Laura Vs Jetta. Which is better?


Comparing two cars Jetta from VW and Laura from Skoda which belongs to the same family (Volkswagen) is always tricky. More so when both of them are premium cars. Difference between them normally border on greys. The decisions therefore normally are quite subjective. This would be the case with Laura-Elegance-20-TDI-MT-vs-Jetta-Comfortline-2.0-TDI-MT- Which is better?


Laura Elegance 2.0 TDI M/T vs Jetta Comfortline 2.0 TDI M/T. Please suggest which one is better overall.

Laura Vs Jetta. Which is better?

What a Question - Two cars from the same family (as even Skoda belongs to the VW group internationally). Between the two the difference would be more in terms of features being offered for the price being charged by the two cars.

Engine under the hood is same for both of them but Jetta engine is tuned to deliver higher power and torque figures, this would also mean lower fuel efficiencies.

Other differences:
Upholstery - Leather vs Leatherette in Jetta
Front Seats - Height adjustments for both driver and passenger front seat vs only Driver in Jetta
Parking - Visual and Acoustic aid vs just acoustic in Jetta
Light and rain sensing equipments in teh Jetta vs just rain sensing wiper of Laura
Airbags - Curtain airbags front and rear in Jetta vs front Dual in Laura
Dimensionally Jetta has longer length, wheelbase and width vs Laura
Enterainment wise one ahs heard Jetta system to be far more superior that the Laura

Whilst the Jetta is around 40-50 k costlier than the Laura - Its interior tactile feel is more premium than the Laura, plus as a Brand its considered to be more premium than the Laura.

A premium car buyer is normally more interested in inside tactile feel and brand value than tangible features. We would therefore recommend Jetta as it delivers all that a premium car buyers seek from a car.


Comparison: Laura vs Cruze vs Sunny, January 3 2017.

VISITOR                                                      I like to move on to a second hand Skoda Laura.pls provide me suggestions regarding this        


AGENT                                                        Happy New Year            


VISITOR                                                      Happy new year             


AGENT                                                        What kind of details are you looking for             


VISITOR                                                      I like to know about its maintenance   


AGENT                                                        Personally speaking Skoda cars are very expensive to maintain              


VISITOR                                                      ok. then how about Cruze deisel            


AGENT                                                        Plus this car has been discontinued that means getting parts would be equally difficult and costly                                                                     


VISITOR                                                      now Im using a fiesta. 


VISITOR                                                      Its a very good car         


VISITOR                                                      is the parts available outside   


AGENT                                                        Cruze is a nice car, but unfortunately, its mileage even with diesel and maintenance is expensive even though not as much as Laura


VISITOR                                                      ok. Laura is always my dream car , regarding maintenance I heard its not worthy. Then I m looking for a Cruze or Sunny.                           


VISITOR                                                      friend can you suggest me a reliable second hand car with good look  


AGENT                                                        Go for Cruze, over Sunny any day, bigger car, more powerful fun to drive          


VISITOR                                                      ok. yeah I find some nice Cruze in second hand market               


VISITOR                                                      I like its its looks too    


VISITOR                                                      thanks for your valuable advice               

Laura, Nobember 26 2016.

VISITOR                                                    Hello     


AGENT                                                      Good Afternoon               


AGENT                                                      Hi            


VISITOR                                                    good afternoon


VISITOR                                                    i needed solution for Skoda Laura ambiente      


VISITOR                                                    may I know your background please       


AGENT                                                      Whilst I would not mind sharing the background, but how do you that will help               


VISITOR                                                    i am buying a used car Skoda Laura ambiente model from a dealer          


VISITOR                                                    which has problems cropping one after the other            


AGENT                                                      have you already bought the car              


VISITOR                                                    Yes we have paid the amount but while getting delivery we found problem in speedometer which the dealer resolved and immediately next problem arised of central locking which stopped working         


VISITOR                                                    Is there anything you can suggest on this ?          


