Fiat Linea T Jet Vs Volkswagen Vento Vs Skoda Rapid

Three able cars and fortunately all European, therefore no doubt in terms of their technology. European cars are known to be technologically advanced when compared to cars from other regions. Volkswagen and Skoda being from the same parent offer quite similar cars, Fiat, though known for its technological prowess, somehow have not been able to find its feet in India even though they have been in India longer than VW and Skoda. Honestly speaking  the answer to Fiat Linea T Jet Vs Volkswagen Vento Vs Skoda Rapid could easily be decided by a toss of the coin, as on thier own each is quite competent and worthy of your money.

I am planing to purchase a petrol sedan and my budget is 10 lakh. My monthly travel will be hardly 500km. My requirements are spacious cabin, build quality so thinking of fiat new Linea T-jet, Volkswagen Vento and Skoda Rapid. Confused between these 3 which one to purchase.  Request your suggestion.  Thanks in advance.

Fiat Linea T Jet Vs Volkswagen Vento Vs Skoda Rapid

Quite a thoughtful basket of cars and they would all deliver your required wish list from your new car. Each has their own merits and demerits, but let's evaluate your requirement and how does the Linea T-Jet, Vento and Rapid deliver on those.

Spaciousness inside a car can be inferred from its width, height and wheelbase. All these are a measure of space inside the car cabin, therefore better numbers to deal with. Length of the car does not help as its a measure from front to the rear bumper and includes boot and engine bay space.

Build quality is more subjective therefore one has to rely on qualitative factors, these being:

The noise one hears on closing the car doors with windows rolled up completely. More shrill could indicate a thinner sheet metal (not necessary) whereas a more heavier (thud) kind of noise would mean heavier sheet metal. On Build strength, we could toss a coin between Vento and Linea T-Jet

the table below gives you details on points that define spaciousness and our rating for build quality

With limited dealership and service reach for all of them, these cars are best bought by people staying up to class1 towns of India. Vento and Linea are expected to undergo a facelift within next 12 months.

Fiat LInea T-Jet in our opinion could be the best bet, but unfortunately, Fiat is still struggling as a car marquee in India. Skoda cars are known to be expensive to maintain, but it's basically a Vento being sold under Rapid branding by Skoda. Rapid Elegance is also cheaper by around 16000 over Vento Highline. Fiat at Rs.9.20 lacs (ex-showroom Delhi) is the most expensive of the lot.

If budget is not an issue, then it could well be a toss-up between any of these cars.

However, our preference would be Vento followed by Linea T-Jet.

Do test drive each of these cars extensively, treat our suggestion as inputs only and not a final decision

Comparison: Corsa vs Linea vs Rapid, August 10 2016.

VISITOR                                                                hello


AGENT                                                                  Good Afternoon


VISITOR                                                                i have a query


VISITOR                                                                i own a opel Corsa sail 1.6 since 2005 and recently invested around 1 lakh in it in maintenance


VISITOR                                                                car has completed around 85k kms and now i need a new car


VISITOR                                                                i am in confusion whether to keep Corsa or to sale it. And which car to buy? my primary concern is safety


VISITOR                                                                can you please suggest


AGENT                                                                  You have already invested so much in your Corsa, obviously there would have been a reason to do so


AGENT                                                                  so why sell now, because if you do so you won't get anything


AGENT                                                                  the kind of money you have spent means a good amount of engine work would have been done


AGENT                                                                  and the old engines were pretty reliable


VISITOR                                                                i have no problem with engine. the only thing now required in Corsa is re-piant and tyres change. but considering its old age i can’t take it out on highways with family and want to keep it as a secondary vehicle. which car i should buy considering safety first. Budget is limited.


AGENT                                                                  what kind of budget you have in mind and do you have any cars in your mind


VISITOR                                                                well. i was looking for Tata tiago in hatchback. And for sedans i was looking for Linea and Skoda Rapid under 10lakhs only.


