                              we need advice


AGENT                                A usage of less than 60-70 Kms/day means you should only buy the petrol power plant 


VISITOR                              ok           


VISITOR                              is Baleno petrol is good ji              


VISITOR                              actually we paid initial booking for S Cross            


VISITOR                              they said now diesel version are not like 10 yrs before not an issue it is crossover segment                                             


VISITOR                              you feel comfort              


VISITOR                              and all   


VISITOR                              now we got doubt when we discussed with friends and colleagues          


AGENT                                you should not pay more for diesel, you, don't need one              


VISITOR                              hmm     


VISITOR                              all interior and features are same as in S Cross in Baleno too        


AGENT                                whilst, many do not prefer, I personally like it because its a great value for money spacious car                                       


AGENT                                yes that's why I said great value for money          


VISITOR                              which car you are telling sir          


VISITOR                              great value for money   


AGENT                                S Cross  


VISITOR                              hmm yes             


VISITOR                              we also went for all other suv segment cars        


VISITOR                              Creta, Ecosport, Brezza 


AGENT                                Avoid Creta - EXpensive


VISITOR                              then we came to see S Cross, we liked  very much and impressed on test drive  


AGENT                                Brezza - apology of a SUV             


VISITOR                              and planned to go for zeta where all features are their  


VISITOR                              hmm     


AGENT                                Ecosport - Great looks, but good for 4    


VISITOR                              hence we proceeded, then when we come to usage wise            


VISITOR                              yes you r true ji 


VISITOR                              we also felt the same     


AGENT                                for you it has to be petrol             


VISITOR                              hmm     


VISITOR                              r you having S Cross ji     


AGENT                                no, i drive the Ecosport diesel    


VISITOR                              ok           


VISITOR                              is Baleno zeta or alpha petrol is good ji   


VISITOR                              actually i need good height of the vehicle             


AGENT                                zeta or alpha are variants             


VISITOR                              ppl are convincing us saying S Cross is next segment, why you want to go again hatchback, this vehicle is good weight and height and body of the vehicle is heavy 


VISITOR                              yes ji      


VISITOR                              i know   


VISITOR                              is Baleno good choice for petrol


VISITOR                              since we paid booking amt for S Cross we need to discuss with dealer for Baleno now    


VISITOR                              waiting period is high for Baleno


VISITOR                              i think except exterior body of the vehicle and wheel size bit high in S Cross but price diff 3.5 lacs for Baleno high end petrol and S Cross zeta variant 


AGENT                                do not bother about others, if you like the car you have booked and have test driven also, then ignore others       


VISITOR                              yes ji we liked everything             


AGENT                                then buy and enjoy        


VISITOR                              only thing we are worrying is for our usage, is diesel variant is good to proceed, since post buying we need to maintain      


VISITOR                              actually price of the vehicle also we liked my parents also came for test drive      


AGENT                                we have already discussed petrol vs diesel          


VISITOR                              hmm yes             


AGENT                                for your usage it has to be petrol              


VISITOR                              ok ji        


VISITOR                              thanks  


AGENT                                pleasure              


VISITOR                              happy weekend               


AGENT                                same to you and happy holi        


VISITOR                              happy holi to you too      

Brezza, November 4 2016.

VISITOR                                                        how is the performance....?


AGENT                                                          Of Brezza?


VISITOR                                                        yes


AGENT                                                          0-60 in 4.89 secs, 0-100 in 12.96 secs, these are Autocar figures


VISITOR                                                        ok


AGENT                                                          city real life mileage 15.3 Kmpl and Highway 18 Kmpl


VISITOR                                                        ok


AGENT                                                          These figures are for petrol cars


AGENT                                                          sorry Brezza is diesel figures


VISITOR                                                        is Jazz is better than Brezza..?


AGENT                                                          I would go with Brezza, great value for money car


VISITOR                                                        exactly


VISITOR                                                        what is the on-road price of Brezza..?


VISITOR                                                        price of Brezza..?


AGENT                                                          you can check approximate on road on our site for your city by clicking on check on road price


VISITOR                                                        ok thanks

Comparison: S-Cross vs Brezza vs Ecosport, August 29 2016.

AGENT                                                                Good Afternoon     


VISITOR                                                              I am planning to buy S Cross. But the sales in June is 110 and July is approx. 37o     


VISITOR                                                              earlier the car sold > 2000 in a month.          


AGENT                                                                I love car buyers in India, so much we all track         


AGENT                                                                so basis sales decline, your assumption is that Maruti might stop selling this car?  


