Which is a better car to between WagonR and i10 1.1?

At an overall level both Maruti Suzuki WagonR and Hyunadi i10 1.1 have their strength and weakness. However, basis one needs from a car, the decision can tilt in favour of either one of them. We at www.ecardlr.com only endeavour to give you enough food for thought which hopefully should facilitate your decision.

Which is better i10 Magna 1.1 or Wagon R VXi in terms of  (a) Fuel Efficiency (b) Cabin Space/comfort for seating 3 persons on the backseat  (c) Rear legroom (d) stability while driving (e) gear shift smoothness (f) engine performance, power etc (f) cost of spares and maintenance (g) driving comfort (h)other features and  (i)overall value for money.

Which is a better car to between WagonR and i10 1.1?

Let's take each of your question one at a time

Fuel Efficiency - As defined by ARAI mileage figures are; 18.9 Kmpl for WagonR and 19.81 Kmpl for i10 1.1

Cabin Space - is defined by Wheel Base, which for WagonR is 3595 mm and 3585 mm for i10. 

Space inside the car as defined by Legroom and Headroom. First column is for i10 and col 2 is for WagonR

Front row Legroom (mm)
(max / min)



2nd Row Legroom (mm)




Front Row Headroom (mm)



2nd Row Headroom 




Engine Performance and Power - Col 1 - i10, Col 2 - WagonR

These as defined by power and torque are


69 Ps / 5500 Rpm

68 Ps / 6200 Rpm


99 Nm (10.1 Kgm) / 4500 Rpm

90 Nm / 3500 Rpm

However, you must note that the these in absolute figures may not give you the right picture, one needs to look as car's weight with and without passengers to define the cars capability in terms of its performance. In terms of refinement basis information and other customers feedback the WagonR K10 engine is considered to me more refined.

Basis Autocar Road Test Ride Quality and Handling  - Both cars all these factors are rated  7/10 for both of them.

Maintenance and Spares - Ideally one should deal with absolute figures to come to any conclusion, unfortunately they are difficult to get hold off. In absence of absolute figures, one can only go by hearsay and perceptions, basis which both cars will not dent the pocket so much.

Value for Money -Subjective, as it may change from customer to customer. However, at a broad level we don't see major difference in VFM for both cars.

However, on a qualitative basis, we would tilt in favour of the i10 Magna, as its a more recent car post its 2010 upgrade, WagonR is a aged car. Tactile feel inside the i10 is far superior to the WagonR

Do note that one should decide on one's car basis its need to oneself. Treat our suggestion as indicative only and not a final decision. Do test drive both cars before deciding on either one of them