AGENT                                                                  You do have some radical car choices


AGENT                                                                  You seem like a person who knows his cars quite well


VISITOR                                                                can you please suggest if i make a mind of hatchback than Tiago will be the best one or not. Or if we decide for sedan than Linea will rule over Skoda Rapid or nor


AGENT                                                                  For all the cars under consideration maintenance would be a headache both on your pocket and parts wise, that's what one gets to hear about cars from Fiat, Tata and Skoda, two of my family members have personal experience with Rapid and Tata


AGENT                                                                  Yes Tiago is a decent choice but its interior plastic quality (very sharp edges) and engine noise even with petrol does say good things about the car


AGENT                                                                  Its being lapped by car buyers for its size and price which makes it good value buy


AGENT                                                                  Linea - unfortunately no major experience, therefore can't comment


AGENT                                                                  Rapid - great car to drive, very stable, good ride quality and also feels planted at good speed


AGENT                                                                  would be worried about other things mentioned above


AGENT                                                                  Does no say good things about Tiago


VISITOR                                                                which car you will recommend. Corsa also erodes pocket. not any major work done for engine. major spent are on suspension system changed, clutch system changed, wheel system(bearings,axel,bushes etc.), cooling system.


VISITOR                                                                plus belts,battery,etc.


AGENT                                                                  so where did you spen your 1 lac as major items were not even touched


AGENT                                                                  it only means if you continue with Corsa, your next big spend will be on engine, in addition to what you mentioned above


AGENT                                                                  to your question of which car I will suggest from your list - it will be the Rapid because of the reason mentioned above, however personally i will not have any one of them in my consideration set


VISITOR                                                                as per you what you will recommend


VISITOR                                                                not considering my choice


AGENT                                                                  I am a fan of City for its plush interiors, great ride quality and ability to take corners with great agility and near zero fear. However do not like its maintenance cost and build quality


AGENT                                                                  Vento petrol for its robustness, drive quality and space inside the car, however what goes against will be maintenance, dated looks and low resale


AGENT                                                                  Verna - great looks great features decent pep in the engine, however light, not pretty good steering feedback


AGENT                                                                  so can you teh confusion in my mind too


VISITOR                                                                yes


AGENT                                                                  with your permission - I would suggest the Ecoboost Ecosport - great drive , great mileage, great looks and now even maintenance might be manageable, it’s only the rear seat that could be a problem


AGENT                                                                  and yes it does take corner well but i am more cautious while doing so


VISITOR                                                                great


VISITOR                                                                thank you for giving me your valuable time. I will surely give a second thought to Corsa and will take the test drive of the suggested cars


AGENT                                                                  pleasure and hope you mean it when you aid your got something out of this discussion as I do feel you know more about cars than me


VISITOR                                                                not really. i was just maintaining my Corsa very well from 2005


AGENT                                                                  great, do test drive and check them out


AGENT                                                                  then bye for now


VISITOR                                                                thank

Comparison: Aspire vs Vento, Dec 1, 2015.

VISITOR                             I am confused between Figo Aspire and Vento diesel


VISITOR                             Can you suggest me right choice


AGENT                               Completely different model in size, price and even performance


AGENT                               Plus I would for some time go slow on VW, lots of news floating around. Great cars, but worth a wait


VISITOR                             Both are 1.5 liter


AGENT                               Its not just engine size that affects performance, its car weight, construction material of the engine, so on and so forth, basically it’s the weight


VISITOR                             Ok


VISITOR                             What is your suggestions about Aspire


AGENT                               Price difference is large also, simply because one is a compact sedan and other a full-blown sedan


AGENT                               Yes Aspire diesel is good to go


AGENT                               at my personal level


VISITOR                             So you suggest Vento or Aspire


VISITOR                             There is no problem of budget


VISITOR                             Because I want for 5 years


AGENT                               If you are looking at a bigger car, then Vento as budget is no problem, else Aspire, nice compact, good to drive and near zero lag diesel engine


AGENT                               Both cars have the power to outlive the 5 years ownership target, both are good solid cars


VISITOR                            Thanks.