Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City vs New Vento vs Rapid vs Verna

Japanese Auto Giant and India’s largest car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India’s latest launch Maruti Ciaz’s at INR 6.99 lakhs, ex-showroom, New Delhi, spec sheet comparative analysis with its rivals Honda City, New Vento, Rapid and Verna.

What is the Comparetive Model of Maruti Ciaz

Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City vs New Vento vs Rapid vs Verna
Recently, Maruti launched the Ciaz with prices starting at INR 6.99 lakhs, ex-Showroom, New Delhi. Here’s the spec sheet comparison of the Ciaz with its rivals.
Though the Linea is the longest car in this class, the Ciaz has the longest wheel base at 2,650 mm while the Linea, City and Sunny take respective second and third positions with their 2,603 mm and 2,600 mm wheelbases. The Vento and the Rapid have the least at 2,552 mm. 
Clearly, Maruti has given the Ciaz generous proportions as the sedan gets a class leading width of 1,730 mm (same as that of Linea) and the City and Sunny which measure 1,695 mm in this department are the narrowest cars. Maximum boot space can be found in the City and Ciaz which can eat up 510 litres worth luggage.
The 1.3 litre Fiat Multijet engine in the Ciaz makes the least amount of power and torque in this segment. On the other side, the    Verna’s 1.6 litre unit makes a class leading 128 PS and 265 Nm followed by 1.5 litres VW engine making 105 PS and 250 Nm under the hoods of the Vento and Rapid.
The Verna and the City come standard with a 6-speed manual transmission and the rest get a 5-speed box. The Rapid, Vento and Verna are the only cars here to offer an automatic transmission. A modern 7-speed DSG is found in the Rapid and Vento and the Verna can be had with a conventional 4-speed automatic.
The Ciaz is the most fuel efficient of the lot at 26.21 Km/l followed closely by the City’s 26 Kmpl.
Once again, the Ciaz is the least powerful car of the lot thanks to its 1.4 litre K-Series engine whereas the Verna continues to hold on to its title of the most powerful (on paper). A 5-speed manual transmission is seen across the range, and the City and Sunny can even be had with a CVT gearbox.
VW offers the 7-speed DSG with the 1.2 litre TSI engine on the Vento and Skoda gives an option of a 6-speed automatic transmission on the Rapid. The Verna and Ciaz meanwhile get 4-speed torque converter units.
Starting at INR 6.99 lakhs for the base petrol, the Ciaz and Sunny are the cheapest cars in this segment. In the diesel class, the new Fiesta at INR 7.87 lakhs undercuts the Ciaz’s starting price of INR 8.04 lakhs.
Comparison: Ciaz vs Linea, November 11 2016.

VISITOR                                                      is Fiat Linea good?


AGENT                                                        Afternoon


VISITOR                                                      hi


VISITOR                                                      i am planning to buy Fiat Linea but people are discouraging me to do so.


VISITOR                                                      what are your thoughts, sir


AGENT                                                        Even I would not advise for Fiat because of its expected maintenance cost, low resale value. If these are your key requirements, then avoid, however, if you love Fiat cars and love to drive cars then yes Fiat is a competent buy


AGENT                                                        However, if you are buying for discounts, then avoid


VISITOR                                                      i am buying a car on which I could rely on and can instil me with confidence while driving, also passenger comfort is an important requirement.


AGENT                                                        you can rely on all cars in India today. Even other cars really comfortable to drive


AGENT                                                        Other cars also inspire driving comfort


AGENT                                                        As mentioned earlier, if you love Fiat cars and can ignore other pain points, then yes Fiat makes sense


VISITOR                                                      what do you suggest?


AGENT                                                        I will not buy it, because Fiat cars comes with problems mentioned above


VISITOR                                                      so should i opt for Maruti Ciaz?


AGENT                                                        Yes makes sense


AGENT                                                        good car, good space and Maruti


VISITOR                                                      thank you for your time and advice, sir!


VISITOR                                                      really appreciate it


AGENT                                                        Pleasure

Comparison: Ciaz vs City, September 8 2016.

VISITOR                                                              Hi, I would like to buy Car up to Rs. 12 Lacs. I have test driven the Ciaz. But feel it noisy at Back seat due to tyre noise. Is it for all sedan car or only Ciaz has it ?     


