Which is Better between Ford Figo and Ritz

Indian car buyers have now become more aware car customers. No longer are they going after diesel cars just because that's the trend. They are evaluating their decision basis their needs and deciding accordingly. Ford Figo Vs Ritz petrol cars in another example of such an approach. Keep it up

I am confused between Figo and Ritz. budget is 4 to 4.5 lacs. requirement is power, performance, least cost of spare parts/maintenance, comfort and long engine life and also plz tell if any other option better than these two (Figo, RITZ). Plz help as i going to purchase on 26 Jan 13.

Which is Better between Ford Figo and Ritz

Within your defined budget and treating it as an ex-showroom price, then you sure are not looking for diesel cars. However, if your defined budget is an all inclusive budget, then you will have to settle for a lower variant of either Maruti Suzuki Ritz or Ford Figo. Since you are from Defence, then go for the car available in CSD basically for 2 reasons

a) CSD saves you money - thus helping you get a higher more feature loaded version.

b) At a macro level both cars are good and unless one has any specific preference, we would suggest a toss-up between the two, if both Ritz and Figo are available through canteen. Ignore the car not being sold through CSD.

Having got that out of the way let's compare the Ritz and Figo on factors defined by you.

Factor                                              Ritz                                        Figo 

Power (Ps/Rpm)                              85/6000                                71/6250                                               

Performance                                     8/10                                     6/10

ARAI Mileage (KMPL)                       17.7                                      15.6

City Mileage (KMPL)                         11.8                                      10.9

Highway Mileage (KMPL)                 16.7                                       15.4

0-60 KMPH                                        5.89 Secs                               6.76  Secs

0-100 KMPH                                      14.45                                     16.97                                    

Comfort                                             8/10                                       8/10      

Spare parts cost should be basis actual cost of fast moving items for both mechanical repairs and body shop (accidental) repairs, the data for the same is not easily available, however, basis past studies by Autocar on spare parts cost, Ford cars repairs was more expensive than Maruti cars.

Engine life should be a non-issue as both Ritz and Figo are capable of running for years if maintained well. But then this is subjective and is completely dependent as to how badly or wisely one treats one's car.

Basis above data on factors of your choice, Ritz Lxi should be your choice, but do note that it's going to be less feature loaded than the Figo.

Within you price range (Ex-showroom) you do get Swift Lxi, which would be model of our choice.

Do note that one should decide on one's car basis its need to oneself. Treat our suggestion as indicative only and not a final decision. Do test drive both cars before deciding on either one of them


Comparison: Tiago vs Figo, May 13, 2016.

VISITOR                                                    i am confused between Tata Tiago and for Figo 


AGENT                                                      surprisingly your mail id does not have your name          


AGENT                                                      what is your confusion  


VISITOR                                                    that’s my official email id            


AGENT                                                      ok           


VISITOR                                                    which one to buy             


VISITOR                                                    which will be the best option\  


AGENT                                                      in what sense please     


VISITOR                                                    performance and money             


AGENT                                                      okay let me check           


VISITOR                                                    ok           


AGENT                                                      petrol or diesel


VISITOR                                                    petrol   


VISITOR                                                    XM         


AGENT                                                      On Paper basis figures, not much diff    


AGENT                                                      have you test driven these cars


VISITOR                                                    yes         


VISITOR                                                    Tata seems more powerful         


AGENT                                                      I wonder why, as both have even similar kerb weights, that means the power to weight ratio will be near equal,                                     


VISITOR                                                    yes         


VISITOR                                                    they are similar


VISITOR                                                    but price difference is huge\     


VISITOR                                                    Figo is always 1.3 lakhs more     


VISITOR                                                    i am wondering why      


AGENT                                                      Tata Motors have always priced their cars quite competitively  


AGENT                                                      I will actually not buy Figo because of its age and lack of popularity        


AGENT                                                      Plus Figo interiors and exteriors are not appealing          


AGENT                                                      However, on the flip side the plastics inside the Tiago have soem sharp edges 


AGENT                                                      even though the quality of the material and fit finish has improved dramatically             


AGENT                                                      The car has good rear seat space, but then seat support and bolstering did not appeal me much                                                                    

Comparison: Old Figo vs New Figo, Dec 3 2016.

VISITOR                                What is the difference between old Ford Figo and all New Ford?


AGENT                                  everything has been changed. Developed engine, new interior and exterior design, stylish looks.


VISITOR                                As a New buyer which car is best to buy as approx difference in price is 1 lakh


AGENT                                 Go with New Ford Figo it offers six airbags on top-end variant along with ABS, EBD, Reverse Parking Sensors and Engine Immobilizer


AGENT                                  New Ford Figo's petrol version is powered by a 1.2 litre Ti-VCT motor which produces 90 PS of power and 112 Nm of torque, the 1.5-litre TDCi (Diesel) oil burner churns out 100 PS of power and 215 Nm of peak torque.


VISITOR                                Thanks for the advice


VISITOR                                Average city main kitne hai?


AGENT                                  Petrol ya Diesel?


VISITOR                                Petrol


AGENT                                  18.16 Mileage ARAI (Kmpl)


VISITOR                                What is the best model to buy with price range up to 5 lakh


AGENT                                  your budget allows you to buy either Ford Ambiente 1.2 Ti-VCT or Base 1.2 Ti-VCT variant. Go with Ambiente.


AGENT                                  more features compared to base.


VISITOR                                Ok thanks.