AGENT                                                      the only suggestion i can give is try to get your money back, for 2 reasons 1) its a discontinued car from Skoda, maintenance could be painful and costly 2) you are already getting lots of problem  


AGENT                                                      hope you can get back your money, that should be your first option       


VISITOR                                                    But I have taken loan and bought this car             


VISITOR                                                    its on loan           


VISITOR                                                    the money is already disbursed in his account   


AGENT                                                      Oops     


VISITOR                                                    And another thing is while we checked the car before applying loan it was functioning great    


VISITOR                                                    Without these issues     


AGENT                                                      how old is the car, when did you take the delivery, did you buy from the authorised Skoda showroom, and are you facing any other problem


VISITOR                                                    This is used car of year 2009        


VISITOR                                                    delivery is not taken yet              


VISITOR                                                    because of the problems             


VISITOR                                                    we asked him to rectify all problems and then we take dely       


AGENT                                                      get your money back that's my only advice, start putting all your problems in writting  


AGENT                                                      If we had spoken earlier I would have dissuaded you from buying it      


VISITOR                                                    Ok          


AGENT                                                      how many kms has the car done               


VISITOR                                                    I don't remember            


VISITOR                                                    I need to check with my hubby 


VISITOR                                                    thanks for your advice   


AGENT                                                      pleasure              


VISITOR                                                    bye        


AGENT                                                      bye         

Comparison: Octavia vs Altis vs Laura, September 18 2016.

AGENT                                                        Good Morning 


VISITOR                                                      very good morning       


VISITOR                                                      i am looking for Skoda Octavia 1.8 petrol automatic having company registration in Delhi please let me know the best ex show room price not on road       


AGENT                                                        Hold    


AGENT                                                        http      //www.ecardlr.com/new-cars/Skoda-Octavia-elegance-1.8-tsi-automatic-petrol.aspx


AGENT                                                        link gives you ex showroom price for elegance TSI Octavia        


VISITOR                                                      can i call you on phone if so please please give your cell number please            


AGENT                                                        you cannot call us, we can only chat     


AGENT                                                        not allowed as per policy           


VISITOR                                                      how will you facilitate the purchase of car        


AGENT                                                        Hope you are not mistaking us for a dealer, we are not a dealer. Our’s is an advisory role only and that too with a request to take our inputs as suggestion only          


VISITOR                                                      ok thanks          


AGENT                                                        Pleasure sire, apologies for not being of any help         


AGENT                                                        sir         


VISITOR                                                      Dear    


VISITOR                                                      how will compare Skoda petrol automatic to corolla Altis petrol automatic pl  


AGENT                                                        Both are very competent car, as a matter of fact even I am looking at a new car in similar price bracket, however, currently my skew is towards Altis, being from Toyota plus a close friends experience with it which has been nothing short of fab                            


AGENT                                                        even the mileage he used to claim was close to 15-17 city         


AGENT                                                        that's just too good       


AGENT                                                        However, on paper I would look at Octavia seriously, coz its loaded more than Altis for same price                                                                     


AGENT                                                        The DSG auto box will be more fun to drive than CVT Altis        


AGENT                                                        But unfortunately new Octavia has not been any closer to its earlier version which had presence and tank like feel to it                        


VISITOR                                                      i am using Skoda Laura for last three years, have used Altis also, now i need one more car for my wife and family, after driving new Altis i find Skoda is much superior and sturdy as mentioned by you, hence i am looking for the dealer who can give me the best deal on ex show room basis         


AGENT                                                        I am sure your exp with Laura must have been good at an overall level, common perception is not so, therefore most don't look at a Skoda, however, let me be honest, even I don't like Skoda so much       


AGENT                                                        Unfortunately, we used to help people buy cars, but these days we are not doing so   


VISITOR                                                      dear will you tell me reasons why you not like Skoda ?               