AGENT                                                                Good Evening          


VISITOR                                                              Good evening         


AGENT                                                                I haven’t heard of this prob by others, may I request you to go to other dealer and test drive another car                                                      


AGENT                                                                you have the City in your price bracket pretty good option


VISITOR                                                              Which car has got good NVH levels City or Ciaz?     


VISITOR                                                              Honda City has fewer features as compared to Ciaz for equivalent price range.       


AGENT                                                                but far premium feeling interiors  


AGENT                                                                my assumption Would be that City has better nvh but no figures to back   


AGENT                                                                which variant of City is coming in your budget         


VISITOR                                                              SV 


AGENT                                                                and probably top end for Ciaz          


VISITOR                                                              yes Ciaz top end  City SV    


AGENT                                                                that's why features diff      


VISITOR                                                              Ok . Thanks a lot     


AGENT                                                                whilst Ciaz is a good option and is also being preferred tdy by many but City is a great car to drive                                                                  


VISITOR                                                              Thanks a lot. I’ll definitely have a look at the car.

Comparison: Baleno vs Elite i20 vs Ciaz. June 23 2016.

VISITOR                                                                      hi          


AGENT                                                                        Good Evening  


VISITOR                                                                      with lots of complaint online posted by new buyers on Baleno, my decision of booking Baleno seems doubtful now                           


VISITOR                                                                      could you help me out in my decision 


AGENT                                                                        what way          


VISITOR                                                                      my daily running is about 20-25 Km per day      


VISITOR                                                                      Petrol - i20 Elite sportz, Baleno delta, Ciaz vxi (o) is my choice 


AGENT                                                                        I will go with Elite i20  


VISITOR                                                                      Fuel average in city condition is 22 in Ciaz SHVS, whereas Ciaz & Baleno petrol will give approx. 16 km/l                                                     


VISITOR                                                                      SHVS Ciaz VDI(O) is also an good option looking at only 40k difference in petrol & shvs diesel variant                                                         


AGENT                                                                        with your kind of running, it has to be petrol   


AGENT                                                                        plus other decision you have to take is sedan vs hatchback       


VISITOR                                                                      looking for 10 to 12 years on ownership & won’t mind spending even 8.5 lakh for that.                                                                                     


VISITOR                                                                      economical maintenance as well           


VISITOR                                                                      looking forward to value for money, paisa vasool car, great looks, future resale value, comfortable ride in city in particular, family car     


AGENT                                                                        other than Ciaz other two cars are not value for money, looks i20 and then Baleno       

                                                                                      resale basis current popularity,  I 20 and Baleno equally good   


AGENT                                                                        hatchbacks are good for 4, Ciaz can take 5          


AGENT                                                                        driveability belongs to i20         


VISITOR                                                                      it’s been 2 months now that I had booked Baleno & may get delivery by August end    


VISITOR                                                                      my question is about the problems in Baleno  


AGENT                                                                        haven't heard any is still honeymoon period forbade car           


VISITOR                                                                      Is it suspension, braking, light weight, bumpy ride, sound or vibration in back seat       


AGENT                                                                        what prob are we talking about              


VISITOR                                                                      many users had mentioned these issues with the car  


VISITOR                                                                      many users had mentioned these issues with the car  


AGENT                                                                        if I am not wrong the car by design is lightweight for performance and mileage              


VISITOR                                                                      many users had mentioned these issues with the car  


AGENT                                                                        sporty ride therefore tighter suspension which must be transmitting road bumps back into the cabin                                                         


AGENT                                                                        so it depends on what you want from your car


VISITOR                                                                      Yes, Thanks btw

Comparison: City vs Ciaz vs AT Versions, June 15 2016.


