Suggest the best entry sedan up to 7.5 lacs

Car Buyers in India are getting savvier by the day, Their learning cure is so rapid and advanced that very soon India could become the most difficult for car manufacturers to sell their cars. Exhaustuve queries like the one on Ertiga, Dzire, Verna and Etios is just the beginning.

I have a budget of 7.5 lakh , I need entry level diesel sedan  Choices I am confused on, In brackated I put the reason for confusion - Ertiga VDI ( I need to stretch to 9 lakh,)  Swift dzire VDI ( long waiting time )  Toyota Etios GD ( bad reviews )  Hundai Verna Fludic diesel (I need to stretch to 9 lakh)  only Ertiga is  availabe right now from dealer which one to choose? urgent suggestion pls

Suggest the best entry sedan up to 7.5 lacs

Thanks for the exhaustive query and in all honesty, you have given your own answer.

The reason we are saying so, is that either due to a car being beyond budget or due to long wait time, most of the cars in your consideration set, are out from your buying decision.  And why not Ertiga, since you are getting it off-shelf and its probably the best money can buy within our defined budget.

Taking it further, the only problem with a budget of around Rs.7.5 lacs is that it leaves one with the choice of base or entry level sedans or UV's for one. Unfortunately most car manufacturers have a entry level vehicles only to ensure walk-ins to their dealership, these cars are so barren in terms of features that other than justifying one's need of owning a dicky wali car or a compact UV, it serves no purpose. The tactile feel inside these cars are so bad that in most cases one's current hatchback boasts of equivalent features if not more.

In case you are already driving a  premium hatch like: Swift, i20, Polo etc and want to move up then stretch your budget, or else reconsider a premium hatch and enjoy getting pampered by their features. 

However, since you are looking for an entry level sedan or a compact UV, Ertiga is really a competent choice, however, did you evaluate the Sunny, you might like its space and one hasn't heard too many negative comments on the car from Nissan.

Do note that one should decide on one's car basis its need to oneself. Treat our suggestion as indicative only and not a final decision. Do test drive both cars before deciding on either one of them.


Comparison: Ertiga vs Dzire, April 11 2016.

VISITOR                                                        I want to purchase car


AGENT                                                          ok       


VISITOR                                                        But I didn't suggest     


AGENT                                                          means what   


VISITOR                                                        Which I purchase         


AGENT                                                          you have a budget or models in mind


VISITOR                                                        Ertiga or Dzire               


VISITOR                                                        Petrol               


AGENT                                                          so what's your query  


VISITOR                                                        please suggest              


VISITOR                                                        Which are the best?   


AGENT                                                          I am sure the diff between the two us one has boot other does not, they drive on same engine                                                                       


VISITOR                                                        I know              


AGENT                                                          so the diff is then in space, with Ertiga being longer that 4 metres       


VISITOR                                                        Our family is big but Dzire average good either Ertiga


AGENT                                                          you need space so go with Ertiga