Which is better between Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Toyota Etios?


Comparison between a Sedan the Toyota Etios and a MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga.Indian car buyers do see value immediately and are quite open minded when it comes to expanding the buying basket. Ertiga Vs Etios is a proof of this mindset


Plz anyone tell me which car i should purchase in 7-8 Lac Rs.range.which will be better in between Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Toyota Etios ??

Which is better between Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Toyota Etios?

These two are uncomparable cars at least technically. However, since they fall in an almost similar price bracket most consumer do compare them.

in design terms ETIOS is a sedan (3 Box car or car with a Dicky), whilst Ertiga is an MPY Or Multi Purpose Vehicle. Dimensionally and visually Ertiga looks bigger than the Etios, it come with 2 additional seats and can be made to serve the purpose of carrying load by folding all rear seats which creates a luggage space of almost 1100 CC +.

The other advantage of the Ertiga is its compactness which is a measure of its overall length and turning radius. In terms of drive-ability Ertiga drives like a car.

What could against it are some future launches like: The Mini Xylo which is expected to start at around 5.50 to 6 lacs for diesel, the Chevrolet Enjoy (MPV) which can also be attractively priced, not to forget economy SUV's from Ford and Renault.

Pls click on the link or copy paste the same in a browser to get comparative details between Etios and Ertiga.


However, if you do go for Ertiga, then at least select the Middle variant which is VXI for Petrol and VDI for diesel, the reason for the same is the second row AC vents which becomes a necessity for a car of this size


Comparison: Lodgy vs Ertiga, July 13 2016.

VISITOR                                                                  hi sir        


VISITOR                                                                  i want to purchase new car           


AGENT                                                                    Good Afternoon


VISITOR                                                                  good afternoon sir            


VISITOR                                                                  can you help to select my new car?           


AGENT                                                                    lest work on this together             


VISITOR                                                                  ok             


VISITOR                                                                  i want to purchase between Renault Lodgy and Maruti Ertiga       


VISITOR                                                                  can you suggest me who is best for me? 


VISITOR                                                                  i need 7 seater car             


AGENT                                                                    OK, two different cars and very diff price points 


AGENT                                                                    If 7 seater is key consideration then Ertiga is an apology 


AGENT                                                                    lets looks at the dimensions        


VISITOR                                                                  and lacks of the Renault Lodgy    


VISITOR                                                                  ?


VISITOR                                                                  can you suggest me?        


AGENT                                                                    I am just looking at figures particularly cabin space as that should be key purchase criteria                                                                                 


VISITOR                                                                  suggest me the lacks of Lodgy car?            


VISITOR                                                                  like resale             


VISITOR                                                                  maintenance       


VISITOR                                                                  to compare Ertiga              


AGENT                                                                    what's the fun of having a car that does not have required space               


AGENT                                                                    whilst Ertiga will definitely be lower in maintenance cost and maybe get higher resale, but then if its not good for 7 why buy it         


VISITOR                                                                  in my family have 6 members      


VISITOR                                                                  if six can sit easily then no issue with Ertiga          


AGENT                                                                    Lodgy offers around 70 mm more cabin space      


VISITOR                                                                  ok             


VISITOR                                                                  but price high to compare Ertiga 


VISITOR                                                                  and average also down to compare Ertiga              


VISITOR                                                                  resale also down               


AGENT                                                                    yes that's true, that's what I had written first thing            


VISITOR                                                                  maintenance also high    


VISITOR                                                                  ok understand me             


AGENT                                                                    So now you key requirements becomes, resale and maintenance, basis these Ertiga should be your first choice                                          


VISITOR                                                                  ok sir       


VISITOR                                                                  thanks sir              


AGENT                                                                    may I ask you question   


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