Jazz Vs Santro. Honda Crying. Hyundai Laughing.

Santro the old warhorse hasn't lost its appeal, no wonder Indian car buyers can compare it with much more expensive and contemporary car like the Honda Jazz and maybe still see a value in it. We at ecardlr though are nto quite thrilled with such a proposition.

Honda Jazz Or Santro Xing, Which One?

Jazz Vs Santro. Honda Crying. Hyundai Laughing.

In all honesty, May we request you to please study the Indian car market some more. We are trying to compare two completely incomparable cars (Please don’t do this).

However now that you are looking at both cars, here’s what we feel about them

In case of Santro Xing you today have EON as a worthy option. Eon is more stylish and being te new car on the new car on the block makes it a good buy. Santro Xing on the other hand like the M800 has served the Indian car buyers and their respective manufacturer quite ably over time. Both models are so strong that even after being in the market for some time, they are loved as much by Indian car buyers even today but they are much too beyond their prime..

Jazz got a new lease of life post the price correction by Honda. Jazz’s strength is its huge space and Honda marquee. We however feel that the power plant running the Jazz is kind of underpowered, which along with Honda’s high frequency service schedule and comparatively low mileage makes the Jazz an unworthy competitor for your wallet.

Our suggestion - Check out the i10 or even EON now as they both offer great value.