Maruti 2014 Alto K10 Vs Hyundai Eon Vs Datsun Go

ECADLR brings you the specification comparison of new 2014 Alto K10 against its market rivals. 

New Maruti Alto K10 vs Rivals Specification Comparison

Maruti 2014 Alto K10 Vs Hyundai Eon Vs Datsun Go

Now that new Alto K10 has made its market debut, it’s time for its rematch against its competitive and sophisticated rivals. Hyundai Eon has always presented itself as credible Alto alternative and with launch of Datsun Go this fight has become triangular in nature. We get you the sense of capabilities underlying these city runabouts in this specification comparison review.

Power Struggle: Both Alto and Eon in this comparison displace 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder motor that produces almost identical power and torque. In case of Alto these figures stands at 68 PS/90 Nm while Eon dishes out 69PS/94 Nm. Advantage here accrue in favor of Dustun Go that comes with relatively bigger 1.2-litre of cubic capacity that is good for 68PS/104Nm. On mileage front, Alto K10 zooms ahead with ARAI certified efficiency of 24.07 km/l courtesy of its free-revving K-series motor. Further Maruti package augment its overall appeal with first-in-class optional automatic transmission. 



2014 Alto K10

Hyundai Eon

Datsun Go

Engine (in litres)

1.0-litre petrol

1.0-litre petrol

1.2-litre petrol

Power (in PS)

68 PS

69 PS

68 PS

Torque ( in Nm)

90 Nm

94 Nm

104 Nm

Fuel-Efficiency (km/l)









Space Skirmish: All three contestants here are essentially small city runabouts and to expect spacious cabin in first place will sure to disappoint potential buyers. Still Datsun Go with its bigger and wider footprints impresses the most in this lot. It dwarfs competition on almost all counts (except height where Eon leads chart) and is the most spacious entry level hatchback. Eon comes second in dimensional comparison while Alto K10 with its cramped interiors stacks on bottom rung.


Dimension ( in mm)

2014 Alto K10

Hyundai Eon

Datsun Go


















Value for Money (all prices, ex-showroom, Delhi): Maruticontinue to get benefitted from its localization efficiency as Alto K10 triumphs over rivals on pricing front. Not only Alto starts at lowest price point its top model also cost the owners less in comparison to Eon and Datsun Go. Value for money is one of the crucial selection criteria in hatchback segment and Maruti Alto has got its upper hand here.


2014 Alto K10

Hyundai Eon 1.0-L

Datsun Go

LX                   Rs3.06 lakh

Magna                  Rs3.91 lakh

D                    Rs3.12 lakh

LXi                  Rs3.22 lakh

Magna +               Rs4.03 lakh

D1                  Rs 3.14 lakh

VXi                 Rs 3.38 lakh


A                    Rs 3.46  lakh

VXi (O)           Rs3.57 lakh


T                    Rs 3.79  lakh

VXi (AMT)     Rs 3.80 lakh




Alto K10, November 22 2016.

VISITOR                                                      Hiii


AGENT                                                        Morning


VISITOR                                                      Please tell me Alto K10 color wise price


VISITOR                                                      ?


AGENT                                                        Alto K10 will have two prices based on metallic and non-metallic colours (Solid colours). Non-metallic colours are normally white and black; Difference between metallic and non-metallic is normally around 3000 to 4000 at ex-showroom level


AGENT                                                        on our site we normally display non-metallic prices, for metallic prices you can either visit the showroom or Maruti website


AGENT                                                        There could be times when there could be extra charges for some special colour, but for Alto k10, i believe that is not the case today


VISITOR                                                      Ok, Thanks

Comparison: Tata Nano vs Allto K10, September 19 2016.

VISITOR                                                        Sir, I want to purchase Tata Nano Genx XTA AMT Version,        

                                                                        But Some of my friends are saying don't go to purchase this car as there is some engine power issue, brake issue, & major problem is very vibration inside of cabin.         

                                                                        Sir, i don't have very much knowledge in car segment, I am so confuse that is actually Tata Nano have that type of problem in new Automatic version, please let me know that is my decision is wrong or right.    

