Compare and Suggest which is Better Car Between Figo, i10 and Brio

Brio, Figo and i10 are three quite competent hatchback from Honda, Hyundai and Ford respectively. With looks being as key criteria for car purchase, we got a very precise brief for comparison. 

I am confused between Brio VMT, I 10 Sportz & Figo, please advise me the best among these three in respect of durability, features, mileage and above all looks.

Compare and Suggest which is Better Car Between Figo, i10 and Brio

Looks are subjective, but then if one was to really decide, the we will rate Brio and i10 as 1 and 2. Figo looks quite outdated both externally and internally when compared to other cars in your set.

Mileage is easy, as all one has to do is evaluate ARAI mileage for these cars

Brio                        19.4 KMPL

Figo                        15.6 KMPL

i10 1.2 Kappa         20.36 KMPL

You must discount all the above figures by at least 30% to get real life mileage.

Durability can be defined in terms of build quality and strength of the car, the rating for each car basis this definition is

Brio                        7/10

Figo                        8/10

i10 1.2 Kappa         8/10

Basis your input we have compared New Figo Zxi with i10 1.2 Kappa 2 Sportz and Brio SMT. We have also selected them because they all fall within a price band of 4.50 lacs to 4.70 lacs (ex-showroom Delhi) which is quite comparable.

Manual AC, power steering, audio system, fabric upholstery and basic safety features are common to all of them. However Brio comes with steering mounted audio control, i10 sportz and Figo comes with remote control. Figo offers only front two power windows, whereas i10 and Brio comes with all doors power windows, i10 does offer driver side power window with auto down.

Dimensionally it's the Figo that will offer you most space, thanks to it having longest length and wheel space (means more cabin space). Brio will be next in terms of space, with i10 being the least spacious car in this consideration set.

If looks is your key consideration, go for Brio. Whilst the car looks small from outside, once you sit inside the car, you will not feel cramped. Yes boot space could be an issue, but then except for Figo, it will be a problem in i10 also. Brio thanks to its super refined 1.2 litre engine feels good when you drive the car.

We at www.ecardlr.com suggest you define your need from a car exhaustively, take long test drives and then decide. Do take our inputs only as a suggestion and not a final decision.


Comparison: Figo vs Tiago, August 24 2016.

VISITOR                                                              I am confused between Tata Tiago xz petrol and Ford Figo Trend petrol which is 20000 expensive. Please give expert advice for the issue.             


AGENT                                                                Good Afternoon     


VISITOR                                                              good afternoon      


AGENT                                                                Lets not call it an expert advice, more of a discussion basis your requirement         


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                At a first glance, XZ comes loaded correct, whilst trend may not offer as many features      


VISITOR                                                              yes its true               


AGENT                                                                probably the reason you are considering the Tiago               


VISITOR                                                              you catches the point          


AGENT                                                                Basis what all one has heard of Tiago and current craze for it looking at delayed delivery it makes sense                                                   


AGENT                                                                I also would agree with your Tiago choice because of features, almost as much space as Figo, more recent design                                     


AGENT                                                                Figo is in the news post recent price drops, but I still believe, that over time Tiago might prove to be a better option                     


VISITOR                                                              the main difference i could see is that Figo is better in performance and looks only than Tiago                                                                             


AGENT                                                                on the contrary for me Figo is not a young design and Tiago looks more fresh thanks it being a younger newer car                                       


AGENT                                                                whenever one looks at performance, look at it in relation to the weight of the car


AGENT                                                                let me look at the figures  


VISITOR                                                              Tiago is more heavy             


VISITOR                                                              around 1050 kg weight        


VISITOR                                                              almost same weight             


AGENT                                                                Tiago XZ Kerb weight is 1080 Kg Unladen, power at 85 gives its a power to weight ratio of 78.8                                                                             


AGENT                                                                that's basically the power available to pull one tonne of weight     


VISITOR                                                              when i took test drive of both i felt that Tiago has more vibrations and more engine noise than Figo                                                          


VISITOR                                                              but i am not able to leave Tiago due to its features               


AGENT                                                                Unfortunately I do not have Figo's kerb weight       


VISITOR                                                              its around 1020 kgs               


AGENT                                                                If i am not wrong in assuming you are looking at performance         


VISITOR                                                              i am looking at the overall car          


VISITOR                                                              and also the resale value   


AGENT                                                                if its 1020 kgb then its P/W ration would be 86, far better than Tiago, therefore you feel it to be a better performing vehicle              


AGENT                                                                Resale is easy - both should be as good or bad as the other               


VISITOR                                                              yes               


AGENT                                                                My problem with Tiago is engine noise even with petrol and yes it’s not as refined as Figo                                                                             


AGENT                                                                Plus Figo feels more planted vs Tiago at speed       


VISITOR                                                              yes its the main concern    


