Car Compare Duster Vs Ertiga Diesel Cars

Comparing and MUV (Ertiga) with a Com[act SUV (Duster) is being asked for because they both offer and look near similar feature, both are new cars with designs which are most recent. 

I want 2 buy a car upto 9 lacs confused between Ertiga Vdi and Zdi and Duster which would u prefer ??

Car Compare Duster Vs Ertiga Diesel Cars

Since you are comparing Ertiga Vdi with Zdi, it would be safe to assume that you have the budget to move up among the variants. Between ZDI and VDI the question one needs to answer is whether the additional features offered by ZDI over VDI are worthwhile for you. However, do not compare the additional cost for additional features basis after market price for the additional feature. We would not recommend after market fitment of any accessory as it would impact your cars warranty.

Having dealt with the Ertiga Intra Variant comparison, the next question one would need to answer is whether you would like to pay an additional (Basis Delhi Ex-showroom Pricing) Rs.1.77 lacs for Duster 85 Ps RXL Diesel Pack Vs Ertiga ZDI. 

Refer the link below for a detailed comparison of all three cars


Driveability wise both Ertiga Diesel and Duster diesel do not display too much of diesel lag as well as diesel surge. They are both quite linear in term of power delivery. 

Space wise even though Duster has longer length, width and height, it's still is not as spacious as the Ertiga, and this could be all thanks to the smaller wheel base of the Duster Vs Ertiga. 

ARAI Fuel efficiency of Ertiga of 20.77 Kmpl Vs 19.1 Kmpl of Duster are quite comparable.

Duster is a monocoque construction as against ladder on chassis of Ertiga. It should therefore be more stable and better built than the Ertiga. 

Duster offers Bluetooth connectivity which Ertiga does not.

Lets evaluate the two cars basis ratings on various factors:

Ertiga Duster

Comfort 9/10 8/10

Performance 8/10 8/10

Refinement 8/10 6/10

Value 8/10 7/10

Safety 8/10 8/10

Ride Quality 9/10 10/10

Handling 8/10 8/10

Build Strength 7/10 8/10

We are ready to put our bet on Ertiga VDi basis above inputs and also because Duster is unable to justify the additional Rs.1.7 lacs over Ertiga.

Do note that one should decide on one's car basis its need to oneself. Treat our suggestion as indicative only and not a final decision. Do test drive both cars before deciding on either one of them.