Dzire petrol (Vxi) Vs Dzire diesel (Vdi) which car should i buy?

Petrol Vs diesel, the battle is still on with jury still in debate mode. Whislt ground realities have changed a lot since 2009 and 2010, when dieselisation of Indian market happened. An event which led to many heads getting rolled at various auto companies for being unable to visualise the onset of dieselisation of Indian automobile market. No wonder prospective car buyers still have queires in this context.

hello sir, I am a teacher and I want to buy a car within a week, but i m confused wheteher I should go with Swift Dzire Vxi or Dzire Vdi. My daily run just about 10 kms and with very few long distance journey.I have been told that diesel car are costlier to maintain when compared to petrol cars. Please give me your views on the same. Thank you.

Dzire petrol (Vxi) Vs Dzire diesel (Vdi) which car should i buy?

Which car between Swift Dzire (Petrol) Vxi Vs Dzire (Diesel) Vdi shoudl I buy is definitely a valid question. A question most probably driven by higher acquisition cost of Dzire Diesel over Dzire petrol. 

In order to come to the right conclusion, one needs to simply find an answer to a simple mathematical question, which is

Acqusition Cost + EMI cost (for buying and owning a diesel Dzire) is > than Running Cost (Fuel Cost) + Maintenance Cost, then go for petrol version else buy diesle version (We have assumed resale value to be the same for both versions)

Basis ex-showroom Delhi price as on 07/03/2015, diesel Dzire is over Rs.1.11, 000 costlier than petrol dzire

In most cases a car buyer gets his car financed, which therefore means that he/she will have to pay additional EMI for 1 lac to buy the diesel dzire. The EMI for Rs. 1 lac loan for 5 year tenure at 10.5% interest rate is approximately Rs.2131.

In affect buying Dzire Diesel will make sense only if Fuel and Maintenance cost over 5 years is greater than Rs.2,37,000 (Price Difference + EMI * 60)

With diesel de-regularisation over time its not difficult to imagine a scenario where diesel prices are costlier than petrol prices, as is the case in many countries.

Our suggest therefore would be to go for Swift Dzire Petrol and not the diesel version.

We would also request you to do an exhaustive research and test drive of both version and take our inputs as suggestion only and not a final decision.

Swift Dzire, April 29 2017.

VISITOR                                  hi        


VISITOR                                  i need some assistance regarding purchase on new Swift dzire               


AGENT                                    ok       


VISITOR                                  may i know the differences between the upcoming and the existing one          


VISITOR                                  for VDI variant               


AGENT                                    Unfortunately, whilst there are many details available on different site as its on our site in upcoming models section, however, till the car comes I would not like to comment        


AGENT                                    Basis what we know, it does not have major changes in the engine      


VISITOR                                  i m talking about weight, space and luggage space.      


AGENT                                    weight and space would be close to existing dzire        


AGENT                                    however, i do believe that they would be doing something to up the boot space          


VISITOR                                  so there may not be any changes in the reducing the weight and luggage carrying space.                                                 


VISITOR                                  is it     


AGENT                                    it’s not a new platform basically, the new car is expected to have major changes in terms of looks exterior and interior          


AGENT                                    I do not foresee major weight changes, nor do I see any major luggage space changes                                                 


VISITOR                                  ok thanks        


AGENT                                    http    //www.ecardlr.com/new-cars/maruti-suzuki-dzire/


AGENT                                    this might help              


VISITOR                                  thanks

Dzire, March 6 2017.

VISITOR                                hello    


VISITOR                                i m looking to purchase Dzire vxi AT optional     


VISITOR                                we have chosen color   sangria Red


AGENT                                  most Dzire you see on road are white only         


AGENT                                  but colors are very subjective and personal preference               


VISITOR                                yes but how about this sangria red color             


AGENT                                  I haven't seen too many of red Dzires on road  


AGENT                                  plus I think darker col are difficult to manage and one can see scratches very easily on them                                               


VISITOR                                yes u r right.. but i m little bit confused on red  


AGENT                                  I no expert on cols but I think, just maybe, if the car was slightly longer and less taller, maybe the red shade would have looked nice  


VISITOR                                sangria red is lightly dull as compare to Honda city red color       


AGENT                                  yes I know that, however the contra to the above size vs col statement is the one can see a good number of swift in red col


AGENT                                  hope you understand my confusion, personally I will never recommend a darker shade                                               


VISITOR                                shall i go for this sangria red or any other???     


