Hyundai Tucson vs Jeep Compass Specification Comparison Review

Jeep compass that has got instant fame in Indian market is pitted against the Hyundai Tucson now equipped with the prowess of AWD.  We stack both of these rivals head-to-head to find out which one comes out on top.

Hyundai Tucson vs Jeep Compass Specification Comparison Review

Hyundai Tucson vs Jeep Compass Specification Comparison Review

Hyundai Motors India Limited has recently updated its Tucson SUV with all-wheel drive capability. This move is seen as retaliation against the growing influence of Jeep Compass SUV and the Hyundai is eager to cede any ground to this iconic American brand. In this quick specification comparison review, we stack both of these capable SUVs against each other to find out which one you should bet your money on.

Design, Space and interiors

Both these contenders are unique in their own terms and you cannot mistake one for another. The Hyundai Tucson is uniquely styled and its resemblance to the elder Santa Fe cannot be overemphasized. Large grill upfront, lots of cuts and creases, bulbous rear what are some of the defining characteristics of this Hyundai. 

Parameter    Hyundai Tucson    Jeep Compass
Length    4475 mm    4395 mm
Width    1850 mm    1818 mm
Height    1660 mm    1640 mm
Wheelbase    2670 mm    2636 mm
Ground Clearance    195 mm    205 mm
Fuel-tank capacity    62-litre    60-litres

Jeep Compass, on the other hand, also draws inspiration from larger Grand Cherokee which is, in fact, is a very good thing especially when the styling relate to the class way higher than what you are actually spending. It is clear from the dimensional comparison that Hyundai Tucson triumphs over Jeep compass in all the aspects except ground clearance which is Greater in the case of Compass. Otherwise, all the crucial indicators including the wheelbase the advantage goes to the Hyundai Tucson.

Engine, Power and Transmission

Hyundai Tucson comes with two engine choices - a 2.0-liter VTVT petrol and a 2.0-liter diesel motor. The power output is rated at 154PS/192 Nm for the petrol and for the diesel, the output is rated at 192 Nm/400 Nm.

Parameter    Hyundai Tucson    Jeep Compass
Engine Displacement    2.0-liter Petrol/2.0-liter diesel    1.4-liter Petrol/2.0-liter diesel
Power    155PS/183PS    160 PS/156PS
Torque    192 Nm/400 Nm    170 Nm/350 Nm
Transmission    6-Speed manual/6-Speed Automatic    6-Speed manual/7-speed automatic

Jeep Compass also comes with options of both petrol and diesel but unlike the Hyundai Tucson, the Jeep doesn’t have on offer the manual version in petrol guise. The power and torque figures for both the Tucson and Compass are on the higher side and although both of these contenders are a good performer when seen in the isolation, Hyundai Tucson makes a wee bit greater power than the Jeep Compass.

Price and value for money

he real advantage that Jeep compass accrues to its account is the value for money as this iconic American brand is priced in the range of Rs 14.95-20.65 lakh compared to Hyundai Tucson which is significantly priced higher at Rs 18.78-25.19 lakh (all prices, ex-showroom, Delhi). Undoubtedly, Hyundai Tucson is more powerful of the two and it is also well equipped when compared against the Jeep Compass especially with the recent facelift which has endowed the car with all-wheel drive capability; however, the price of the top variant costing Rs 25.19 lakh seems to be on the higher side. 
Price    Hyundai Tucson    Jeep Compass

Ex-showroom, Delhi    Rs 18.78-25.19 lakh    Rs 15.4-20.6 lakh