So Difficult to Chose from a Set of Premium Hatchbacks

Comparing Swift, Polo, Figo and i20 in Indian car market is like comparing the best from teh lot of all premium hatchbacks available in India. It ultimately just boils down to some specific feature requirement and depth of one's pocket.

Which is the best diesel hatchback car that I can buy?

My key needs are good mileage, comfort and driveability features, Power Windows on all doors a must. My shortlisted options are New Swift, Polo, i20, Figo. Figo though does not have power windows in rear doors. Please advice.

So Difficult to Chose from a Set of Premium Hatchbacks

A diesel hatch with power windows on all doors ensures that one automatically gets top-end variants of all models in his/her consideration set. These come with a pretty hefty price tag and I am sure that you are prepared for such a proposition.

Comfort is defined by the space inside the car, unfortunately most hatches are quite inadequate in the rear for 3 and this gets further diluted by downward sloping roof in case of Figo and Polo which compromises the rear headroom. Polo unfortunately also has a low ingress (entry) which makes getting in and out of the car that much more difficult.

The only car which offers great comfort in terms of rear space is The Vista, followed by the Swift a distant second. Visit www.ecardlr.com for details on headroom, legroom and shoulder room inside a car.

Mileage – Most diesel car are not gas guzzlers, however for comparison you can check ARAI mileage figures in our new car module.

Driveability – Completely an individual’s choice, one way to differentiate driveability as an everyday driver and not a car expert is to check which car tires you the most after driving similar distance in each of them. That car model or make should be avoided. Another way of checking driveability is to notice how many down and up-shift of gears is required in similar city traffic. On this front Swift scores quite well. The car that inspires most confidence in cornering will also score high on driveability.


Comparison: Polo vs Elite i20, February 17 2017.

AGENT                                                        Afternoon         


VISITOR                                                      good afternoon              


VISITOR                                                      i am in a big confusion to choose a car between VW Polo allstar diesel and Hyundai Elite i20 crdi asta.. which one is good?                  


AGENT                                                        when it comes to diesel tech, it's difficult to beat cars from VW             


AGENT                                                        their diesel depict least diesel lag thus delivering a more smoother power output       


AGENT                                                        Plus basis anecdotal information most owners of Polo speak highly of its ride quality and feeling of being cocooned inside strong safety cage           


VISITOR                                                      well that said diesel is awesome from VW.. on the other side features were not so keen important to me but recent special edition Polo allstar comes with front arm rest and rear ac vents and 5" touchscreen infotainment system like i20                                       


AGENT                                                        The only problem with VW in India is maintenance cost, parts issues and low resale    


VISITOR                                                      ive already booked the Polo all-star diesel version.. my parents are beginning to worry about the spare parts that costs and even the maintenance..               


AGENT                                                        they have valid concerns           


VISITOR                                                      yes me too       


VISITOR                                                      so suggest me is the Elite i20 will do for us?     


AGENT                                                        more than maintenance cost I think parts and low resale could be bigger worry, as I believe even Elite i20 could be decently expensive to maintain


AGENT                                                        not as high as Polo but still       


AGENT                                                        decision in favour of Elite i20 is no brainier because of its popularity, drop dead looks, Hyundai and decent resale value                    


AGENT                                                        but CRDI's diesel lag takes the fun out of driving            


AGENT                                                        personally speaking, If it's more for self-indulgence then Polo else Elite i20 any day    


AGENT                                                        safer bet            


VISITOR                                                      but VW Polo services are really poor as I’ve heard from my friends.. how is the resale value of i20?                                                             


AGENT                                                        I agree on Polo service, and I believe I have already answered on resale value of Elite i20. it will be better than Polo any day even after 5 years       


VISITOR                                                      that’s decent then..      


AGENT                                                        yes       


VISITOR                                                      okay i will check on Hyundai i20 today..              


VISITOR                                                      i've driven Polo its on par with any diesel of its rival still i will take test drive of i20      


AGENT                                                        do that, makes sense   


VISITOR                                                      thank you for all the information           


AGENT                                                        pleasure