VISITOR                                                                    hi            


VISITOR                                                                    looking for replacement for SX4               


AGENT                                                                      Good Morning   


AGENT                                                                      SX4 replacement             


AGENT                                                                      do you want to stay with Maruti and what could be your budget for your new car            


VISITOR                                                                    whether to change or not ,car using is in excellent condition only 41000 km run in 7 years                                                                                   


AGENT                                                                      Unfortunately, pre-owned car particularly of discontinued models a gets you very low return                                                                      


AGENT                                                                      You're saying that it’s just done 41000 KMs in 7 years may not work for you         


VISITOR                                                                    yes i know          


VISITOR                                                                    which car i should go CIAZ Honda city    


VISITOR                                                                    i want AT as of Pune traffic         


AGENT                                                                      At makes sense


AGENT                                                                      both CIAZ and Honda have a CVT transmission  


VISITOR                                                                    SX 4 tobe replace at once             


AGENT                                                                      However, I will put my money on Honda CVT is better transmission over others similar transmission in India                                        


VISITOR                                                                    want frank opinion on whether to go for new car             


AGENT                                                                      Retaining SX4 vs a new car is your personal choice          


AGENT                                                                      I will post 7 years move to a new car, but that's a personal opinion         


VISITOR                                                                    only concern of less running & my age 62 year running will be less only


AGENT                                                                      If it's not too much of a problem driving a manual transmission car then no harm in continuing with SX4                                          


AGENT                                                                      it was a good car, spacious and less expensive to maintain          


VISITOR                                                                    Thanks for suggestion can you suggest alternative car to replace SX4 how is verna as it is coming with heavy discount how you look against SX4       


AGENT                                                                      Verna is a good option, but Hyundai AT are not so good, not that a common man would notice the diff too much                                 


AGENT                                                                      however, why go for sedan Pune traffic and parking, you would be better off with a good hatchback                                                              


VISITOR                                                                    suggest good value for money AT hatchback      


VISITOR                                                                    my daughter is using Grand i 10 purchase last year only suggest other than Grand I 10    


AGENT                                                                      This could be completely off the mark, but Nissan MIcra CVT is a good option, great discounts and since you will keep it for long no problem on resale. Only downsides are - not very popular car and service reach  


VISITOR                                                                    dealer performance is not good and price is unnecessarily high they do no have car in stock                                                                                   


AGENT                                                                      what price are you getting it at plus what do you mean by dealer performance 


VISITOR                                                                    overall dealer response               


AGENT                                                                      Hold I am just creating a comparison between Swift, i20 and Micra         


AGENT                                                                      IN Delhi Micra Active is available at 5.99 lacs ex showroom         


VISITOR                                                                    ok i will check in Pune   


AGENT                                                                      The other options unfortunately do not have AT              


AGENT                                                                      that is swift and i20        


AGENT                                                                      then you are left with Figo, Polo, Pulse etc - avoidable 


VISITOR                                                                    swift & I20  is also not having AT               


AGENT                                                                      yes I have mentioned that though rumours are that by August sept this year i20 might come with AT                                                       


VISITOR                                                                    only Honda brio in AT that is not in CVT too small car after SX4  


AGENT                                                                      In Honda Family it’s the Jazz that has CVT, but its really not value for money      


VISITOR                                                                    yes         


AGENT                                                                      Just realising that we are running out of options, so typical of Indian car market, its seems to have many cars, but once you start filtering then you have few choices


AGENT                                                                      it seems we will have to go back to Verna, City, Ciaz      


AGENT                                                                      by the way, have you checked the Figo Aspire   


VISITOR                                                                    no yet due to Ford reputation   


VISITOR                                                                    just check Nisan Micra is coming in AT cvt price is around 8 lac curently insurance is free                                                                                   


VISITOR                                                                    Thanks  its nice to talk to you       


AGENT                                                                      pleasure'              

Comparison: Honda City vs Ciaz, June 8 2016.

AGENT                                                                    Good Afternoon 


VISITOR                                                                  hi              


VISITOR                                                                  i want to know regarding Honda city car 


AGENT                                                                    what would you like to know       


VISITOR                                                                  is e variant good or s        


VISITOR                                                                  am new buyer means taking car for the first time              


AGENT                                                                    variant selection depends on one's choice and budget    


AGENT                                                                    S being a more premium variant has more features than E            


AGENT                                                                    If you have the budget, I would recommend S over E       


VISITOR                                                                  acha         


VISITOR                                                                  can you tell me in layman terms difference between the two     


VISITOR                                                                  as am new buyer don’t understand from site chart regarding difference


AGENT                                                                    http          //www.ecardlr.com/car-compare/new-honda-city-vs-new-honda-city.aspx


AGENT                                                                    CHANGE THE VARIANT AND CHECK FEATURE BY FEATURE


AGENT                                                                    THIS COMPARISON GIVES THE DETAILS BETWEEN TWO VARIANTS               


