i20 and Ertiga which performs better?

Car performance being compared for a premium hatchback (i20) with a MUV (Ertiga). A comparison which will make Maruti smile as Ertiga seems to be getting into a premium hatchback car buyers consideration set.


Performance comparison between i20 and Ertiga?


i20 and Ertiga which performs better?

Indian car buyers are definitely really maturing really fast. performance based comparison between i20 a premium hatchback and Ertiga a MUV is an indication of Indian car buyers comfort with cars and choices being driven by their needs rather than following the herd.

Performance figures for Petrol version of i20 and Ertiga both cars are:

PERFORMANCE                        i20                                Ertiga

                                     18.2 Kmpl                          16.02 Kmpl

CITY MILEAGE                      11.2 Kmpl                          10.2 Kmpl

HIGHWAY MILEAGE             16 Kmpl                             14.8 Kmpl

OVERALL MILEAGE              13.6 Kmpl                          12.5 Kmpl

0-100 KMPH                         15.21 secs                         13.56 Secs

0-60 KMPH                           
6.2 Secs                             5.56 Secs

BRAKING 80-0                     
27.83 Mts                           28.96 Mts