AGENT                                                                am i correct              


VISITOR                                                              yes               


AGENT                                                                But do you like the car        


VISITOR                                                              yes i like the car as compare to Brezza         


AGENT                                                                and I would also add Baleno to the list        


AGENT                                                                I love this car, it’s only because we are looking at a 7 seater, and it goes out of our consideration set                                         


AGENT                                                                If you plan to buy the S Cross then only look at 1.6


VISITOR                                                              my budget is approx. 10 lac               


AGENT                                                                great car, great drive, looks big and more importantly feels solid too           


AGENT                                                                Have you test driven the S Cross    


VISITOR                                                              yes, considering 1.3 zeta    


AGENT                                                                Then I would not recommend it     


AGENT                                                                being a big slightly heavier car it needs a bigger engine      


VISITOR                                                              currently i have 1.10 hatchback car and want SUV look and specious car within 10 lac           


AGENT                                                                Have you looked at Ecosport            


AGENT                                                                petrol         


VISITOR                                                              my daily running is approx. 100 km and want diesel car       


AGENT                                                                ok, what about diesel          


VISITOR                                                              i also looking Brezza but booking is 6-7 months.     


AGENT                                                                My humble request is to try out the Ecosport diesel, i have been driving it for last 2 years and never been so happy, except rear seat  being ok for 2 people its a great car             


VISITOR                                                              ok, will test drive on Sunday            


AGENT                                                                ok let’s share notes post your test drive hopefully you won’t be disappointed        


VISITOR                                                              if i wait for Diwali season or December, should the company offer more discount.               


AGENT                                                                festive season does get you better offers, no harm in waiting they are round the corner   


VISITOR                                                              ok thanks  


AGENT                                                                pleasure     

Comparison: Brezza vs Creta, August 2 2016.

VISITOR                                                              Confused between Creta and Brezza


AGENT                                                                hi how can we help?


VISITOR                                                              Hi


VISITOR                                                              I have a lot of queries


AGENT                                                                yes sure


VISITOR                                                              I am confused between Creta top model petrol automatic and Brezza top model


VISITOR                                                              Top requirements are-


VISITOR                                                              1- features


VISITOR                                                              Passenger comfort


VISITOR                                                              And driving comfort


VISITOR                                                              please help


AGENT                                                                how much do drive average monthly


VISITOR                                                              Maybe around 100


VISITOR                                                              Km


AGENT                                                                is this mostly in city drive


VISITOR                                                              Yes


AGENT                                                                then you don’t need Brezza which is diesel and non-auto


VISITOR                                                              So should I go for Creta?


VISITOR                                                              Brezza is full of features which I love


VISITOR                                                              I want all the features to be in my car


VISITOR                                                              Creta doesn't have some features as compared to Brezza


AGENT                                                                which features you like more in Brezza


VISITOR                                                              Cruise control


AGENT                                                                Creta is decently loaded with most useful features...and has been winner of indian car of the year


VISITOR                                                              Cooled glove box


AGENT                                                                hmmm..


VISITOR                                                              Cruise control is a very good feature


AGENT                                                                honestly friend cruise control while initially looks exciting is hardly used after initial euphoria,even less in city drive


AGENT                                                                Indian roads hardly give that fun


AGENT                                                                am driving car with cruise control and after initial week hardly used feature unless am hitting highway


VISITOR                                                              Which car do u use?


AGENT                                                                multiple...currently Honda city auto


VISITOR                                                              I have 3 Honda city


VISITOR                                                              2v and 1 vx


AGENT                                                                super


VISITOR                                                              I love city


AGENT                                                                Creta should do fine for your purpose...if you like more utility space and drive comfort then stick to honda...which in this case will be BRV


AGENT                                                                we find a good product not understood by us


VISITOR                                                              BRV doesn't have any feature at all


AGENT                                                                and honda offer cvt auto


AGENT                                                                see all useful features are there in most cars...


VISITOR                                                              Not BRV


VISITOR                                                              I didn't like BRV


VISITOR                                                              So u are suggesting me to go for Creta


VISITOR                                                              Or any other car?


VISITOR                                                              Around 15 lakhs


AGENT                                                                yes


VISITOR                                                              A 7 seater would also do..


AGENT                                                                petrol we have options but Creta will rank better


AGENT                                                                test ride xuv if you like to and duster. post that come back when we can have discussion to help you close


AGENT                                                                all the best and happy  safe driving friend


VISITOR                                                              Wait for a while


VISITOR                                                              Please


VISITOR                                                              What about the new Cruze?


