Premium Hatchback Vs Sedan - Interesting Overlap

Comparing a sedan and premium hatchback seems to be on the rise. Car buyers are starting to evaluate top-end premium hatchbacks with a sedan as most entry level sedans now at times comes cheaper than premium hatchbacks.

I would like to know which car between Honda Jazz, Skoda Fabia  and Nissan Sunny I should buy. I also know that Sunny belongs to a sedan category but since its price starts from Rs.5.75 lacs I have included it in my choices of cars?

Premium Hatchback Vs Sedan - Interesting Overlap

Why do Indian car buyers premium hatchbacks when they can buy a sedan (3 Box Cars) for the same budget. In our opinion its the top-end features that drive them to settle for a premium hatch over the 3 box sedan, as most low end sedan variants are devoid of tactile feel and features. They are really stripped down version of their top end siblings.

Premium hatches now spoil Indian car buyers with features like; auto climate control, airbags, ABS, chrome finish, premium upholstery , decent stereo system with even steering mounted controls and many more top-end features.

Premium hatches today boast of the most contemporary styling which are quite pleasing to the eye.

Premium hatches we believe are indulgent purchases from lifestyle driven consumer mindset. These car buyers are pampering themselves by buying a premium hatch over a sedan.

Having said all that Sunny is a great value buy. Monstrous space is its USP and after the Logan (now Verito) is the only car where 3 in the rear seat is not a cramped or compromised seating. Its Teena lineage with its decent length does help convey premiumness  and help make one make a statement of arrival without trying hard.

We would have gone for the Sunny, only if they had more outlets and have spent some time in India.

Between Jazz and Fabia, Go go Jazz – Only because of Honda marquee.