VISITOR                                                                  thanks    


VISITOR                                                                  for the first time buyer what would u suggest means which car  


AGENT                                                                    iT ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR BUDGET             


AGENT                                                                    YOU CAN ALSO CHECK OUT THE Ciaz          


VISITOR                                                                  yes i heard about Ciaz but is it good coz many of people are saying interior isn not good


VISITOR                                                                  means of low quality n all             


AGENT                                                                    Ciaz gives you space and Maruti benefits               


AGENT                                                                    lower maintenance          


AGENT                                                                    New City is not as exciting as its older version     


AGENT                                                                    Costly to maintain             


AGENT                                                                    Interiors of Ciaz not so bad           


VISITOR                                                                  acha but do you think long term Ciaz is good for maintenance n average


AGENT                                                                    I believe so          


VISITOR                                                                  ok and on highways is Ciaz good to drive


VISITOR                                                                  n in city as am from Pune so traffic issue will be there so is Ciaz better for traffic than city                                                                                 


VISITOR                                                                  ??             


VISITOR                                                                  i was asking ki in traffic cites like Pune is Ciaz worth than city      


AGENT                                                                    Both cars are equally good from good car makers               


AGENT                                                                    Cities don't impact the car decision          


AGENT                                                                    they are both near similar size    


AGENT                                                                    and has equally good engines     


VISITOR                                                                  means in terms of traffic handling stop start also in terms of mileage      


VISITOR                                                                  and in terms of safety features   


AGENT                                                                    You won't be able to understand cars handling capabilities in traffic start stop traffic conditions                                                           


AGENT                                                                    Knowing what I know of Pune, you will hardly be driving beyond 45 to 50 Km/hr speed  


AGENT                                                                    even at high speeds both are good safe cars         


AGENT                                                                    one hasn't heard any problems on safety aspect


AGENT                                                                    In traffic conditions even the best of the car won't give you mileage        


AGENT                                                                    you should be happy if you get around 12-13 /litre with a petrol car         


VISITOR                                                                  ok sir thanks for the info actually i was planning for Honda city but as you said Ciaz is also good though i heard bit different reviews about the same but from you reviews i think Ciaz is also good in low budget n maintenance                                                      


VISITOR                                                                  so am planning to look for Ciaz also now


AGENT                                                                    Test drive both cars before you decide   


VISITOR                                                                  Thanks

Comparison: CIty vs CIaz, May 17 2016.

VISITOR                                                      Need a car with good ride quality since I have low back ache. My usage would be weekend travel of 150km (to and fro).                         


VISITOR                                                      I have decided on an auto transmission.             


AGENT                                                        that’s A GOOD DECISION            


AGENT                                                        ANY CARS THAT YOU HAVE CHECKED    


VISITOR                                                      almost all the cars.        


VISITOR                                                      the last being Honda BRV and Innova Crysta     


VISITOR                                                      maximum budget of 25lakhs.   


AGENT                                                        OPEN TO PRE OWNED CARS      


VISITOR                                                      XUV 500, city and Ciaz was in my mind.               


VISITOR                                                      XUV was not comfortable as it had bumpy ride               


AGENT                                                        IN MY OPINION CITY SHOULD BE LOOKED AT SERIOUSLY              


VISITOR                                                      city, a face lift is expected in a few months       


AGENT                                                        REAR SEATS ARE QUITE COMFORTABLE


AGENT                                                        HOWEVER, IT DOES HAVE A PROBLEM OF SLIGHTLY HARSHER SUSPENSION         


VISITOR                                                      I agree. with city rear seat. I will be driving the car.       


AGENT                                                        That’s EVEN PERSON    


AGENT                                                        BETTER               


VISITOR                                                      Vento had problem with emission and I think Ameo is expected in a couple of months              


AGENT                                                        AVOID AMEO ITS COMING THIS MONTH              


VISITOR                                                      Ok        


AGENT                                                        BUT ITS A SUB 4 METER CAR       


AGENT                                                        I THINK YOU HAVE NARROWED DOWN TO RIGHT CARS - Swift AND CIAZ              


VISITOR                                                      How is Ciaz       


AGENT                                                        BOTH HAS CVT TRANSMISISON, WHICH IS REALLY QUITE GOOD


AGENT                                                        BETWEEN CITY AND CIAZ CITY CVT IS BETTER     


VISITOR                                                      Ciaz drive was good but compared to city features are less and its alao the biggest in the segment                                                                     


AGENT                                                        BASIS WHATEVER YOU HAVE TOLD ME, I THINK CITY LOOKS LIKE A GOOD CHOICE            


VISITOR                                                      Any idea when the facelift version of city is expected.


