Between Two Capable Entry Hatchback Which is Best?

Indian car buyers get great entry small cars and at prices which are quite easy on one's pocket with the help of car finance. In Hyundai EON they have not got a very competitive small car with great looks

Which Car Should I buy? Hyundai Eon or Maruti 800?

Between Two Capable Entry Hatchback Which is Best?

What a question? Absolutely no comparison, As a matter of fact, you can’t even register M800 in Delhi anymore. Comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges.

M800 is almost a 28 year old car, whereas Eon is a fresh new launch. M 800 has lived its life, done its duty quite well and put India and Indians on the road of mobility. M800 has served the Indian car buyer quite ably over the years, but frankly speaking it’s not today any more.

Eon on the other hand is stylish, modern and contemporary looking car, yes its small but then for the new price of 2.98 lacs (Ex-showroom Delhi) for Eon Dlite + is just too good to ignore. It gives Power steering (Not available with Maruti 800) + AC and Body coloured bumpers. It’s more powerful than the Maruti 800. I would highly recommend the EON - today's design, great features and great price.


Comparison: Alto 800 vs Eon, July 14 2016.

VISITOR                                                                  hi sir        


AGENT                                                                    Good Afternoon 


VISITOR                                                                  good afternoon  


VISITOR                                                                  i have ordered Hyundai Eon sportz ...n i want to know if the gear vibration problem is still there in Eon?                                                      


AGENT                                                                    Haven't heard of them of late at least      


AGENT                                                                    but haven't you test driven the car            


VISITOR                                                                  no ...it was out of stock...               


VISITOR                                                                  couldn’t do test drive      


AGENT                                                                    I would then request you to not go with anyone's advice, please do not book or take delivery before doing so                               


VISITOR                                                                  i read in the review that the second gear is also poor ...is it true 


AGENT                                                                    In my opinion personal biases do creep in, so please do test drive. Personal bias will also be true for me                                                          


VISITOR                                                                  how’s Eon market this days.. ?    


VISITOR                                                                  will you recommend Eon to any one        


VISITOR                                                                  ?


AGENT                                                                    Most small cars are facing a market decline as is EON. In terms of popularity, options are Kwid, Alto K10, Alto 800, Eon etc               


AGENT                                                                    I did recommend it to someone in the family, but she is finding the cost beyond her budget                                                                                 


VISITOR                                                                  i have ordered Eon sportz ...have i made right choice?    


VISITOR                                                                  by reading all the reviews..i got little confused ....though i liked Eon at fiirst       


AGENT                                                                    I will buy Eon for its looks and great feeling inside            


AGENT                                                                    However, I will not buy a car without test driving, yes reviews matter, but ultimately it will be my decisions                                                


VISITOR                                                                  thank you sir....  


VISITOR                                                                  nice talking with you       


VISITOR                                                                  n thank you for our service