Which is a better buy between Polo Diesel Vs iGen I20 Diesel Vs Micra Diesel?


Diesel cars are current favourites of Indian car buyers, has to be, thanks to ever increasing prices of petrol. More so today, when petrol prices are expected to go up further by another Rs.5. What should be heartening for Nisaan is getting the Micra in the competing set against iGen i20 and Polo Diesel.  iGen I20 and Polo diesel should be thrilled to see that consumers are creating comparative set without Maruti Swift Diesel.


i 20 diesel or Polo diesel or Micra diesel? all basic models comparison. Please suggest. monthly running 1500 kms. Looking for mileage.

Which is a better buy between Polo Diesel Vs iGen I20 Diesel Vs Micra Diesel?

Without doubt a worthy competing set, each car on their own is a deserving candidate for your wallet. having said that, if one was simply comparing the three on Mileage, other things being equal, then we would recommend Micra Diesel XV.

ARAI Mileage for these cars are, 23.08 Kmpl, 22.1 Kmpl and 21.93 Kmpl for Micra Diesel, Polo diesel and iGen I20 Diesel respectively.

However, on other qualitative factors like service cost, ease of service, resale value and car styling, our recommendation would be; iGen I20 followed by Polo followed by Micra.

Having said that, choose the one which cuits you the most as all of them fall in similar price range and are all equally competent options.

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