AGENT                                                        CITY FACELIFT SHOULD NOT BE COMING SOON, Honda HAS TO MANAGE THE BRV FIRST               


VISITOR                                                      more over there is rumours in some websites regarding Toyota Vios   


AGENT                                                        NO NEW CAR FROM TOYOTA TILL 2017 


VISITOR                                                      however Toyota company is tight lipped            


VISITOR                                                      How about Creta/duster            


VISITOR                                                      ride quality      


AGENT                                                        CRETA SUSPENSION IS SOFT      


AGENT                                                        DUSTER IS HEAVY AND DIFFICULT TO DRIVE       


VISITOR                                                      Thank you very much for your expertise and time.        


AGENT                                                        PLEASURE          


VISITOR                                                      Are you a freelancer or dealer?              


AGENT                                                        NO WE HAVE A WEBSITE             


VISITOR                                                      ya. that’s how i got to chat        


AGENT                                                        we WORK FOR THE WEBSITE     


AGENT                                                        WE ARE NOT A CAR DEALER       


VISITOR                                                      Thank you for your service        


AGENT                                                        PLEASURE          


VISITOR                                                      Could you please let me know if Ertiga has good drive comfort.              


AGENT                                                        hold let me check the ratings   


VISITOR                                                      I discussed this afternoon about many cars and as per your advice decided on city AT but i missed to ask about Ertiga. ofcourse these two are two different category altogether.      


VISITOR                                                      my only concern is ride quality. Comfort while driving


AGENT                                                        http      //www.ecardlr.com/car-compare/Ciaz-vs-Ertiga-vs-new-Honda-city.aspx


AGENT                                                        go to this link and click on expert rating              


AGENT                                                        you will get Ertiga and city details         


AGENT                                                        i wll send you these details for Ciaz as per our tes driver            


AGENT                                                        ratings sent before were by autocar     


VISITOR                                                      ok. thank you. ratings is not given. it is marked NA        


AGENT                                                        http      //www.ecardlr.com/ecardlr-road-test/Maruti-suzuki-Ciaz-zdiplus.aspx


AGENT                                                        that is for Ciaz 


AGENT                                                        ciza rating in link sent now        


AGENT                                                        Ciaz  ratings on ride quality is 3/5           


VISITOR                                                      what about Ertiga?        


AGENT                                                        Let me give you the numbers  


AGENT                                                        Comfort             


AGENT                                                        Ertiga 9/10         

Comparison: Ciaz vs Etios, May 14, 2016.

VISITOR                                      Is Toyota Etios is good to buy or Ciaz is best I am very confused              


AGENT                                        hello....both is fairly capable Cars          


AGENT                                        what is your top 3-4 concerns when comparing. Accordingly we can try and advise        


VISITOR                                      In Ciaz boot space is more         


VISITOR                                      But in price wise Toyota is cheap           


AGENT                                        absolutely that is why asked your top concerns or expectation               


VISITOR                                      And it has less maintenance compared to Ciaz


VISITOR                                      I am very confused which to buy            


AGENT                                        yes. Actually there are many differences between two. you can also do detailed comparison on our site in compare car section and chose Etios and Ciaz and specific model             


AGENT                                        friend please share top three expectation.. in terms of space maintenance ride quality features  etc. 


VISITOR                                      But there are not much difference between them        


AGENT                                        friend features gadgets internal leg room boot space engine performance are upfront difference        


AGENT                                        Etios at its price is also a good buy         


AGENT                                        specially when am hearing maintenance a important parameter            


Comparison: Ciaz vs Amaze vs Jazz, March 24 2016.

