New Ford Fiesta vs Maruti Dzie, which one is better?


Ford Vs Maruti Suzuki, for most Indian car buyers the choice is quite obvious, however, those who love to be in the driving seat, knows what Ford cars have to offer to them. Ford is a path that's less taken, whilst Maruti has no such issues. The answer to teh question of New Ford Fiesta Vs Maruti Dzire therefore boils down to the car buyers mindset.


Confused between new Ford Fiesta and New Maruti Dzire. Pls opine and suggest

New Ford Fiesta vs Maruti Dzie, which one is better?

New Ford Fiesta can very easily be termed as a drivers car, refined quite engine eager to please always, great handling characteristics and loaded with features, some of them being; Voice control, bluetooth, great music system. However, what goes against it is it's pricing, which we believe is way to high and service cost (which unfortunately could be more of a perception issue) which most car buyers in India believe to be on higher side.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire, whilst has competent multi-jet DDiS engine under its hood, its shape, material inside the car are not liked by everyone. The car enjoys long waiting list and we believe its all thanks it being from Maruti and great pricing, which makes the Dzire a great buy.

So if you a car enthusiast - Fiesta should be your choice or else Maruti Dzire is a safe bet, provided you are ready to wait.