Honda cars vs Toyota Cars vs Hyundai Cars vs Maruti Cars Vs VW cars vs all other car manufacturers cars

Honda asks for a premium for its cars and gets it. Honda car buyers are so satisfied that not only they give Honda car the best quality ratings but most of the time end up buying another Honda car whenver they plan to buy a new car.

I want to know what is the specialty of Honda Brio and Jazz as such that people are ready to pay premium price for them except Honda brand?

Honda cars vs Toyota Cars vs Hyundai Cars vs Maruti Cars Vs VW cars vs all other car manufacturers cars



Pretty generic question, what in effect you are asking, is whether Honda cars are as good as the premium they enjoy over other cars, in their respective segment.

In all honesty, Honda cars are good cars, be it the Brio, Honda City, Jazz, CRV or the Accord. Yes these cars are quality benchmark cars, as is obvious from J.D Power study, where-in car buyers in India has given the number 1 rank in terms of quality product to Honda cars and having been doing so for last 4-5 years.

No other car from any other car manufacturer except maybe Toyota (particularly in terms of engine quality) and Hyundai in terms of design and better quality interiors are a match to Honda cars.

Honda cars are know for their driveability, be it the Brio, Jazz, City, CRV or the Accord, each car are one of the best if not the best in segments they operate. Jazz though with a 1.2 ltr engine and its weight does not feel so good to drive. Thier cars drive really smooth, can be cornered hard, depict the lowest roll and are not very thirsty also (good fuel mileage).

Interiors of each Honda car is just picture perfect, it reeks of high quality and fit-finish is just too good. No other car manufacturer can match the plushness and tactile feel of a Honda car. 

Even in today's  environment where petrol cars are just not selling, Honda sells arouund 5000-6000 cars /month and all with petrol engines. Only Maruti and Hyundai sells more petrol cars than Honda (but that's simply because of their large range and huge volumes). 



What is however, wrong with Honda cars is their pricing strategy and that we have heard is simply because their cost are completely out of control. Their service policy and schedule is equally wrapped, in an environment wherein every other car manufacturer is stretching their service schedule to 10 to 15000 Kms. Honda forces its customers to get its car serviced every three month. Ridiculous to say the least.