AGENT                                                        Dealer attitude real bad, out to fleece you, major issues with parts and service cost    


AGENT                                                        reach low - therefore servicing a pain, resale pits          


AGENT                                                        one of my family member has a Laura in Nagpur, he was really angry with them            




VISITOR                                                      FOUR YEARS WARRANTY            


AGENT                                                        what I could understand is that basis your past exp over large numbers of Skoda cars and resale plus service cost not being an issue, yes then Octavia will make sense       


AGENT                                                        If the need is for solid body and safety yes Octavis scores over a thinner metal sheet of Altis  


AGENT                                                        One can see the diff in the noise one gets while closing each cars door              


VISITOR                                                      SKODA IS HEAVY CAR BUT I DID NOT COMPARE NOISE LEVEL OF THESE TWO CAR YOU MAY BE RIGHT DEAR                                                          


AGENT                                                        have you test driven these cars              


VISITOR                                                      YES PLEASE       


AGENT                                                        so what did you feel    


AGENT                                                        http      //www.ecardlr.com/car-compare/corolla-Altis-vs-Octavia.aspx


VISITOR                                                      OK THANKS AND REGARDS        


AGENT                                                        pleasure sir       

Comparison: Accord vs Laura, 17 August, 2016.

VISITOR                                                              hello           


AGENT                                                                Good Afternoon     


VISITOR                                                              I need to know few details about used cars              


AGENT                                                                We are not into used cars, however, if your questions are more generic in nature, maybe we could help, please ask                                


VISITOR                                                              ok thanks  


VISITOR                                                              i am interested to buy only Skoda Laura     


VISITOR                                                              just confusion is to whether go for old diesel engine or new one   


AGENT                                                                Personally speaking I will not go for the Laura, too expensive to maintain, and used car will only damage the pocket more                


VISITOR                                                              okk               


VISITOR                                                              is 10 year old vehicle worth to buy ?             


VISITOR                                                              if it’s in good condition       


VISITOR                                                              regular service        


AGENT                                                                Definitely not never, how many KMs it’s done        


VISITOR                                                              125000         


VISITOR                                                              another option is used Honda Accord          


AGENT                                                                Avoid completely, it's soon going ask for engine repairs and Laura being a discontinued model, engine work if required will be back breaking        


AGENT                                                                You seem to be in love with big cars, yes Honda Accord is worth a look at again less than 1 lacs Kms would be an ideal proposition      


VISITOR                                                              yes its true , i am looking only for big cars ,               


AGENT                                                                what kind of price range are you getting them at   


VISITOR                                                              2006 model , 5 lakhs , 85km               


VISITOR                                                              2 owner     


VISITOR                                                              i will be the third   


AGENT                                                                oops - get the car checked thoroughly, take it to a Honda dealer and ask then to get a diagnostic done on the car, they might charge you, but its worth every penny. Diagnostic should be for engine and body definitely                                                                             


AGENT                                                                check insurance claims if any on the past   


VISITOR                                                              okk sure     


VISITOR                                                              if car engine and body are good      


VISITOR                                                              as its 10yrs old        


VISITOR                                                              it will be fine           


VISITOR                                                              ?    


AGENT                                                                as informed earlier, we are not into used cars so pricing will be difficult to comment on, i will buy it with a clear idea of enjoying it for some years and then selling at near scrap value  


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              when compared to Skoda Laura , Honda Accord will be little bit cheaper in maintenance ?


AGENT                                                                No they are both going to be expensive to maintain and I am sure both are gas guzzlers    


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              final question  , how about hyundai verna or Honda city or Skoda rapid ?   


AGENT                                                                City, followed by Verna and then Rapid      


VISITOR                                                              comfortable drive in bad road ,control and stability at 100km plus  which will be top           


VISITOR                                                              that all my doubts 


AGENT                                                                City Because I drive one, between Verna and Rapid don't know much but my vote will be for Rapid for its stability and handling, which should be better than the lighter Verna               


VISITOR                                                              okk                


VISITOR                                                              thank you very much           


VISITOR                                                              for your patience   


VISITOR                                                              and your kind advice            


AGENT                                                                pleasure