VISITOR                                                      I am totally confused which car should I go for. My budget is under 11 lakhs and need best in mileage diesel car as my average daily driving will be about 170 to 200 kms                                                             


VISITOR                                                      Please guide me                                                            


VISITOR                                                      also I need low maintenance cost                                                          


AGENT                                                        hello between Ciaz and Honda city you can chose either                                                            


AGENT                                                        cost of maintenance advantage is on Ciaz                                                          


VISITOR                                                      actually I am a feature freak too                                                             


VISITOR                                                      I am going for a top end variant                                                              


AGENT                                                        which features are important                                                  


VISITOR                                                      I was watching for s cross                                                           


VISITOR                                                      Jazz and Amaze                                                              


VISITOR                                                      Amaze here gives us least features and also low in price too                                                    


AGENT                                                        amongst option our ranking will be s cross followed by Jazz and then Amaze                                                                                                         


AGENT                                                        s cross for overall practical advantage Maruti advantage and it's a good semi crossover                                                                                                                     


AGENT                                                        and has fairly loaded features across variants                                                  


VISITOR                                                      yes but is Maruti engine life is good or not                                                        


VISITOR                                                      I owned a Tata Indica before and got a very bad experience because of low level brand                                                                                                                   


AGENT                                                        Tata is no comparison.                                                


AGENT                                                        though current generation of cars they have improved it is still sometime before they start doing well                                                                                                            


AGENT                                                        Maruti diesel have been tested over last many years . they are not the best but a decent option for the price                                                                                            


VISITOR                                                      fir Honda they says that the engine life is about 750000 kms                                                     


AGENT                                                        besides to make Nexa a success they are doing their best to have happy customer experience                                                                                                                     


VISITOR                                                      but I don't know how a Suzuki car will go                                                           


AGENT                                                        well that will be a stretch but Honda and Toyota make good long lasting engines                                                                                                                


VISITOR                                                      as my usage will be enough                                                      


AGENT                                                        with diesel if you are regular with your service and maintenance schedule they mostly have long life...that goes for most international companies                                                 


AGENT                                                        problem is when we don't follow service schedule. diesel as a tech is meant for long miles                                                                                                           


VISITOR                                                      yeah                                                    


AGENT                                                        hope you are finding this interaction useful                                                     


VISITOR                                                      definitely                                                          


VISITOR                                                      but I am not going to any decision                                                         


VISITOR                                                      I am still confused                                                         


AGENT                                                        see friend we can guide and advice decision has to be yours                                                    


AGENT                                                        Honda is better packaged product and quality however is higher on maintenance                                                                                                               


AGENT                                                        if you travel a lot and outside of bigger cities Maruti brand is always advantage besides Nexa focus on doing best for customers                                                


AGENT                                                        s cross has space and ground clearance advantage too and we overall find out a week packaged product                                                                                                     


AGENT                                                        for your requirement Ciaz. if you want a lil premium product with slightly higher maintencne then Honda Jazz which is more updated design than Amaze                                                            


VISITOR                                                      another confusion is should I go for 1.3 version or 1.6 if I opt s cross                                                     


AGENT                                                        well 1.6 is definitely fun to drive however mileage will get compromised. 1.3 for size and weight of car is lil insufficient as per us but offers economies and acceptable pick up                                                        


VISITOR                                                      yeah                                                    


VISITOR                                                      do you know the Maruti's engine life?                                                


AGENT                                                        we have people using it for 2 lac plus...many Dzires...taxi segment vouch by Dzire and Etios                                                                                                          


AGENT                                                        you can send your query on ceo@ecardlr. com.                                                              


VISITOR                                                      thanks                                                


VISITOR                                                      it was really helpful                                                     


VISITOR                                                      can I ask a last question?                                                            


AGENT                                                        yes                                                       


VISITOR                                                      if I say. in one run                                                          


VISITOR                                                      which car should you buy                                                          


VISITOR                                                      in 10 - 11 lakh budget?                                                


AGENT                                                        see answer depends on our other requirement                                                              

AGENT                                                        in your case mileage and cost of ownership was prime that is why suggested options within your shortlist                                                                                                    


AGENT                                                        if someone wants city drive in traffic then even automatic is required                                                


VISITOR                                                      yeah                                                    


AGENT                                                        people want space or SUV type...it all depends                                                              


AGENT                                                        plus our other needs to stand out with our new wheels                                                             


VISITOR                                                      thanks a lot