AGENT                                                                would not recommend...after sales concern. low resale...they are trying to make a comeback but still sometime


VISITOR                                                              So Brezza or Creta a final go


AGENT                                                                rest you can explore in case you like


AGENT                                                                Brezza doesn't fit your usage


AGENT                                                                diesel and non-auto and on wait


VISITOR                                                              I am getting Brezza on 8th August delivery


VISITOR                                                              Diesel doesn't matter


VISITOR                                                              Price isn't a concern


VISITOR                                                              Car should be good


AGENT                                                                best is to test ride both back to back and then go for car you like most...both are capable cars from trusted brands


VISITOR                                                              I like both


VISITOR                                                              That's y confuse me


AGENT                                                                our advice is Creta rest your decision


VISITOR                                                              Is Brezza a bad car compared to Creta


VISITOR                                                              Final say


AGENT                                                                overall Creta is better packaged product


VISITOR                                                              oh.. thanks                  


Comparison: Brezza vs Ecosport vs S-Cross, July 23 2016.

AGENT                                                                Good Afternoon     


VISITOR                                                              Which is better car, Ford,  Maruti Vitara breeza or S CROSS?             


VISITOR                                                              Good Afternoon     


VISITOR                                                              my driving is approx. 3000 per month          


AGENT                                                                So diesel   


VISITOR                                                              Budget is approx. 10 lac      


AGENT                                                                Ford is Ecosport ?  


VISITOR                                                              yes diesel 


VISITOR                                                              Ecosport, breeza or S-cross               


AGENT                                                                Basis Engine - Ecosport thanks to near zero diesel lag, means almost linear power delivery and great car to drive, not as noisy as Maruti diesel engine              


VISITOR                                                              i Want premium and specious car for long term      


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                I am just checking dimensions as space is your other requirement which is a problem for Ecosport in rear seat. It's the best 4 seater


VISITOR                                                              ok..              


AGENT                                                                S Cross with 2600mm Wheelbase as compared to 2520 mm & 2500 mm in Ecosport and Brezza get syou maximum cabin space             


AGENT                                                                however the problem with S Cross will be the small 1.3 litre negine            


VISITOR                                                              i think engine of breeza or s-cross is same.               


AGENT                                                                correct        


VISITOR                                                              ok thanks  


Comparison: Jazz vs Polo, July 23 2016.

VISITOR                                                                hi


VISITOR                                                                good afternoon


AGENT                                                                  To you too              


VISITOR                                                                good afternoon    


VISITOR                                                                i need one help    


AGENT                                                                  Lets me if I can really help               


AGENT                                                                  see             


VISITOR                                                                sir/madam, i am looking for a new car. tell me which car is best among NEW Honda JAZZ and NEW POLO GT TSI for a long drives(1200 km) and more durability( more than 10 years)      


AGENT                                                                  I don't understand durability question      


VISITOR                                                                long life   


VISITOR                                                                more than 10 years             


AGENT                                                                  All engines last long depends upon how much one abuses them 


VISITOR                                                                with regular maintenance               


AGENT                                                                  Qualitatively Toyota Engines are considered to be really long lasting - check out the old qualis still running strong                           


VISITOR                                                                i use nearly 7000km per year          


AGENT                                                                  So neither Polo nor Jazz should give you any problem, I have a city for last 7 years and that's running fine                                                      


VISITOR                                                                please tell me amount this 2 cars 


AGENT                                                                  I will go with Polo as its a more robust and fun car to drive              


VISITOR                                                                not amount it is among     


VISITOR                                                                what about Jazz? 


VISITOR                                                                vx mt         


AGENT                                                                  In terms of maintenance both would be equally damaging to the pocket 


VISITOR                                                                ho               


AGENT                                                                  Jazz personally to me is overpriced and with the 1.2 petrol under hood it may not be too much fun                                                            


VISITOR                                                                it is Polo gt tsi       


VISITOR                                                                7 speed    


AGENT                                                                  Go with Polo - 105 Ps power , 175 NM torque what a beast              


VISITOR                                                                Jazz has more space and less pickup           


AGENT                                                                  Obviously heavy car with lower power figures      


VISITOR                                                                both have their pro and cons         


AGENT                                                                  all of us have our strong and weak point so do cars             


VISITOR                                                                what is your finally answer sir ..based on my requirements ..        