                                                                        Please help me.            


AGENT                                                          Good morning               


VISITOR                                                        Good Morning               


VISITOR                                                        Hello 


AGENT                                                          your friends are right 


AGENT                                                          As I replied, being a smaller engine with AMT the power issues are there       


AGENT                                                          they have however managed to bring down vibrations but still there not as bad as earlier      


AGENT                                                          Brakes - I don't know,


VISITOR                                                        please let me know that is my decision is wrong or right.         


AGENT                                                          When someone is buying a car its yoru requirement for it that matters             


AGENT                                                          plus one always has a budget


VISITOR                                                        Which one is good Tata Nano XTA or Maruti Alto K10 ABS         


AGENT                                                          I will go with Alto K10 ABS       


VISITOR                                                        OK       thanks

Comparison: Celerio vs Alto K10, August 30 2016.

VISITOR                                                              how Alto k10           


AGENT                                                                how can we help please     


VISITOR                                                              tell me the comfort and durability


AGENT                                                                you are comparing this with which other car            


VISITOR                                                              i comparing with Celerio and Alto 800         


AGENT                                                                not much to choose on these two parameters         


AGENT                                                                however we will give slight edge to Alto on comfort however Celerio in being little more spacious                                                           


VISITOR                                                              Alto k10 suitable for urban roads   


AGENT                                                                yes it has been the most selling car....well tested on urban regular drive   


VISITOR                                                              k sir nice ...thank you for your suggestions


AGENT                                                                most welcome. Hope you have found inputs useful             


VISITOR                                                              thank you  


AGENT                                                                all the best for your new wheels    


AGENT                                                                happy and safe driving         

K10, July 20 2016.

VISITOR                                                              i want to purchase alto  k10 near Chandigarh but on road price show in the ? 3,63,838 what how much down payment on i purchase this           


AGENT                                                                normally loan amount is 85% of ex-showroom net of all discounts


VISITOR                                                              you can provide loan financer         


VISITOR                                                              how much terms of loan    


AGENT                                                                We are not financiers          


VISITOR                                                              but you can suggest us for a loan financer  


AGENT                                                                Most banks will give you loan basis your documents. Normally it is advisable to take from a PSU bank as their rate of Interest is lower than private banks         


AGENT                                                                try taking a loan from the bank where you have your account          


VISITOR                                                              thanks nice to talk with you              


AGENT                                                                pleasure     

Alto K10, July 6 2016.

AGENT                                                              Good Evening            


VISITOR                                                            good evening            


AGENT                                                              how can we assist you today              


VISITOR                                                            i am looking  Maruti Suzuki Alto k10 vxi        


AGENT                                                              ok   


VISITOR                                                            i am in bsf so please tell me cpc rate              


AGENT                                                              I am sorry, but we don't have those rates     


VISITOR                                                            ok cng fited                


VISITOR                                                            or what is on road price        


AGENT                                                              for an approximate value on on road price, may I request you to please visit the model page                                                                           


AGENT                                                              on cng let me check


VISITOR                                                            k10 vxi central locking or power window hai              


AGENT                                                              yes it has factory fitted cng and power steering        


VISITOR                                                            and power window


AGENT                                                              front power windows            


VISITOR                                                            ok   


VISITOR                                                            please tell me price               


AGENT                                                              which city   


VISITOR                                                            Delhi             


AGENT                                                              3.59 ex showroom non metallic        


AGENT                                                              on road please visit the model page               


AGENT                                                              this is non cng           


VISITOR                                                            Thanks

Alto k10, July 1 2016.

VISITOR                                                                hi


VISITOR                                                                which colour is good for Alto k10


AGENT                                                                  hi it is individual choice and liking


VISITOR                                                                for resale


AGENT                                                                  white and light colours have better resale


VISITOR                                                                granite gray?


AGENT                                                                  and also suits Indian hot condition as light colour reflects heat


AGENT                                                                  decent colour friend


VISITOR                                                                i m confused between blue and gray


AGENT                                                                  both are good colours. Don’t worry you will not face huge difference in resale. Miniscule only and you would have upgraded to bigger cars so will not matter??


