Fiesta vs Figo Performance


Same manufacturer two cars, one hatchback and other a sedan. A Ford lover for sure. Ford Fiesta and Figo diesel toady are quite good options to look at.


Fiesta vs Figo performance

Fiesta vs Figo Performance

Ford Fiesta and Ford Figo performance figures are a good way to identify the best fit for oneself. However, these two are completely uncomparable cars as one is a hatchback and other a sedan (3 Box or car with boot/dicky).

Performance figures for Diesel version of both cars are:

PERFORMANCE                    FORD FIGO                    FORD NEW FIESTA

                                      20 Kmpl                          23.5 Kmpl

CITY MILEAGE                       14.1 Kmpl                        13.9 Kmpl

HIGHWAY MILEAGE              18.5 Kmpl                        17.4 Kmpl

OVERALL MILAGE                  16.3 Kmpl                        15.6 Kmpl

0-100 KMPH                          16.26 secs                       13.9 Secs

0-60 KMPH                           6.18 Secs                         5.79 Secs

BRAKING 80-0                      29.97 Mts                         28.36 Mts