Indigo CS Vs Dzire - Which One?

Two notch backs, two great cars from equally competent car manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors. Difficult choice. It finally would boil down to one's comfort or maybe in this set to which car is more easily available

I am interested in buying a mid-size low-end sedan - Indigo CS OR Swift Dezire. The variant I am looking at is BASE version (Petrol) which is costing me around Rs.4.6 Lacs (ex-showroom) after discounts.

Can you suggest which one of the above should I buy looking at all these aspects:

1. Best Value for Money

2. Best Mileage

3. Lowest Maintenance Cost

4. Long life (I am not concerned about resale since I wouldnt be selling the same)

Are there any other options apart from the above 2 in this price point.


Indigo CS Vs Dzire - Which One?

Basis your query my assumptions are

1) You want a car with a boot (Boot size does not matter as the options mentioned do not have decent boot capacity) - Even though Indigo Cs might score over Dzire in this case

2) Petrol power plant therefore it means your avg daily drive would not exceed 40 Kms or a max of 50 Kms

In case of Dzire, I do not expect major discount from dealer, so early, post its new avatar launch last month, therefore price that you are mentioning must be for Indigo Cs

My recommendation would be to go for the Dzire over the Indigo Cs for following reasons

a) Tata motors are still a diesel power house, even though there has been marked improvement in their petrol power plants too. On paper at least the Dzire engine looks better but this can be dabated

b) The obvious assumption would be that both these cars would be similar in terms of maintenance cost - but surprisingly Tata cars are probably more expensive to maintain (definitely Diesel as I just got my Manza sent for service and i had to shell Rs.10000 plus for a car which has done 14000 kms in 18 mths). Earlier I had a baleno and i never remember this kind of servicing bill ever in my 5 years of its ownership

c) In case of drivability I find the Dzire to be more responsive than the Cs - you can refer to our ecardlr test drive for the same on our site

d) Indigo offers a Mileage of 23 Vs 19.1 of dzire Petrol. These are ARAI figure and one can easily discount them by around 30% depending upon real life driving

e) Whilst you had indicated that resale is of no major concern to you, but i still believe that after 7 years Dzire would still fetch more than an equally old CS.

f) Dzire has a electronic power steering vs Hydraulic of Cs - Dzire will therefore be less tiring to drive than the CS.

g) Dzire is slightly mode wider and taller than the CS - thus enhancing over feeling of space inside the car

h) Value for money is a combination of entry cost + Maintenance cost + Resale value - these are tangible factors. Intangible factors (factors that one can only experience) are Service levels, drive experience, in car tactile feel etc - Basis a sum total of all these, I will put my money on Dzire

i) Ideally, in the kind of budget you are looking at, I would recommend a hatchback - mid to top end variant of a model wherein you will get better features than the low end sedan (In reality both these are more of a notchback)