VISITOR                                can you suggest              


AGENT                                  my personal preference has always been white or silver             


AGENT                                  for reasons mentioned above and also from safety angle           


AGENT                                  darker shades on highways with no lights are not as visible as lighter colours     


VISITOR                                ya         


VISITOR                                thanks for your valuable advice                

Comparison: Baleno vs Dzire, July 23 2016.

VISITOR                                                            want to purchase a car between Dzire and Baleno.  I'll purchase the car from csd canteen     


AGENT                                                              ok   


AGENT                                                              i am from Nagpur also therefore wanted to know which part             


VISITOR                                                            Whats ur opinion between swift Dzire vxi and Baleno zeta 1.2 petrol             


VISITOR                                                            Friends colony          


AGENT                                                              I think i had answered your question earlier, when you asked basis last long, diff roads, resale value                                                                


AGENT                                                              personally i will go with Baleno zeta as its new, better design, more features           


VISITOR                                                            Ok....             


AGENT                                                              but you will have to check whether its available through canteen   


VISITOR                                                            Actually I'm facing network problem here....all msg went off             


VISITOR                                                            Yesssss. ...it's available. ..6 months waiting period. ...            


AGENT                                                              Long = Durability of engine Then I believe it should not be a problem because at the end of day, the 1,2 engine with some modifications in Baleno is the same as swift engine mostly              

                                                                            Durability from customer love for the car like they for Swift can be judged only over time   


VISITOR                                                            Thank you   


AGENT                                                              Looking at resale value today is like crystal ball gazing, nobody can predict future, however, its generally seen that a popular car does have decent resale value and Baleno is a popular car           


AGENT                                                              May I ask a question               


VISITOR                                                            Yeah please               


AGENT                                                              What was your query on Google       


VISITOR                                                            Users review on Baleno        


AGENT                                                              ok Thanks    


VISITOR                                                            Some users posted that Balenos suspension and front bonnet sheet are not good  


AGENT                                                              and how did they justify that             


VISITOR                                                            Some users posted that Balenos suspension and front bonnet sheet are not good  


AGENT                                                              What made them say that   


AGENT                                                              example did they feel that the Bonnet sheet metal is not thick or feels thin              


VISITOR                                                            Don't know 


AGENT                                                              I have not hear of such a problem, as a matter of fact someone from my family has just taken a delivery of Baleno after 4 months of waiting           


VISITOR                                                            Nd interiors r made of plastic            


AGENT                                                              all interiors are plastic          


VISITOR                                                            Not as per the standard of swift cars              


AGENT                                                              Ok , I understand, what they are saying is that the plastic quality inside is not as premium as Swift                                                                


VISITOR                                                            Yeah              


AGENT                                                              I agree with them on Plastic quality, but then its not bad too             


AGENT                                                              Unlike Hyundai cars which has really good plastic quality, unfortunately Maruti cars plastic are not seen to be as good                             


VISITOR                                                            Hmmmm     


AGENT                                                              Anything Else            


VISITOR                                                            Nothing. ...thank you. ..        


AGENT                                                              Pleasure       

Comparison: Baleno vs Dzire, July 22 2016.

AGENT                                                                  Good Afternoon


VISITOR                                                                Hi there. ...I want to buy new car...but confused between swift Dzire vxi and Baleno zeta 1.2 petrol?                                                                


AGENT                                                                  It seems you must be loving cars if one has to go by your email id               


AGENT                                                                  And what is the confusion               


VISITOR                                                                Good afternoon. .


VISITOR                                                                Which one is the best?     


AGENT                                                                  in what way?         


VISITOR                                                                Can Baleno stay for long....like will it be worth for buying. .can it handle all types of road....is it good resale value car                                


AGENT                                                                  Long = Durability of engine Then I believe it should not be a problem because at the end of day, the 1,2 engine with some modifications in Baleno is the same as swift engine mostly              


AGENT                                                                  Durability from customer love for the car like they for Swift can be judged only over time                                                                               


VISITOR                                                                Will Baleno's spare parts or internal nd external accessories r costlier than swifts               


AGENT                                                                  If Swift can, I believe Baleno will or should do better being a low slung car in comparison to Swift                                                                    


VISITOR                                                                Sorry the last message of yours I didn't understand            


AGENT                                                                  Looking at resale value today is like crystal ball gazing, nobody can predict future, however, its generally seen that a popular car does have decent resale value and Baleno is a popular car     


AGENT                                                                  I mean one has seen or even driven swift over diff terrains            


AGENT                                                                  So should Baleno also work            


VISITOR                                                                Thanks 

Dzire, July 11 2016.