AGENT                                                                  If you completely disregard cost of owning, maintaining and resale of your car and want to drive a real hot rod, then it has to be Polo


AGENT                                                                  If you want to follow main stream and are okay to compromise on performance - Jazz      


AGENT                                                                  Both are going to be equally difficult to sell later on          


AGENT                                                                  Polo any day          


VISITOR                                                                which among them has smooth petrol engine       


VISITOR                                                                no noise  


AGENT                                                                  all petrol engines are quite silent


VISITOR                                                                ok sir         


VISITOR                                                                thanks      


VISITOR                                                                a lot           


Comparison: Brezza vs S Cross, July 14 2016.

VISITOR                                                        Hi        


VISITOR                                                        I need to buy a car confused between breeze and S cross        


VISITOR                                                        Please help    


VISITOR                                                        Someone there            


VISITOR                                                        Hi


AGENT                                                          Hello 


AGENT                                                          look at S CROSS 1.6, with great discounts         


AGENT                                                          bigger car, more solid


AGENT                                                          not as practical as Brezza          


VISITOR                                                        If I go for1.3    


AGENT                                                          then the fun of driving goes out its a heavier car          


VISITOR                                                        Oh ok


VISITOR                                                        How much 1.6 is costing any idea         


AGENT                                                          may I request you to Visit our model page for price details     


VISITOR                                                        Ok      


AGENT                                                          you will get ex showroom price in your city and an approximate on rd price too           


VISITOR                                                        ok I understand. Thanks

Comparison: Baleno vs Vitara Brezza vs Swift vs Grand i10, April 25, 2016.

VISITOR                                                      i am from Chennai        


VISITOR                                                      i want to buy a new AMT hatchback car for my family   


VISITOR                                                      which is the best one for mileage and low maintenance            


VISITOR                                                      budget is up to 7-8 lakh              


AGENT                                                        AMT is the new animal               


AGENT                                                        Most of them would rarely have paid service figures, in absence of any such hard data - one would go with AMTs from Maruti as lowest to maintain     


VISITOR                                                      AMT is the right choice?             


AGENT                                                        Only one caveat while buy an AMT - buy the one with as big engine size, avoid anything below 1 litre engines                                           


AGENT                                                        AMTs are not true blue auto's  


AGENT                                                        but they do the job of automatic quite decently             


VISITOR                                                      if not AMT then your choice of best hatchback


AGENT                                                        Good options are            Swift, i20, Even Brezza should be a good option


VISITOR                                                      my opts are Baleno, grand i10, Wagon r              


AGENT                                                        Avoid WagonR - old outdated design, with time the car will age much faster therefore low resale                                                                     


AGENT                                                        Between Grand i10 and Baleno - incomparable cars - I will go with Baleno - new car, new design and pretty decent space wise         


AGENT                                                        I agree even grand i10 is a good option when looked at from the eyes of low maintenance cost                                                                     


VISITOR                                                      as this is my first car so that i am confusing to choose a right car for my family 


VISITOR                                                      how about KUV 100      


AGENT                                                        Go with Baleno - you won’t; go wrong with it   


AGENT                                                        In my opinion no KUV100 - much smaller car and Mahindra cars are known for their high maintenance cost                                 


VISITOR                                                      Swift Dzire        


AGENT                                                        Must say, we are going all over the place and that's what causes confusion and if you opening the compact sedan space, then Dzire in my mind has same problem like WagonR         


VISITOR                                                      ok         


VISITOR                                                      so choice is Baleno, Swift and grand i10 with manual transmission        


VISITOR                                                      40-50 kms a day...petrol or diesel          


AGENT                                                        have you test driven these cars              


AGENT                                                        at your consumption, only petrol           


VISITOR                                                      i driven Swift and grand 10        


VISITOR                                                      not yet Baleno


AGENT                                                        drive Baleno    


AGENT                                                        what has been your experience on test driven Swift and grand i10        


VISITOR                                                      compared with i10 Swift is more easy and convenient to drive


AGENT                                                        It's ride quality should also be better   


VISITOR                                                      thank u                

Vitara Brezza, March 29, 2016.

VISITOR                                                      I want purchase new car


AGENT                                                        Any model or budget in mind


VISITOR                                                      Maruri Vitara Brezza


AGENT                                                        ok


AGENT                                                        what would you like to know from us?


VISITOR                                                      I want know about everything about it


AGENT                                                        I will buy the Brezza foe its space


AGENT                                                        Best in class cabin


AGENT                                                        High ARAI mileage of 24.3 KMPL


AGENT                                                        Brezza is an everyday practical car


VISITOR                                                      Thanks