Dzire, Sunny and Etios. Clear my Confusion.

How can one decide between 3 cars all having their strengths and weakness. Comparing Sunny, Dzire and Etios is quite difficult, as they all come from very reputed car manufacturers from the automobile world.  

We are family of 4 ( 2+2). we want to buy a car with boot space. pleace advise whether we should go in for etios (petrol) or dzire 2012 (petrol) or sunny (petrol). on an average we travel about 20-30 km everyday locally. once in a year we venture for a holiday.


Dzire, Sunny and Etios. Clear my Confusion.

If boot Space is your key requirement, then Etios should be your choice becasue at 595 Ltrs boot size it beats Sunny by almost 100 Ltrs and Dzire by around 270 ltrs. The new dzire boot has really been choped to get the car under sub 4 meter.

Etios should also be your choice becasue its a Toyota and they arer know for well build cars with good resale value. The concern with Etios is that its quite stripped when it comes to interior tactile feel. The other issue could be a large number of it being sold in the Radio cab segment.

Our 2nd recomendation would be the Sunny, at 4425 mm car length and 2600 mm wheel base its the bigget car in your basket of consideration. The car has really good legroom in the rear and it looks big outside. Issue with the Sunny is its current dealer strength, plus being the most heavy car in your set 1027 Kg Kerb weight, we expect it to deliver a much lower than the stated ARAI Mileage.

Dzire loses out becasue of its shape, dicky space and odd styling.