VISITOR                                                                ya right. thanks 

Comparison: Alto k10 vs Datsun Go vs Wagon R, Mar 8 2016.

VISITOR                                                i am planning to buy Alto K10, is this the right choice or i should look Datsun Go or wagon R?


AGENT                                                  If you can stretch, go for WagonR, however, don't buy the lowest variant of WagonR, if budget does not permit, I would rather request you to go for Alto top-end


AGENT                                                  Datsun Go is a big car, however, you might suffer on resale, even after 5 years.


AGENT                                                  if resale is not an issue, then even GO can be considered


VISITOR                                                okk thanks

Comparison: Alto K10 vs Kwid vs Eon, January 6, 2016


VISITOR                           Which car to buy in 4.10 price bracket


AGENT                            Any options in your mind?


VISITOR                          Alto K10, Kwid, Eon


VISITOR                          Kwid has space but engine is not good i think


AGENT                             Yes true, if we talk about durability of engines, undoubtedly i would suggest Hyundai Eon, Kappa engines has always been better than Maruti's k-series engines.


AGENT                            Renault Kwid is spacious, but space isn’t everything a customer looks for. Eon is loaded with more features. K10 is value for money car .


VISITOR                          What about cost of service and spares and also Eon is 800 cc engine and alto K10 has 1000 cc. and resale value


AGENT                            Less than the other ones.


AGENT                            resale value will be good in case of Maruti


VISITOR                          Eon is somewhat on costly side i think


AGENT                            Yes, Hyundai and Maruti's known for their low maintenance cost, features and resale value and low maintenance cost.


VISITOR                          What do you suggest i should go for which car i have a family of 5 occasional out of city trips my priority is comfort, cost of ownership should be low and should be value for money proposition


AGENT                            Either Kwid or K10. However, i’m little inclined towards Eon.


VISITOR                           So Maruti alto K10 is it


AGENT                            As per your requirements from the car, Alto K10 is perfect, but we can’t ignore ample space of Kwid and smooth drivability of Eon.


VISITOR                          yes I know. Thanks :) 



Comparison: Kwid vs Eon. December , 2015


VISITOR                                     Reno Kwid RxE opt


VISITOR                                    I want to buy


VISITOR                                    Help me


VISITOR                                    Better choice h ya nahi


AGENT                                      Not a bad choice,


AGENT                                      koi or car aapke zahan me?


VISITOR                                    Ya hundai Eon dlite plus


AGENT                                      Dekhiye, agar aap looks ko dekhte hai to Kwid, kyuki  marlet me new hai, kam nazar me hai, isliye logo ko jyada pasand aa sakti hai, Lekin samay k anusaar agar dekha jaye to Eon ka look bhi kaafi accha hai budget ke hisaab se, Eon me features jyada hai or space bhi, Driving me Eon juyada acchi hai kyuki iska engine use smooth hai.


AGENT                                      agar aapka budget Eon ke liye kahta hai to Aap Eon ki taraf jaye, Kwid aap dusra option rakh sakte hai


AGENT                                      RxE opt me sirf aapko radio Extra feature k roop me milega


VISITOR                                    Or GPS


VISITOR                                    Aap Eon dlite plus ya Kwid RxE opt lay nay ka rai day rahay h


AGENT                                      Nahi, GPS dono me se kisi me nahi hai


AGENT                                      Agar mera Budget mujhe Allow karta hai to mai Eon D-Lite Plus ki taraf jaunga


VISITOR                                    Ok


AGENT                                      Behtar features, Quality interiors, smooth driving, jyada space


AGENT                                      powerful engine


VISITOR                                    Too Eon dlite plus lay


AGENT                                      Jee, lekin ye meri Rai hai, jo ki dusro se alag ho sakti hai, aap dono gaadiyo ka test drive le, uske baad hi kisi decision pe aye.

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  • Alto K 10 vxi is the one of best car of India

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