Compare and suggets between Micra, Liva VSP and Liva Sportivo

Toyota's entry in premium hatchback segment was not easy thanks to Liva being just too bland for Indian premium hatchback buyers. Micra on the other hand had good opening thanks to its cute looks and great driveability. If only Nissan gets its service reach correct, Micra does have promise.



I am planning to buy a new car which will mostly be used in the city for about 600 kms a month. Occasional long trips to ancestral village also will be there. I have short listed Liva VSP or TRD Sportiva and New Nissan Micra CVT. Which one should I go for? The cost of Sportiva in Kochi is Rs 7.12 lakh and Micra CVT Rs 7.34 lakh. Will the low GC of 154 mm of Micra be a concern?



Compare and suggets between Micra, Liva VSP and Liva Sportivo

You are comparing Micra with automatic transmission with manual transmission of Toyota Etios. With your monthly travel of not more than 600 Km, you can go for a manual transmission even for Micra. This will save you money, plus it will be an apple to apple comparison.

Your village travel is the only reason one would suggest the Etios obviously the Sportiva because it has some more feature. Ground clearance of 154 mm sure would be a problem in your village and I am equally sure the same would be the case with large city speed breakers. Another reason you being the service reach, which between the two could be weaker for Nissan, being a new entrant to Indian car market, even though, one does expect Toyota to be equally sparse in service reach in the  interiors of India.

Micra has been in India for over 2 years now and over this time period one has not heard any major negative points. The variant you are looking for is fully loaded and in sheer looks terms its far better than the more safe and sedate Etios.

With automatic air-conditioning, dual airbags and other equally attractive features Micra comes across as more value for money, but alas, the ground clearance.

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