Help me decide between Etios Liva Petrol and Diesel

Same model, Toyota Eyios LIva, comparing diesel vs petrol version of it, to say the least is not unexpected, but definitely not very common. Difficult for us to explain, but worth trying and that's what we are doing.

What is your take on petrol Etios Liva vs Deisel one?

Help me decide between Etios Liva Petrol and Diesel

Answer to this question will depend on

a) Kms driven every day

b) Your love for a petrol or a diesel car

c) Resale value

With diesel prices going up every month and as promised by the Indian Government will continue to go up by Re.0.50/every month till September 2013 for sure. If the government decides to freeze diesel prices post that, then diesel cost will be Rs.52 to 53/litre in Delhi (current prices 50.65/litre). Petrol on the other hand seems to be losing steam. The difference between these fuels was around Rs.27/litre around August - September 2012, which as of today has come down to 13/litre. Market reality today is that the discounts on diesel So if your average daily drive is over 80 kms then diesel still makes sense.

Diesel cars drive quite differently than a petrol car. Diesel engine depict diesel lag, means the car feels like a drag till the RPM at which the turbo kicks, till that time any amount of throttle inputs does get the car moving, noise levels are definitely higher than a petrol car and if you have been driving a petrol car then driving a diesel car would take some adjustment.

India has been a petrol car market till 2012, as dieselisation happened thanks to dramatic rise in petrol prices, petrol became a no go even in used car market. Petrol cars started going real cheap and most of them could not even find a buyer for themselves. Now the story is reverse. In your case since both are different fuel version of the same model and are Toyota vehicles, intrinsically, they get a good price, however, which power plant will be in favour is only a matter of conjecture. Basis toady's scenario and market trends in country like US, where petrol is cheaper than diesel and so is the case in 13 other countries today, I would put my bet on petrol cars ruling the roost 3-5 years from now. So Etios Petrol is what I would buy today.

We at www.ecardlr.com suggest an exhaustive research and test drives of cars in your consideration set. Our inputs are simply suggestions and not a final decision. You must define your need from a car as clearly as possible and only then decide.


Comparison: Baleno vs Etios vs Punto vs Ameo, December 5 2016.

VISITOR                                                      hi          


AGENT                                                        Good Morning 


VISITOR                                                      good morning 


AGENT                                                        How can we assist you today? 


VISITOR                                                      i need your suggestion               


AGENT                                                        Ok and on which car     


VISITOR                                                      about to purchase new car        


VISITOR                                                      Baleno,Fiat Punto and Etios      


VISITOR                                                      which is best   


VISITOR                                                      i got confuse    


AGENT                                                        I will go with Baleno, even though it has a long waiting, which hopefully should come down soon. Avoid Fiat due to service and resale issues, Etios is not as good looking both internally and externally in comparison to Baleno, plus like Fiat due to low popularity, resale in future could be a problem             


AGENT                                                        Baleno is new design,  very premium interiors, smooth drive and from Maruti


VISITOR                                                      ok         


VISITOR                                                      what about sail Chevrolet         


AGENT                                                        No avoid, Not so popular, even though drive is good, low on maintenance, but still not so popular                                                                     


VISITOR                                                      wolksvagan Ameo r polo            


AGENT                                                        With Ameo in your budget, you might have to settle for its lowest variant which may not be as feature rich as Baleno or even Polo             


VISITOR                                                      ok         


AGENT                                                        Now that you have Polo under consideration also, then my choice will be Baleno followed by Polo                                                            


AGENT                                                        Polo however is not good for tall people, it has high maintenance        


VISITOR                                                      ok         


VISITOR                                                      what about your suggestion on Hyundai i20      


AGENT                                                        We have effectively discussed all possible options, that is why there is confusion        


AGENT                                                        so my request to you would be to narrow down your options to 2-3 cars and then test drive those cars, post which any discussion with us will be more fruitful           


VISITOR                                                      once in life a to decide to purchase new car. That there is problem       


AGENT                                                        That's why I request you to please test drive drive your final options and yes then we can discuss at length basis your experience with those cars     


VISITOR                                                      already took test drive and choose Baleno .but i am getting little osculation on to finalyse       


VISITOR                                                      what about Hyundai i20's           


AGENT                                                        I will buy Hyundai i20 over Baleno because its better looking than Baleno, decent features and very popular.                                          


AGENT                                                        One feels nice sitting inside both Baleno and i20           


AGENT                                                        so for me it could very well be a question of tossing a coin between these two cars     


VISITOR                                                      any demerits in Baleno than i20             


AGENT                                                        in our car advice section there is an exhaustive comparison between Baleno, i20, Jazz, Polo, its various car buyer’s questions to us and their experience on test drive, check that out, I will send you the link       


VISITOR                                                      ok         


AGENT                                                        http      //www.ecardlr.com/car-advice/comparisons/Baleno-vs-i20-which-is-better-between-these-two-cars.aspx


VISITOR                                                      good.thank you              


AGENT                                                        http      //www.ecardlr.com/car-advice/comparisons/car-comparison-between-Baleno-vs-elite-i20-vs-jazz-which-one-is-better.aspx


AGENT                                                        check this also


VISITOR                                                      mm       

Comparison: Honda Jazz vs Etios Liva, November 23 2016.

AGENT                                                        afternoon         


VISITOR                                                      Hi          


VISITOR                                                      I am planning to buy a new petrol car. Confused between Toyota Liva Vx and Honda Jazz S/ SV                                                                     


AGENT                                                        between the two Toyota makes more sense because it's sensible priced, decently loaded with Features and Cheaper to maintain               


VISITOR                                                      My requirement is         Performance, Fuel efficiency, low maintenance cost and good driveability


VISITOR                                                      Thank you for your reply. I took test drive of both the cars. Found that the suspension of Jazz is better and body roll is also less.    


AGENT                                                        But in terms of performance it might not be as nibble as Liva   


AGENT                                                        coz heavier weight smaller engine        


VISITOR                                                      that’s true. And long term reliability of Toyota is also good as I read in several car users forum                                                                     


AGENT                                                        I have a friend, who swears by a Toyota, he had the altis for 5 years,    


AGENT                                                        plus one other customer on our chat looking for Octavia but was praising Altis on service cost


VISITOR                                                      Okay. Maintenance cost of Jazz is also not much.. at least as per few car review websites. I am also inclined to Liva. But one thing I liked in Jazz is the road grip and stability.        


VISITOR                                                      However, thank you very much for your time and suggestion. 


AGENT                                                        ASk me about Honda maintenance, Killing, dealer threaten you with warranty void if not serviced every 5000 kms, every time it went to service station it dented my pocket               


AGENT                                                        I have a city      


VISITOR                                                      which car does you have            


VISITOR                                                      ohh.. city. thats a great car        


AGENT                                                        but honestly I find Jazz to be too barren from inside not that Liva is an epitome of luxurious interiors                                                   


VISITOR                                                      right    


VISITOR                                                      and the seats are also very comfortable.            


VISITOR                                                      My opinion Liva inside cabin is more classy than Jazz   


VISITOR                                                      I think I have almost decided.   -)


AGENT                                                        hope I have not led you to Liva because of my bias       


VISITOR                                                      ha ha.. slightly. But feedback from a Honda user would obviously have impact               


VISITOR                                                      Thank you once again. 


AGENT                                                        pleasure            


VISITOR                                                      Have a good day. Bye   


AGENT                                                        you too bye