Help me decide between Etios Liva Petrol and Diesel

Same model, Toyota Eyios LIva, comparing diesel vs petrol version of it, to say the least is not unexpected, but definitely not very common. Difficult for us to explain, but worth trying and that's what we are doing.

What is your take on petrol Etios Liva vs Deisel one?

Help me decide between Etios Liva Petrol and Diesel

Answer to this question will depend on

a) Kms driven every day

b) Your love for a petrol or a diesel car

c) Resale value

With diesel prices going up every month and as promised by the Indian Government will continue to go up by Re.0.50/every month till September 2013 for sure. If the government decides to freeze diesel prices post that, then diesel cost will be Rs.52 to 53/litre in Delhi (current prices 50.65/litre). Petrol on the other hand seems to be losing steam. The difference between these fuels was around Rs.27/litre around August - September 2012, which as of today has come down to 13/litre. Market reality today is that the discounts on diesel So if your average daily drive is over 80 kms then diesel still makes sense.

Diesel cars drive quite differently than a petrol car. Diesel engine depict diesel lag, means the car feels like a drag till the RPM at which the turbo kicks, till that time any amount of throttle inputs does get the car moving, noise levels are definitely higher than a petrol car and if you have been driving a petrol car then driving a diesel car would take some adjustment.

India has been a petrol car market till 2012, as dieselisation happened thanks to dramatic rise in petrol prices, petrol became a no go even in used car market. Petrol cars started going real cheap and most of them could not even find a buyer for themselves. Now the story is reverse. In your case since both are different fuel version of the same model and are Toyota vehicles, intrinsically, they get a good price, however, which power plant will be in favour is only a matter of conjecture. Basis toady's scenario and market trends in country like US, where petrol is cheaper than diesel and so is the case in 13 other countries today, I would put my bet on petrol cars ruling the roost 3-5 years from now. So Etios Petrol is what I would buy today.

We at www.ecardlr.com suggest an exhaustive research and test drives of cars in your consideration set. Our inputs are simply suggestions and not a final decision. You must define your need from a car as clearly as possible and only then decide.