Compare and Suggest which is better car between Manza Club Class, Fiat Linea and Honda Amaze

A budget of 9 lacs is really a decent amount to be spent on a car, more so there are enough options available in this budget. One can buy top-end premium fully loaded hatch of a decent mid-sized sedan with this budget. We have however, been asked to suggest the best car between Manza Club Class, Fiat Linea Emotional and possibly the new car from Honda, the Amaze.

Around 9 lakhs Manza Club Class EX looks attractive, Fiat Linea Emotional also looks great. With Honda Amaze launch around the corner, i look bit confused.

Compare and Suggest which is better car between Manza Club Class, Fiat Linea and Honda Amaze

Let's take the easy one first and that happens to be Fiat Linea Emotional - It's a very good option as a car, more so that the diesel engine that Manza Club Class runs on is a derivative of Fiat 1.3 multi-jet engine. The problem, however, is the uncertainty associated with Fiat as a company. The separation with Tata Motors will be over by 1st April, means new set of dealers and much fewer in number. The car will however, continued to get serviced by Tata Motors dealership, which also could be a problem as your car will be off least interest to them. In effect, a good looking and great driving car is being taken off from the list due to no fault of the car. Most importantly, both Linea and Punto will see a face-lift this year.

Honda Amaze will be launched on 11th April, so won't lose too much waiting for it, however, being a sub 4000 mm car built on Brio platform, we do expect space to be at a premium. At your budget, you will definitely be able to get the top-end petrol and possibly mid-level diesel variant. Honda cars are known for great driveability, however, diesel is still not their forte, world over they have very few diesel power plants, even though they are aggressively developing options. Honda means great drive and great tactile feel inside the car. But in light of your choice, it's going to be a bit cramped when compared to other cars in your set. So if space is your key requirement - avoid Honda Amaze.

We are now left with the Manza Club Class. To say the least, Tata Motors has really worked on the car, interiors are much more classy, fit finish has improved dramatically, drive is where they have improved quite a lot. The car has much lesser diesel lag as compared to its earlier version, suspension has been tuned to give you a better drive quality, roll and sway in high speed have gone down and its feature loaded to say the least. Manza Club Class gives you huge space and good mileage. However, we believe, that its kind of overpriced and one does have better options when we look at price. 

So from your set, it has to be Manza Club Class, but then, since we are so near to Amaze launch, you can postpone your decision till 11th April.

We at www.ecardlr.com always suggest an exhaustive test drive of cars that you intend to buy, do define your need from the car quite clearly and then decide. Take our suggestion as indicative only and not a final decision.