VISITOR                                                              and the brand value of Tata is not that much            


AGENT                                                                Brand value can change with time, before Tiago no one was even considering a Tata car now people are not only considering Tata cars but also buying the Tiago by standing in a que   


AGENT                                                                so brand value can change over time           


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                basically what I am saying is you should buy a car basis what you want from it forget resale as you would have enjoyed it for an extended period of time consider resale as bonus          


VISITOR                                                              maintenance of which car is low    


AGENT                                                                so if its performance, stability and refined engine - Figo cars           


AGENT                                                                If its features, value then Tiago      


AGENT                                                                I believe Ford should hurt you less in maintenance              


AGENT                                                                the company is really trying hard to control discontent from owners on maintenance         


VISITOR                                                              if i am considering a car for at least 5  years which does not hurt me in maintainence, service                                                                             


VISITOR                                                              than what should i choose


AGENT                                                                If service cost is your main consideration then yes Figo      


VISITOR                                                              would Figo be more hassle free car              


AGENT                                                                If i was to go with my Ecosport experience, yes definitely 


VISITOR                                                              how the mileage of both the car which users get   


AGENT                                                                on mileage i don't believe anyone, I discount the ARAI mileage given by the company by around 30% and hope to get that          


AGENT                                                                That to me is the correct way to calculate mileage 


VISITOR                                                              Tata claiming 23.3 and ford claiming 18.17 so which could be more genuine              


AGENT                                                                it’s not a question of who is genuine, as ARAI is a government body            


AGENT                                                                basically Tiago is a value car therefore more features at lower price, higher efficiency at the cost of performance that's their strategy   


AGENT                                                                however, i will normally discount Tata ARAI mileage by around 35% basis my past Manza exp                                                                             


AGENT                                                                so Tata will give you a real lie mileage of 15-16 Kmpl           


AGENT                                                                Figo 13-14 basis mathematical cal  


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              in one word what could be your decision to buy the car      


AGENT                                                                between these two cars I will go for Figo due to bad Manza exp and great Ecosport exp     


VISITOR                                                              ok thankyou             


Comparison: Xcent vs Figo, July 18 2016.

VISITOR                                                              hi' 


AGENT                                                                Good Afternoon     


VISITOR                                                              I am actually buying T permit car but I am confused in Ford Figo aspire(trend           


VISITOR                                                              trend and Hyundai Xcent s diesel   


VISITOR                                                              can you suggest me the best            


AGENT                                                                I know Xcent can be registered as commercial vehicle, can Aspire also be registered as commercial or not check                           


AGENT                                                                What you need to check si between the two which gives you more cabin and luggage space                                                                             


AGENT                                                                Plus cheaper to maintain - I believe Xcent might have an edge over Aspire               


VISITOR                                                              in maintenance terms?       


AGENT                                                                Xcent should be cheaper   


VISITOR                                                              is there huge difference?  


AGENT                                                                On a paper other than Boot space  Xcent 407 Vs Aspire 359) Aspire has edge on cabin space, and ground clearance                                 


AGENT                                                                Aspire also looks good than Xcent 


AGENT                                                                I don't know for sure, but if ongoing Ford service campaign is any benchmark then I do not forsee major diff in service cost            


AGENT                                                                Plus Ford diesel is better to drive  


VISITOR                                                              thanks


VISITOR                                                              i live in Mira road  


VISITOR                                                              so can you help me the get the quote of these two    


AGENT                                                                Unfortunately at this moment we do not have dealer tie-up in Mumbai     


VISITOR                                                              okey            


AGENT                                                                anything else          


VISITOR                                                              but thanks for the valuable help    


AGENT                                                                may I ask you a question and also ask you to rate the conversation it will help me 


VISITOR                                                              sure             


AGENT                                                                What did you google to land on our site     


AGENT                                                                Thank for your like


VISITOR                                                              was jus checking the comparison and find ur site   


AGENT                                                                thanks         

Comparison: Brio vs Celerio vs New Figo, December 15, 2015


VISITOR                               I am planning to purchase a new car


VISITOR                               My budget is 5 lakhs


VISITOR                               Please suggest me the best, spacious, low maintenance option


AGENT                                 hi any shortlist you have done


VISITOR                               Celerio, figo, brio


VISITOR                               I am just new in driving


VISITOR                               Suggest me the best. If any other you have in mind?


AGENT                                 ok


AGENT                                 overall cost of ownership advantage currently rests with Maruti brand


AGENT                                 Brio has of the three lesser space


VISITOR                              OK


AGENT                                 though best drive


AGENT                                 you can go with Celerio or another practical brand wagon R which is tested has space advantage


VISITOR                              Ok. 


AGENT                                 if you can stretch a little we suggest you take auto model which would make it easy to drive in city and future belongs to automatic cars.

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