Renault Captur vs Hyundai Creta: Which one you should buy?

Renault upcoming Captur is aiming for luxury compact SUV space. We pitted it against the segment king Creta to find out which one is better?

Renault Captur vs Hyundai Creta: Which one you should buy?

Renault Captur vs Hyundai Creta: Which one you should buy?

The Indian subsidiary of French automaker Renault has recently launched its premium Captur SUV in India at starting price of Rs 9.99 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Captur has many rivals to face in the Indian market though primarily it’s up against the Hyundai Creta which is currently ruling the roost of the SUV category. In this comparison test, we pit both of these SUVs against each other to find which one deserves your hard earned money more.

Design, Space and interiors

Both Captur and Creta are unique in their own terms and you cannot mistake one for another. The newest kid on the block, Renault Captur is unlike anything we have witnessed on Indian roads. Its unique and contemporary styling is sure to find favor with the customers just like Hyundai managed to do with its Creta SUV.



Renault Captur

Hyundai Creta


4333 mm

4270 mm


1813 mm

1780 mm


1613 mm

1630 mm


2673 mm

2590 mm

Ground Clearance

210 mm

190 mm

Fuel-tank capacity




Renault captur is the longer, wider, and more importantly comes with longer wheelbase and higher ground clearance for better off-roading experience. Hyundai Creta, on the other hand, is taller among the two and has got more dominating stance on the road. We also find that overall styling and sophistication is higher in case of Creta though Captur gain prominence owing to its newness factor. 

Engine, Transmission, and Fuel-efficiency

Renault Captur has got two engine choices - a 1.5-liter petrol and a 1.5-liter diesel motor. The power output is almost same for both petrol and diesel but when it comes to torque, the diesel has a considerable advantage over the petrol. In terms of gearbox, we have diesel engine mated with 6-speed manual transmission and petrol Captur employing 5-speed manual gearbox with no automatic option for now. Hyundai Creta triumphs over the Captur in terms of sheer choice of engine option and gearbox but more importantly, it has got better performance up its sleeve, both on highway and in the city. The lag in diesel is almost similar though the top-end performance of Hyundai Creta aspire more confidence than the Captur.  


Renault Captur

Hyundai Creta

Engine Displacement

1.5-liter Petrol/1.5-liter Diesel

1.6-liter Petrol/1.4-liter diesel/1.6-liter diesel


106 bhp/110 bhp

123 bhp/90bhp/128 bhp


142 Nm/245 Nm

151 Nm/220 Nm/260 Nm


5-Speed manual/6-Speed manual

6-Speed manual/6-Speed Automatic

Fuel efficiency

12 kmpl/17 kmpl

15.29 kmpl/21.38 kmpl/19.67 kmpl (MT) – 17.01 kmpl (AT)


Further, the Creta can be had in both manual and automatic transmission which is another plus in its Kitty. Even in the department of fuel efficiency, Hyundai Creta tops the list with its 1.4-liter diesel engine returning 19.67 kilometres to a litre.

Price and value for money

The prices of Renault Captur ranges between Rs 9.99-14.06 lakh and it has really done a good job in matching the Creta’s pricing as Hyundai has also started Creta range from Rs 9.99 lakh. The top variant of Creta is retailed at Rs 14.55 lakh which is around 50k more than the Captur highest trim. So, in this very particular case, we don’t expect the price to be a deciding factor and thus, this battle depends heavily on the other parameters. One thing that is going in favor of Renault Captur is its form factor and the newness aspect is going to be a big draw for this French flair. However, look closely and you’ll find deep under the skin the things are loud, glossy, and of mediocre quality.  The sophistication that we have come to expect from the SUVs nowadays is missing in the Renault Captur and that’s exactly where Hyundai Creta scores tremendously. It may lacks in the newness and feels a bit familiar but then you can’t mistake it on quality, sophistication, and fit and finish. So if you are looking for some aesthetic pleasure with lot of zing and glamour, Renault Captur ticks all the boxes otherwise as a sound, competitive, and handsome package, we think the Hyundai Creta is still unbeatable.



Renault Captur

Hyundai Creta

Ex-showroom, Delhi

Rs 9.99-14.06 lakh (estimated)

Rs 9.9-14.5 lakh