VISITOR                                                                  hello       


VISITOR                                                                  Dear i am planning for Maruti swift or Dzire vxi(O).can you please suggest me which will be be good...                                                            


VISITOR                                                                  i am planning to gift it to my family.         


AGENT                                                                    One is a Hatchback and other is a sedan  


VISITOR                                                                  yes, yesterday my family visited showroom and due to height they feel comfortable with Dzire.But my brother will be driving car for them. he is taking driving training from past 1 mnths. so which car will be good for him.                                                                                 


VISITOR                                                                  in terms of control,comfortable,etc          


AGENT                                                                    Please hold          


AGENT                                                                    let me check some data  


AGENT                                                                    Dzire Vs Swift length 3995 mm vs 3850 diff of 145mm = 14.5 cms = 5.7 inches = 1/2 feet - no major diff                                                             


AGENT                                                                    height Dzire Vs Swift 1555 mm vs 1530 mm = near zero diff           


AGENT                                                                    wheelbase Dzire vs swift 2430 mm for both cars means equal cabin space             


AGENT                                                                    so for a new driver both cars will be equally comfortable to drive             


AGENT                                                                    even in terms of space comfort both are going to be equally good            


AGENT                                                                    http          //www.ecardlr.com/car-compare/new-swift-Dzire-vs-new-swift.aspx


AGENT                                                                    this link gives you head room legroom and shoulder room, looks similar for both cars     


VISITOR                                                                  is there any drawbacks for Dzire which you feel fromyour side .Because i am going to book it today.                                                                


AGENT                                                                    between the two I will go with Swift as its better looking than Dzire, better suspension and more fun to drive than Dzire                       


AGENT                                                                    As a matter of fact both are driven by similar engines also            


AGENT                                                                    It's the lower Kerb weight at 935 Kgs of Dzire Vs 960 of Swift that might make Dzire a slightly peppier car                                                          


VISITOR                                                                  thanks dear for ur support.           


AGENT                                                                    May I ask one question   


VISITOR                                                                  yes please            


AGENT                                                                    Just wanted to know the query you searched in google  


VISITOR                                                                  yes           


VISITOR                                                                  and i got your link             


AGENT                                                                    what did you google        


VISITOR                                                                  online chatting experts for comparison of cars    


AGENT                                                                    Thanks a lot and happy driving    


VISITOR                                                                  thanks dear           

Swift Dzire AMT, March 31 2016.

VISITOR                                                      I am looking for Swift AMT Diesel


VISITOR                                                      Launch date of Swift AT diesel


VISITOR                                                      I am waiting for Maruti swift  AT diesel


AGENT                                                        in the works we expect it to come in this quarter


AGENT                                                        currently they offer it with alto wagon are Dzire Ertiga and Ciaz besides Celerio


VISITOR                                                      I am searching diesel AMT car


AGENT                                                        Tata has it in both bolt and zest


VISITOR                                                      Only Maruti Suzuki


AGENT                                                        Dzire


VISITOR                                                      What about price in Srinagar?


AGENT                                                        for that you can on our site choose on road price in recommend car and enter city and you will get it


VISITOR                                                      Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir


AGENT                                                        hope you have found this interaction useful


VISITOR                                                      Ok thanks bye

Swift Dzire, March 29 2016.

VISITOR                                                      hello sir, I am from Nellore Andhra Pradesh


VISITOR                                                      I would like to know the on road price for Swift Dzire Tour..


AGENT                                                        It's best to get on road price from the dealers, as website prices do not include discounts and other accessory cost which you buy at the time of delivery of the car


AGENT                                                        Plus road tax and registration cost might vary


VISITOR                                                      I just want to get an idea


AGENT                                                        yes then you can get on to our site and click on road price to get the idea


VISITOR                                                      Can i have website??


AGENT                                                        you are on our website


AGENT                                                        www.ecardlr.com


VISITOR                                                      Ok thank u